The most modern tank in the most dangerous border: a report from the border with the Gaza Strip

«At the moment, the approach changed. When we fire rockets we do not give back up and attack and respond with fire. In Gaza, know that we are here, they are perfectly familiar with our abilities. Gas is a very vulnerable place for fire Israel and we have here a list of goals like that of how the Air Force has. Tanks were armed and ready for battle as well as we do. » Tankers four hundred and first team know perfectly well that the tranquility of the border with the Gaza Strip since the continued operation «Flame Pillar» may

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Hopefully the 5th generation fighter to substantiate its ability to act as an effective element of the missile defense system.   Distributed system of infrared sensors and radar DAS fighter F-35 have shown the ability to detect and track down a gun-launched ballistic missiles.   AN/AAQ-37 DAS — it optoelectronic system with a distributed aperture (6 IR / TV cameras on the surface plane). It provides passive detection in all directions. With this system the F-35 already showed ballistic missile launches from a record distance v1200 km. In nedavneshnem test AN/AAQ-37 DAS worked with AN/APG-81 radar of the F-35.


France builds «Mistral» to Russia

French shipbuilding company DCNS in September 2012 will complete the second step of redesigning vertoletonosnogo landing ship dock like «Mistral» in accordance with the requirements of the Defence Ministry. As reported by Jane’s, the ship will be able to take on board Ka-Ka-29K and 52K, will receive additional energy installation and a number of other configurations. First step of designing the ship ended in April this year; DCNS modified plan came out to defend the ship. Started immediately after this second step. According to DCNS, dimensions hangars «Mistral» will be increased, so that they were able to fit deck

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PAK DA Bortini

One of the main tasks of Russian aircraft in the fifties of the last century was the creation of bombers capable of rapidly and excellent facilities make possible enemy attack. Available Tu-4 far not fully meet current requirements and solve the problem of development could only completely new aircraft. Own contribution to the creation of a revolutionary modern aviation technology in 1952 made the Head of promising schemes SibNIA them. SA Chaplygin (Novosibirsk) R. Bartini. It all started with a preparatory study type aircraft codenamed T-203. Using zaniyami alone in high-speed aerodynamics and arithmetic, Bartini in rather short time

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Sniper rifle Blaser R93 LRS-2 / Blaser Tactical-2 (Germany)

Sniper rifle Blaser R93 LRS-2 / Blaser Tactical-2 developed by the German company «Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH», which is based in the quiet town Isnu in southern Germany. Despite its youth, the company occupies a worthy place in the world in the midst of manufacturers of high quality tools. For amateur hunting is threaded and combination guns, carbines. For law enforcement units and sporting events — and sniper precision (Match) rifles. Pride office «Blaser» are quality rifles and shotguns rifles combined with trunks paired vertical — byuksflinty and Tees — Drilling. Among them, more is popular with a hunting rifle (carbine)

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EVOLUTION X-47B. UCAS will develop into UCLASS

U.S. Navy announced plans for the creation of promising UAV reconnaissance and strike aircraft carrier based on programmke UCLASS (Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike system), reported on July 5   UAVs of this type (figure shows the concept of Lockheed Martin — approx. «VP») entered service in 2020, at the lowest flight within 600 nautical miles (1111 km), the device must be in the air 24 hours, with refueling in the air is the same the duration of the flight must be maintained within 1200 nautical miles (2222 km).   Combat load will be 1360 kg, in

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Self-propelled howitzer FH77BW L52 Archer (Sweden)

September 23 in Sweden held a long-awaited event. Department of the Ministry of Defence Procurement (Forsvarets Materielverk) took the first batch of self-propelled howitzers FH77BW L52 Archer («Archer») on a wheeled chassis. Four new combat vehicles put into service under the title Artillerisystem 08. About a year later the Swedish military department wants to get a second batch of self-propelled artillery of 20 machines. In addition, in recent years will be built SAU 24 for Norway. The long-awaited transfer SPG customer was due to a number of technical problems disposition. In accordance with the first agreements signed during development, SAU

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EADS fought against BOEING

European aerospace concern EADS and British military equipment maker BAE want to merge, creating a giant equal to Boeing. This will allow EADS to reduce dependence on Airbus, and BAE — from defense contracts. Exchange reacted to the news falling shares of companies: European giant could lose South American arms market. European Aeronautic Defence and concern EADS in talks to merge with British arms manufacturer BAE Systems. This was told by representatives of both companies. EADS and BAE revive plans 10 years ago to develop a giant equal American company Boeing, says Bloomberg: in an era of defense budget

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FIRST TIME IN HISTORY drones landed on an aircraft carrier

For the first time in the history of technology on July 10 off the coast of Virginia on deck nuclear aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush made the U.S. Navy landing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the X-47B, reports   «Not very often happens when you get a glimpse of the future. Soon will be developed combat drone which structurally change the present state and the power of our aircraft carriers, «wrote Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus (Ray Mabus) in a press release of the fleet.   Landing UAV sized fighter in size significantly superior shock such as UAV

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In Nizhny Tagil «Ural» presented its new armored vehicles

On the 9th international exhibition of military equipment, arms and ammunition «Russian Expo Arms. Nizhny Tagil-2013 »(Russia Arms EXPO 2013) is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of trucks — Automobile» Ural «- introduced several exciting new products at once created for Russian power structures. Question about made in a modular family of function armored «Typhoon-U» superstoykih undermine the «Ural-53099», also machines for Internal Troops «Ural-BB.» It is about developing a family of tactical wheeled vehicles of various formulas that will differ highest unification. Exhibition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 traditionally held in Nizhny Tagil from 25 to 28 September. The

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