«Heather» and its German equivalent

Implementation of comparable low-power pistol cartridge with one hand, limits the range of 150-200 meters sighting shots, on the other — provides a lightweight, compact standard with a small mass of ammunition. It would seem a good option compact, constantly ready to use automatic «melee defense and attack,» comfortable shooting with anchoring, offhand, with hands, providing the highest density of fire in a short time. Besides pistol cartridge with a relatively low gas pressure in the bore and the initial velocity of the bullet below or exceeding the speed of sound nekordinalno simplifies the use of silencers. Meanwhile, the classic

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Russian Navy aircraft carriers can be a substitute for Russian military bases

Russian Navy aircraft carrier can become a substitute for Russian military bases in the criteria of the unstable situation with their lease. The relevant statement on the radio station «Echo of Moscow» made acting chief of Naval Aviation Navy, Hero of the Russian Federation, Major-General Igor Kozhin. In his view, «more effective to have a floating airfield, which can come to Africa to America, somewhere else than to have a database system, taking into account the current volatile situation, when now it is the base, and the base is not tomorrow.» Kojin noted that at the present time the

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China is trying to show Japan who has the right to the islands in the East China Sea

It would seem that what is necessary to contrive a severe diplomatic dispute over a few rocky patches of land that are lost in the open sea. Is it about the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku), which are now the objects of acute political conflict between Japan and China. The dispute over the islands, perhaps, Beijing and Tokyo contrive not even started, if not the same waters that the islands or faster islands adjacent. Only here the sea is rich in fish and other seafood, and mineral resources — hydrocarbons. And if the abundance of seafood in local and long known

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Government Land of the Rising Sun has entered into with the U.S. company Lockheed Martin a contract to supply the first 4 fighter F-35A Lightning II, reports Flightglobal. Transaction amount is not specified. In total, Japan, the U.S. wants to buy 42 new aircraft, which will have to change in the composition of the Japanese Air Force obsolete F-4J Kai Phantom. A few months earlier, Japan announced that refuses to buy the F-35, if the U.S. does not provide guarantees timely deliveries of aircraft.   In late June, the Government of the Country of the Rising Sun announced that


Completed pilot tests of Su-35

Functional Su-35 passed control tests before delivery of the Russian Air Force, told Interfax-Military News Agency, citing a source in the military-industrial complex «Benchmarks began late last year and was completed a few days back. Total was made more than 40 test flights. Fighter hundred percent confirmed declared properties and ready for delivery to the troops, «- said the agency interlocutor. According to him, most recently in one of the Russian Air Force combat units will be transferred to the first batch of four Su-35 fighters. Interlocutor of the agency said that at the end of 2012 was the

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New details of the «Mistral» for the Russian Navy

Shipbuilding company DCNS said about certain features of the project amphibious assault ship (UDC) of «Mistral» 22 thousand tons displacement, which will be built for the Russian Navy (sketch). In accordance with the Franco-Russian intergovernmental agreement signed in January 2011, DCNS and «Rosoboronexport» in June 2011 signed a contract to build in France 2-UDC. DCNS is the parent company and the contracting party will also be responsible for the integration of the ship’s combat information control system (CICS) and communication systems. STX France French company will build ships subcontracted with DCNS.   According disk imaging DCNS, acquired agency ARMS-TASS,

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Upgrade U.S. nuclear arsenal

Despite the reduction in military spending, Washington had spent a huge amount going on modernization of outdated nuclear arsenal, writes in a Sun newspaper «Washington Post».   Price applets modernization is not officially disclosed, but the Washington-based research center Stimson believes that maintenance and upgrade arsenal of 5,113 warheads and for improvement of the whole complex of nuclear weapons within 10 years it will be necessary had spent more than 352 billion U.S. dollars.   «Washington Post» citing U.S. officials wrote that in order to have time to modernize the arsenal before he quite outdated, the update utility will

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THIRD carrier landing the X-47B is not satisfied

July 10 layout unmanned technology demonstrator X-47B twice to land on the deck of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS USS George HW Bush (CVN-77), but the fault of the 1st of the 3 onboard computers warned third scheduled landing, reports flightglobal.com 11 July. After the intervention was focused on drone base Wallops Field (Virginia), which will be carried out to identify the prerequisites malfunction.   «On board the X-47B has three on-board navigation computer interfaced with the satellite navigation system GPS. We have seen that in one computer fails, and decided that the UAV sufficiently fulfilled aaplet landings, and did

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Overview assault rifle Colt AR-15 / M16

Since that time the company Colt (Colt) acquired the rights to create the M16 at the end of the 50s, M16 and AR-15 have been associated in the minds of most people, as well as the Colt .45 Colt and 1911. Platform much changed since that time as the first rifles were produced by Colt and was sent to Vietnam.   Operating experience M16A1 rifles South American troops in Vietnam begins to bring the first fruits of sad. A huge number of failures in military rifles criteria leads to a significant loss in a human in the midst of

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Modernization of T-72 Balkans. Tanks family M-84

In the 70s, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) in Russian Union acquired the license for the main T-72 tanks. Seeing the pace of development of modern armored vehicles, the Yugoslav military at the end of the same decade, initiated the work on the creation of the latest modification of the tank. Due to some circumstances, political and legal disposition of Yugoslavia had the right to independently carry out modernization being built under license Russian technology development. Other Eastern European nations for this had to go to the USSR. M-84 In 1982 he completed the main work of creating

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