«MANAGED DISASTER» Israeli drones have Egyptian border

July 14 on the border with Egypt after detecting a fault made by operators’ planned emergency landing «unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Hermes 450 production Israeli company Elbit Systems, flightglobal.com reported July 15. Fragments were picked up drone special unit.   In recent years, the Israeli Air Force intensively use devices of this type to fly along the borders with Egypt and the Gaza Strip to monitor terrorist groups. Emergency landing procedure designed to prevent the fall of the countryside drones Gaza or Sinai Desert in Egypt.   May 11 Israeli Air Force after detecting a fault in a power plant

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PROJECT destroyer «DAGING» 45 completed its first combat service

Daring British Navy destroyer returned on August 1 its naval base of Portsmouth after one military service, which was held in the Middle East region, said the official website of the UK Ministry of Defence. D32 Daring, head of the project 45 destroyer, go hiking in January 2012, paved the way for the achievement of full and timely readiness combat service other ships of this type. The main objectives of the 6.5-month campaign was part of an international acts motivated group of ships to counter piracy and terrorism and long demonstration of the British flag and protect the interests

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Buggy «Cheetah» spetsnaz

Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment and material means («Rosoboronpostavka»), acting in the interests of the Defence Ministry, announced the auction in the form of electricity to supply 5 cars buggies «Cheetah» 1.4 liter created for special purpose entities.   This was reported in the press release «Rosoboronpostavki.»   Buggy — a lightweight frame car with a low center of mass and the highest permeability.   Powerful suspension is independent, small base and off-road tires acumen allows to rapidly move to an area that, at first glance, it is not designed for this.   Strengthened

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From the new Ak-12 had to be abandoned

Eminent brand gun «Kalashnikov», it seems, is leaving the Russian army. Defense Ministry did not allow municipalities to test novelty Concern «Izhmash» — «Kalashnikov» — AK-12, developed in the framework of the creation of the combat equipment of the last generation, «Warrior.» This in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» writes Denis Thalmann.   «AK-12 and other products based on it have not been preparatory tests and state tests are not stated in general. Instead of testing for municipal complex as combat equipment «Warrior» elected automatic plant Degtyarev «, — explained D. Telmanovo in army headquarters.   Chief designer of

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Causes of the U.S. attack on Vietnam

War was the next four years and by 1954, after the defeat of the French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, the situation has become virtually hopeless. U.S. had already paid more than 80% of the costs of this war. Vice President Richard Nixon recommended to use tactical nuclear bombing charges. But in July 1954, was signed the Geneva Accord, according to which the territory was divided Vietnam temporarily at the 17th parallel (where there was a demilitarized zone) on North Vietnam (under the control of the Vietminh) and South Vietnam (under the authority of the French, who

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Infrastructure under the «Mistral» will cost 3 billion Russian rubles

February 1, 2012 France began building the first of the 2-type warships «Mistral», which are created for the Russian Navy. In the Russian Navy first «Mistral» will under the names of «Vladivostok» and «Sevastopol». It is planned that the first amphibious assault ship (UDC) will be delivered to Russia in 2014, second in 2015. By this time have finished all the work on the construction of special Vladivostok port complex. It is clear that the first two spacecraft power projection, as they are positioned in the Ministry of Defense, will be based in the Pacific Fleet. It should be

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Gun «Steyr M» (Steyer M), Austria

Modern weapons development — gun company «Steyr Mannlicher-» 40 caliber. Excellent condition, in plastic original case. Gun deactivated attached Russian permits. Steyr M pistol was designed by the famous Austrian company Steyr-Mannlicher in 1999. Along with pistols Steyr M pistols produced and Steyr S, differed shortened barrel and handle. But in late 2003, the release of these guns was stopped, and from January 2004 to the creation of a modified version of the gun went, Steyr M-A1. New gun differs from its predecessor in a slightly modified form of the handle and frame, a number of other small improvements. Gun

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Missile «Yakhont»: fire and forget

By the shores of Syria unsafe to approach closer than 300 km The U.S. and Israel are very alarmed information on shipments to Syria Russian anti-ship missiles «Yakhont». Information on this situated on their pages the New York Times on May 16. This article argues that these missiles will be severe for the Syrian army weapon «to counter what ever attempts to strengthen the international forces of Syrian opposition fighters means of introducing the naval blockade, the introduction of no-fly zone, or inflicting limited air strikes.» The same reads as editor in chief of a noble military analytical magazine IHS

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UAVs «Era-50» and «Era 100» tested

Factory tests complex unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) VTOL «Era-50» planned to finish at the end of March this year. Said this «AviaPort» Chief Designer «New Technologies» Eldar Razroyev. First prototype unmanned tiltrotor «Era-50» made the first flight on February 12 this year. On this day made several test flights scheduled for the end of the end of March. UAV «Era-50» has a launch weight of about 5 kg in weight motivated load up to 500 grams, said the source. Chief designer explained that the tiltrotor «Era-50» has four electric motors, which are located

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Updated T-72 will be in demand in the market

Scientific and Production Company «Uralvagonzavod» believes that the new options for upgrading T-72 tank expects commercial success The exhibition Russian Arms EXPO 2013 in Nizhny Tagil, the first time the company has introduced two new variants of the modernization of T-72 tanks. First reference resettled export modification complex active protection (KAZ) «Arena-E.» The system provides protection from the damaging parts, moving at a speed of 70 to 1000 meters per second. It allows you to provide the highest level of protection against RPG-7 anti-tank and a number of shells and rockets. But despite the protection from certain cumulative ammunition, «Arena-E»

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