Biofuels in aviation kerosene when retire?

Since the emergence of their own aircraft was tied to the oil industry. Products without the latter, it literally remained on the ground. Until a certain time, this situation is almost no one claims caused, and expressed his dissatisfaction usually concerned logistics or fuel prices. In recent years, in this area there was noticeable shift — wanting to reduce the cost of new aviation technology, first military and then civilian aviators began to find different methods to reduce costs. Previously this was done only by improving the aerodynamics of the aircraft and reduce fuel consumption. Now planned to consume

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This year, China’s defense expenditures are about 100 billion U.S. dollars — Chinese Defense Minister

Last year, defense spending amounted to 610 billion yuan / 1 U.S. dollars — 6.3 yuan / this year this figure rose nekordinalno and Baksova equivalent of about 100 billion dollars this SShA.Ob said September 18 Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie. At a joint press conference with his Liang Guanglie South American officer Leon Panetta, arranged following their meeting, Liang Guanglie stressed that the development of the defense power of China meets the needs of the security and development of the country and makes no danger to any other country or a third party. Responding to a reporter’s question

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The report of the accident investigation USAF recognized loss 2-UAV MQ-1 Predator, manufactured by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems in Mali and Turkey, reports now   Drone was lost in Turkey September 18, 2012. As usual, the U.S. Air Force shows the locations of accidents drones outside the scope of U.S. Central Command, for example, in Iraq and Afghanistan because of «political sensitivity». Prerequisites of this tragedy are not entirely clear — satellite channel bandwidth data transmission between the UAV and the control center at Whiteman Air Force Base (MO) gave glitch kutsee time later recovered, then the drone fell

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United States successfully tested a rocket LRASM

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Russia in the Arctic will create a base for the Navy

RF create Arctic along the Northern Sea Route for a number of facilities-based Navy warships and Border Patrol, said Sun at a retreat in the Siberian Federal surrounded by Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.   «Create a list of the main objects of dual-use in remote areas of the Arctic seas along the Northern Sea Route (NSR), which needs to be developed to ensure the temporary deployment of warships (ships) of the Navy and the Border Service of the Russian Federation», — said Patrushev.   In addition, he said, to the government-oriented proposals for additional measures of tax

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ISRAEL created a new technology Air refueling system

Branch Bedek Israeli aircraft company IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) explore the possibility of the creation of in-flight refueling immediately 3 fighters, reports January 27. Thought based on the substitution of the tail boom with a flexible hose to the branch from 3 «small unmanned airfoils», which will be managed by wire nonhazardous refueling fighters. «At this step on this technology, we estimate retrofitting civilian aircraft refueling tankers,» says senior vice president of marketing and business development Jack Gaber (Jack Gaber). In the past year, the Brazilian Air Force chose the IAI conversion 2-commercial aircraft Boeing 767-300ER aircraft in

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VSS sniper rifle and its modifications

In today’s wars and local armed conflicts significant role is played by special reconnaissance and sabotage operations carried out on the terrain of the enemy. For such operations in the armies of developed countries and units are available for special purposes. They are designed for covert penetration and combat missions in the frontal zone of the enemy, and in its deepest rear; reconnaissance for a long time and, when necessary, defeat the principal military targets of the enemy, and perform other specific tasks. The main task is to conduct a special forces reconnaissance and sabotage operations against the principle of

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Tank Destroyer Type 89/PTZ-89 (China)

In the 70s of the last century in the leading countries of the world there are several thoughts that have shaped the future development of tank building. New main tanks were equipped with strong armor and combined smoothbore guns. In addition, there were the first models of dynamic systems of protection. All it sought to increase the properties of anti-tank weapons, including artillery. At this time, China began work on a promising third-generation tank. Chinese engineers beheld all the new trends in the field of tank and intended to take them into their own next project. But these steps have

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News about the U.S. Navy

There are very noteworthy commentary Deputy Minister U.S. Navy Robert Wark (login bobwork) to a post in the blog Information Dissemination (this type of leading South American naval blog). The general tone of comments Wark — America can build more ships for its own navy. Question Tipo only a political solution. Notable items (something long and so clear, but the sum for easy reference): Wark fully convinced that serial littoral combat ships type LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) will be worth about $ 400 million, ie their price will drop to initially predicted. The situation with combat units even better,

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China infiltrated computers in BAE Systems and «stole» the secrets of F-35

Chinese hackers broke into computers belonging naikrupneyshim British defense company BAE Systems, to possess information about the design, performance and properties of the electrical equipment of the new F-35 fighter. Information disclosed by senior professionals of cybersecurity. On March 12 this report the Australian newspaper The Australian News. The Chinese have used the vulnerability of computer systems to steal secrets fighter, which should in the years ahead to provide an advantage to the West in the air. Hacker attacks caused fear that China may oppose the radar capabilities of F-35. Details of the attack on BAE Systems were lurking

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