Armament «allies», used in operations against Libya

  This article provides a concise analysis of arming «allies», used in operations against Libya. In an operation to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973, the first operation a day or France with used nuclear aircraft carrier «Charles de Gaulle». France has one aircraft carrier in its class. The aircraft carrier has a strong CICS (combat information and control system) and can be the flagship compound. This feature gives rise to depict an aircraft carrier of its details. «Charles de Gaulle» — design and construction of the aircraft carrier took more than 20 years, as a base for the project

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IDB «Sarmat» will put into service in 2018

In recent years, the Russian Ministry of Defence appeared typical tradition. Before prazdnichkom or another kind of his command of troops in charge of the public about the latest achievements and future plans. First, this week’s word was taken Commander Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General purpose S. Karakayev. Development of Strategic Missile Forces mission is one of the main tasks of the current state armaments program. According to current plans, over the next years to happen cardinal updating equipment and weapons SRF. In 2018 fraction of new weapons and equipment should reach 80%. To this assumed to continue delivery techniques are

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Chrysanthemum-C — anti-flower

Maybe people who have time to talk with the military of armored troops, heard an unusual catch phrase: «To the broken enemy tanks overgrown chrysanthemum.» Yes, uninitiated person difficult to understand why the enemy tanks have broken porasti specifically chrysanthemum. In fact, everything is pretty easy, but appreciate the irony jokes can only ones who know what is real «Chrysanthemum», of which the proverb says. First «Chrysanthemum-C» was developed in the midst of the 80s. Engaged in the development Kolomna Design Bureau. General Designer, Project Manager — SP Undefeated. Well, maybe it gives some magic, but managed to make the

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This month, the U.S. Navy received first upgraded UAV MQ-8C Fire Scout, manufactured by Northrop Grumman, reports now ASDNews. The device will be used for ground and flight tests.   Larger UAV flight duration will allow a quarter to reduce the burden on operators, says vice president of tactical systems of medium-range Verdulakis George (George Vardoulakis).   Upcoming tests will be carried out in order to merit the operational readiness of the upgraded drone. In the first step before the first flight of the UAV will perform testing through the on-board systems and receive commands from a ground control station.

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Daewoo K11. Why modern military needed a shotgun?

What we know about the South Korean company Daewoo? Auto «Matiz» and «Nexia», microwaves, washing machines, and … well, everything seems. And the fact that the company produces more weapons and is not bad … very small instrument — it is somehow not as advertised. Although … Specifically, the Army «shotgun» Daewoo K11 and fueled enthusiasm for this side of the production firm Daewoo. So, Daewoo K11 — dvuhkalibernoe small instrument under standard NATO cartridge 5.56h45 mm and 20 mm grenade army air blast. Separate scopes for shooting a bullet or a grenade. «On-board computer» for clear sighting grenade. And

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KAMAZ presented armored car, which has no analogues in the Russian market, «INTERPOLITECH 2013»

KAMAZ presented at the International Exhibition of Means of national security «Interpolitech 2013» multi-purpose armored vehicle spacialist KAMAZ-63968 «Typhoon».   The car can be used as a reconnaissance and command and staff car, special machines for solving fire support, maintenance engineering and NBC reconnaissance, protection and support columns, health and transportation of personnel and material resources.   This was our reporter told the press service Rosteh.   Work on the machine started in 2010 from scratch to order the Defense Ministry. Less than a year car has already been presented to the customer, then passes the test, during which there

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Whether Russia will buy drones United 40?

In recent years, Russian Defense Ministry more than once appealed to zabugornye supplier of arms and military technology to provide one or the other type of products. A couple of times, this led to the signing of large contracts (eg construction of armored vehicles and Iveco LMV project Mistral), while in other cases, all ending with testing samples acquired (Italian Centauro armored vehicles and Freccia). On days of reports about the likely signing another contract to supply the limited edition art zabugornoy military use. According to RIA Novosti, citing an unnamed source in the defense industry, will soon acquire the

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Passion for Russian submarine from U.S. shores

Last week was marked by «Pike.» And it is not a new astrological sign, and Russian submarine Project 971, which NATO called «Shark.» Initially, a number of mass media reported that the Russian submarine «Pike-B» showed the inadequacy of the U.S. radar, spending, nothing less, almost a month in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico in close proximity to the coast of the United States. Added fuel to the fire of the South American newspaper The Washington Free Beacon, published an article entitled «Silent running» in which told its readers that the U.S. Navy «blinked» finding a Russian

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«Cedar» PP-91 — Design Yevgeny Dragunov

Submachine gun «Cedar» was developed for the army in the 70-ies. last century famous gunsmith Yevgeny Dragunov and need appeared two decades later, the Interior Ministry. Please 1990s. Ministry of the Interior. Want to get a weapon that fills the niche between the PM and the shortened gun AKS 74V, issued an order to develop a small submachine gun Gun KB turned to experienced pet history n m-machine guns designed for the Ministry of Defence first 1970s. Was in the midst of construction and EF Dragunov. then embodied in the 2-swatches — PP-91-Cedar (Design Eugene Dragunov) and PP-9-Clean-. Their finishing

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The Pentagon chief called on China to expand military ties

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called on China to expand its military ties with the United States in order to avoid misunderstanding on the background of the development of Beijing’s own armed forces and improve their own impact in the Asia-Pacific region. It is reported by «Voice of America». On Tuesday, the head of the Pentagon all day meetings were designed to weaken China’s suspicions regarding the objectives of Washington, which directs its forces in the Pacific. After talks with Chinese Defense Minister Liang Hanle Panetta told reporters that the expansion of military ties will allow to reduce the

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