Japan will protect UAV

Government land of the rising sun wants to buy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which will be used by state defense forces to protect the remote southern islands. This is stated in this report, the Ministry of Defence. In Tokyo, exploring the possibility of acquiring the South American UAV «Global Hawk» (Global Hawk), which is capable of 30 hours to make the flight at an altitude of 18 thousand meters and is therefore highly suitable for patrol wide areas. The Japanese Defense Ministry also prepared a list of other military equipment, which in the near future may adopt the self-defense forces

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Cruise missiles JSM integrated into the inner compartment of F-35 JSF

Company Kongsberg (Norway) and Lockheed Martin (USA) finished work on placing a single cruise missile JSM (Joint Strike Missile) in the inner compartment of the F-35 JSF (Joint Strike Fighter), reports ASDNews June 10. Four weeks reversed tests were carried out on the suspension on the outer pylon missile destroyer.   Test was conducted on the accuracy of fit in the inner compartment of the rocket, which confirmed the possibility of its operation and setup.   «JSM is a true rocket fifth generation. This is the first distant (range 280 km — «VP»), unobtrusive KR to destroy ground and sea

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The presentation of a biathlon rifle ORSIS

During the meeting, coaching advice, organized by the Union of the Russian Federation on September 26 biathletes in Tchaikovsky, the company «PROMTEKHNOLOGIYA» (trademark ORSIS) introduced new biathlon rifle. The presentation were more than 50 coaches from all regions of Russia. Participants showed biathlon rifle ORSIS BIATHLON a 2-versions: with couches made of duralumin alloy and laminate (special weapons plywood). Coaches expressed great novelties intrigued, asked questions related to the design of the models and shot off in the cold. Exhibited standards have successfully passed a series of tests, including shooting and at -13 ° C. The results are assured participants

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Armored — French, weapons — Russian

Our homeland France and expand cooperation in the field of armored fighting vehicles It has been 10 years since, as a saloon arms «Eurosatory» French company «Panhard» and Russian Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) for the first time presented the joint development in the wheel of the vehicle. Zabugornye countries were invited to purchase French VBL armored 4×4, which was established Russian module «Quartet» with 4 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) «Kornet-E.» Work on the integration of the French armored vehicle with anti-Russian module «Quartet» was carried out in an active manner by means of developing companies. The armored car was driven

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Perspective for the Russian Navy destroyer — what and why?

With great enthusiasm familiar with the debate about the promising Russian destroyer topic: «Alvaro de Bazan» as a collective image of the future Russian destroyer and realized that the answer pochetaemomu creator articles and more pochetaemym panelists in the narrow part of the comment no smallest capacity. Therefore decided to express their views on the raised prepyadstviya separate article, what I bring to your benevolence and attention. So, hopefully destroyer Russian Federation — as it should be? In order to realize this, it is necessary to answer the question — what tasks put before the ship of this class?

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Dynamics of changes in military spending of the African continent

TSAMTO September 21. The exhibition «Africa’s Defence Aerospace End-2012» TSAMTO publishes statistical data on military expenditures of the African continent for the 8-year period (from 2003 to 2010.). Despite the continuing civilian war and ethnic conflicts, African countries maintain fairly low level of military spending in the main due to lack of money. Low level of economic condition of the majority of permanent exacerbated by military conflicts, drought, low commodity market and epidemics. At least, in 13 African countries, including Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Liberia, Mali, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia

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The purpose of the Pentagon — Syria

On the days of the South American Congress for poupryamivshis mind agreed with Obama Nobel peacemaker and gave good Pentagon to provide military assistance to terrorists, hired thugs and cannibals, who in the democratic state of the planet including the «rebels», sparing tummy own fighting for democracy. Against the decision of the head of the Congressional Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. quarreled with «hawk» McCain, another huge kidnappers and davneshnim supporter of intervention in Syria. General Dempsey wrote to the commission for the armed forces of a letter in which he explained it lucidly, that can be an invasion of

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China is building a new missile destroyer TYPE 052D

Chinese Navy, apparently, is developing a new type of missile destroyer (DDG) and maybe built several buildings at once, the occurrence of which may further change the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait.   Images of the new destroyer appeared on Chinese websites in recent weeks, and seems to confirm a long time to exaggerate information about developing in China destroyer Type 052D, which is associated with South American destroyer Aegis. First image appeared this month with 2 buildings under construction at the shipyard Jiangnan Changxing shipyard in Shanghai, China State Shipbuilding Company. Launching the first ship held

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New IDB «Frontier»

In connection with the renovation of equipment of the armed forces is planned not only to buy already made arms and equipment, and to develop new types of them. Last Friday, June 7, have been reported, according to which the Russian strategic rocket troops destination will soon receive the latest intercontinental ballistic missile. Over the coming months will begin mass construction of new ICBM and they will intrude on alert. As it became clear on the days of June 6 in the evening (Moscow time) at the Kapustin Yar took another test launch, created the project «Frontier». Within a few

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The Swiss have created a «walking» drones

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) has developed a new small UAV DALER (Deployable Air Land Exploration Robot), which is also able to move on the ground, using as a «leg» own wings. As reported by The Register, the introduction of wings for movement on the ground allows us to simplify the design and improve its drone patency. Wings UAV mounted on pivoting mechanisms that when flying fixed aerodynamic surface in a horizontal position, and when you move on the ground — spinning. According to EPFL, DALER able to move across the surface at a speed of up to

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