Exactly 25 years ago on the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation adopted a languid liquid ICBM R-36M2 «Governor» (pictured index terminology contract START RS-20V, NATO code SS-18 mod. 5/mod 6 — approx. «VP») , reports now The Voice of Russia. Able to overcome all this missile defense system has become one of the legends in the cool times of war.   Past Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces head Colonel-General Viktor Esin told The Voice of Russia, that South American programm SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative, more popular as the programm «Star Wars») was a bluff, but


X-47B — U.S. Air Force drone deck called innovation 2013

South American magazine Popular Mechanics published a list of 10 people and teams involved in the development of more innovatorskih projects in 2013.   Sixth place in the ranking took a draft of the deck of the South American UAV — technology demonstrator X-47B UCAS-D.   This UAV performed the first automatic landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier «George Bush» 10 July 2013.   This project was developed with the U.S. Navy and the U.S. company Northrop Grumman. Leaders applets UCAS-D from U.S. Navy Captain Jaime Engdahl were Don and Blottenberger and from Northrop Grumman — Carl Johnson

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Tensions with Russia over Ukraine led U.S. lawmakers and former military rulers towards the idea to offer the Obama administration to reconsider previous approaches to deploy ground-based systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, report on March 12. «There are military options that are not associated with the introduction of our ground troops in the Crimea. We could go back and get back the program from the ABM, which was originally, «said the last U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney (Dick Cheney). He recalled that there was a plan to deploy missile interceptors in Poland long-range silo-based GBI (Ground


In Russia, the first thing is not planes

In Rosteh officially confirmed that the value will be in the midst of military projects aerial reconnaissance drones Managing Director of State Corporation for aviation projects Alexei Fyodorov explained that significant resources «Rosteh» will focus on the new promising direction — development of unmanned aircraft systems aerial reconnaissance and surveillance. According to Alexei Fedorov, refers to the development of the «drone» Small and middle-class, medium altitude and dimension. « As already reported, new heavy percussive drone developed in Russia, will be no earlier than 5 years. First flight of a new standard shock UAV weighing 20 tons will be

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Russian strategic system of electronic warfare (EW) was powerless against the U.S. global positioning system GPS. Nedavneshnih on exercises in Ashuluk range (Astrakhan region) EW battalion was unable to prevent «the hostile» bombers (in his role as Russian made plane) to get a signal from the satellite GPS, said «News» Command of the Air Force source. — Jamming station had cut off the signal from the satellite GPS, to prevent its spread in targeting aircraft and missiles. Was created for this «dome» electronic jamming, a diameter of a few 10’s of km. But the signal is still penetrated because

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Instrument Design Bureau has developed a new grenade with a thermobaric warhead

MOSCOW, October 25. (ARMS-TASS). Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) has developed a new grenade with a thermobaric warhead «Boer». He was featured on the company’s board as part of the 17th international exhibition means to ensure the security of the country «Interpolitex 2013.» Grenade Launcher uses one type of ammunition — thermobaric warhead, which is more effective against enemy personnel, seating indoors and fortifications. Equipment guns antitank ammunition is not allowed. Advantage of the «Boer» is that pineapple has a small swagger. As a consequence, allowed indoor shooting with a small area of ​​30 sq m The structure comes reusable grenade

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Beijing sent fighter jets into the East China Sea after Japanese fighters took off to intercept Chinese aircraft, said Jan. 11 Chinese municipal media.   Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman said at a press conference that the two J-10 fighter took off on January 10 interception 2-Japanese F-15 fighters, which was accompanied by a Chinese Y-8 aircraft. These comments came after Japanese media reported that the F-15 fighter jets took off to watch «for undetermined number of Chinese military aircraft» that were seen near the islands belonging to the land of the rising sun. It is reported that tensions over

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New multipurpose nuclear submarine Ambush («Ambush») Navy England ready to leave the shipyard in Barrow (Cumbria) of BAE Systems, so start running tests, reports ASDNews September 14. 7400 tons displacement boat should arrive at Naval Base Clyde in Scotland.   Royal Navy plans to take in the combat strength of the seven-class submarine Astute («Insightful»). These submarines are the most massive and advanced attack submarines ever built in England. Boats own new nuclear technology, nuclear power plant does not ask recharge submarine able to go around the world are not surfacing.   «This is my first visit to one

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Rocket on wheels

Russian mobile missile complexes «Topol» («Hammer» to systematize NATO) as before do not give a relaxed sleep South American «hawks.» Nobody, except Russian, and failed to attach the wheel to the intercontinental ballistic missile March first Strategic Rocket Forces mission (RVSN) reported the following from the successful launch of the central inter-municipal Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) RS-12M «Topol». As expected, training warhead of the missile struck up with this conditional goal at the Sary-Shagan (Kazakhstan). It would seem nothing special. Well bummed and bummed … But today’s launch «Poplars» entertaining at least

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Havoc — Marine APCs did all the testing program

This summer, Lockheed Martin successfully graduated from the program from testing security systems for a four (8×8) modular armored vehicle Havoc (IFAs programm — Marine Personnel Carrier), reports ASDNews September 25, 2013.   With the help of sensors revealed that the tests were not destruction, which would lead to harm for at least some of the 3 crew members and 9 Marines who were inside the car would.   «Immunity and willingness to fulfill the mission is our top priority, and we can now say that Havoc will protect our Marines and in actual combat criteria. Armor «Havok» confirmed all

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