Concrete-piercing bombs

Concrete-piercing bombs (BetAB) designed for efficient destruction of concrete covers and runways of airfields. Constructively presented with 2 main types of bombs: free fall and with jet boosters. Concrete-free-fall bombs designed for bombing huge heights and structurally very similar to the standard thick-walled high-explosive bombs. Concrete-piercing bombs parachute and jet accelerators used for bombing all heights (including small ones). Due to the angle of incidence of the parachute bomb rises to 60 degrees, then the parachute and started fires back booster jet. In most cases, the mass of concrete-bombs is 500-1000 kg., With all this can occur bombs and

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Perspective for the Russian Navy aircraft carrier — fantasize?

Pochetaemye colleagues! In continuation of the article «Perspective for the Russian Navy destroyer — fantasize?» For you, I hasten to submit their opinions to the promising Russian aircraft carrier. To understand what is needed RF carriers, it would be good in order to determine which tasks are assigned to this class of ships. I will not spill very mysyu on the tree, but the main call, in my opinion, puzzles Russian aircraft carrier compounds In a nuclear conflict — cover areas of deployment areas and fly SSBN strategic missile-carrying aircraft. In a limited nuclear or non-nuclear conflict highest intensity

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New air defense missile system «Pine» is presented in Smolensk

Last Thursday in the Military Academy defense (Smolensk) accomplished Development Conference defense of ground troops. Representatives of the Ministry of Defence and industry discussed the state and prospects of Russian air defense systems, also inspected the standards of some of the latest technology. On a small exhibition in the conference showed different standards technology and their layouts. Greater enthusiasm is one of the featured anti-aircraft missiles, which bears the title «Pine». The fact that earlier this SAM is not shown at public events and past exhibition can be considered his first show. New SAM close deeds «Pine» was made clear

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Performed the first successful launch of the «revolutionary» anti-ship missile long range LRASM (Long Range Anti-Ship Missile), developed by the Defense Advanced Projects Agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), September 6 reports. Work on creating such missiles capable of delivering blows with huge distances from the ship and dodge enemy missile were launched in 2009. RCC was dropped from the board of the B-1B bomber Lancer, which accompanied the fighter F-18 Strike Eagle (right — F/A-18 Super Hornet, the rocket is also considered as part of the future combat aircraft weapons deck F/A-18F — approx. «VP «). The


In Nizhny Tagil presented «Terminator 2»

Tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) «Terminator 2» has the very highest export potential, and its global premiere at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil was successful. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin IX International show of arms, military equipment and ammunition. «The world premiere BMPT-72» Terminator 2 «was now successful. Russian army was needed in this car is about 20 years ago. In particular, if we recall the languid battles during Severe storm in December 1994 — January 1995, when the needed support tanks «- said Rogozin. The vice-premier, BMPT-72 is designed to support tanks, but the

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Russian Air Force: Waiting for qualitative transition

2012 was the first year th truly mass update the Russian Air Force. War Department transferred 10’s cars of different classes, which allows forms the entire units already on the latest technology. In the coming years, this process should dramatically increase the possibility of the Air Force to accomplish combat tasks, including abroad. Rearmament: not only the number of Reported supplies to the troops and the latest upgraded technology already finished striking: re applies to all branches of the Armed Forces. More exciting are the new features that acquires army, air force and navy, with new combat vehicles and

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CREATE A NEW U.S. missile defense radar and kinetic INTERCEPTOR

Agency of the U.S. Missile Defense assesses the ability of creating a new kinetic interceptor missile ground-based reports Reuters. March 4 Agency Director Vice Admiral James Sayring (James Syring, pictured) told reporters in the budget in 2015 also included the costs of establishing new radar detection in the interests of distant pros to better identify, track down and destroy enemy missiles. According to him, the company Raytheon, Boeing and Lockheed Martin have begun work on a brand new kinetic interceptor, the agency will be able to choose one of them for adopting. Sayring said the new radar and interceptor

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TOOK U.S. Navy landing ship dock-ANCHORAGE (LPD 23)

On September 17 at Avondale Shipyard U.S. Navy adopted a new helicopter landing ship dock Anchorage (LPD 23) after a two-day test rather short eliminated shortcomings that have become a prerequisite for a two-month delay transmission of ship fleet.   The ship was still in the midst of the sea tests in June, but was found a certain number of defects due to incorrectly installed bolts. According to the schedule should be transferred to the ship was on July 23.   The problem was found inspector Avondale shipyard, which saw incorrectly installed bolts on Somerset ship of the same

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Tanks EE-T1 and EE-T2 «Ozorio» (Brazil)

Despite the fact that the history of tank development in Brazil does not have the deepest roots so the whole experience in this field previously was limited, usually to the existing attempts to modernize its army armed with obsolete tanks foreign production also works on creation and the upcoming production of wheeled armored vehicles, first 80s engineers «Enzhesa» decided to undertake an ambitious and very difficult task to develop the first Brazilian modern tank. In order to alleviate some of the puzzle, and immediately provide a sufficiently high level of features of the new machine, its design provides for the

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«BrahMos» will launch in 2014

Entered into force an agreement between the company «Rosoboronexport» and «BrahMos Aerospace» on completion of the Su-30MKI for the introduction of supersonic missile «BrahMos», ITAR-TASS reported with reference to the representative of «BrahMos Aerospace.»   The required design documentation transmitted by «dry» Indian company «Hindustan Aeronautics Limited», which modifies two Su-30MKI, Indian Air Force allocated for flight tests of missiles «BrahMos».   Su-30MKI finalized for implementation supersonic missile «BrahMos»   Finalization of the aircraft will provide a suspension missiles «BrahMos» under the fuselage of the aircraft and its integration with on-board armament control system of Su-30MKI.   «Before the end

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