Navy determined with AVIAGRUPPIROVKOY FOR «Mistral»

For each of the 2-amphibious assault ships (UDC) of «Mistral» French-built aircraft will be formed by grouping 30 Ka-52K and Ka-29. This proposal is presented in the Defense Command of the Navy. This was said to «News» a source in the Russian Defense Ministry. Earlier it was planned that each helicopter will receive 16 helicopters. — Proposal for aviagruppirovke for French UDC comprising Russian Navy formed. By determine staffing levels in 30 cars for every ship — roughly equal Ka-29 and Ka-52K (both development Kamov design bureau). It will aviakryle ship and land-based. Makar will be created in such

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South Korea will buy new missiles for ships with the Aegis system

South Korean authorities have decided to install its destroyers with air defense system «Aegis» (Aegis) missile last generation. This is with reference to an unnamed government agency reports Yonhap. Adopting anti-aircraft missiles Standart Missile 6 (SM-6) produced by the American company Raytheon will begin in 2016. The decision to purchase new missiles was taken after standing armed South Korean Navy SM-2 found ineffective to defeat ballistic missiles North Korea. Rearmament destroyers is one of the parts of the plan to build the Seoul-independent defense system (KAMD). Brand new system, whose main task is to protect against missile and nuclear threats

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U.S. Air Force to purchase additional PARTY «Global Hawk»

U.S. Air Force concluded a preparatory agreement with Northrop Grumman for the purchase of 3 additional high-altitude unmanned aerial systems RQ-4 Global Hawk in the amount of 114 million dollars, reports ASDNews November 8. This agreement is preliminary and anticipates the creation of a component of drones, including intelligence equipment, the upgrading of the previously supplied UAVs. Contract is planned to finish in 2015. «The ability of the» Global Hawk «to fly more than 30 hours in a row at a great height to perform reconnaissance missions makes it very useful for the warlords who need information in real time.

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Lockheed U-2 vs C-75 «Dvina»

  More than half a century back the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) began to send into the air space of the USSR altitude strategic reconnaissance aircraft U-2, which was equipped specifically designed for their needs fotosemochnoy equipment. These flights actually lasted 4 years and, eventually, become a prerequisite occurrence of severe international crisis, which, in fact, and brought it to an end. Almost all the particular flight over Soviet territory of American spy planes have given great impetus to the development of Russian air defense systems, which to this day remain the best in the world. Then at the

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Russian Strategic Rocket Forces: Serpukhov first showed the latest car countersabotage «Typhoon-M»

Countersabotage machine Typhoon M «created based on the BTR-82, but inside it is armed with a navigation system and the means to counter radio-controlled explosive devices, thermal imager for night reconnaissance, echolocation system and unmanned aircraft for aerial reconnaissance.   «Typhoon-M» able to detect enemy vehicles at a distance of 6 km and hiking saboteur — with 3, said RIA Novosti.   «Application of this unique machine in RVSN missile regiments make significantly better quality of protection and defense mobile missile system SRF and missile silos» — Told RIA Announcements branch chief of the Military Academy RVSN them. Peter A.

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Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» first showed SAM «Hero»

PETERSBURG, June 19 — RIA — Novosti. Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin Obukhov factory for the first time showed a promising set of defense «Hero», which aims to change the system in the military C-300. SAM is a new self-propelled launcher, working together with all-aspect radar scanning with electric seats and command Fri based on the chassis of a special vehicle bases. In ammunition complex includes medium-range missiles used in the S-400, and short-range missiles. Lock and launchers «Hero» deployed on the ground Obukhov factory, which extends into the Concern «Almaz-Antey». The Head

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November 13 British military Weekly Jane’s Defence Weekly published pictures of «unusually large» artillery systems that are on the local test center armor and artillery stationed in the desert to the north-west of the town of Baotou (Inner Mongolia province Suyyuan, China). Satellite image shows two guns mounted on concrete surfaces (one length of 33.5 m, the second 24 m). First pictures appeared between September 2010 and December 2011, satellite imagery confirmed that in July 2013 the guns continued to be on this site. Perhaps these guns are used for testing high-speed extra high-range missiles. China historically showed enthusiasm for


American multirole fighter F-23 Black Widow II

In the United States, since 1981, conducted research and study program there but improved Tactical Fighter (ATF). First on the aircraft, which were created under this utilities that perform tasks entrusted first strike operations, a secondary function — winning advantages in the air. Attack ground targets, which were on bolshennom distance from the front, there was increased attention. But in 1984 the requirements for the aircraft have changed. Car reoriented to meet the challenges of capturing the advantages in the air. One reason for this was the creation of a Union Russian Su-27 fighter — a rival to the

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During the evolution of the X-51A can accommodate spread inside of the F-22

According to the views of the former head scientist USAF Mark Lewis (Mark Lewis), after the era of stealth comes brand new era, which will become part of hypersonic speeds, Defense News reported on September 17. «The U.S. has a number of great advantages in comparison with other countries, including of cosmic and stealth technology,» said Lewis. Hypersonic speed promising tools, even when detecting radar network, the enemy will not leave time to take countermeasures, said the scientist. Hypersonic weapon of the future can be created on the basis of X-missile technologies 51A WaveRider. Booster accelerates hypersonic platform up to

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Prospects and Future of the Russian Navy

The Ministry of Industry has prepared a large-scale project on state programs from the development of shipbuilding in Russia. Total funding in the framework of the applets to be around $ 1.3 trillion. rubles. First, this example program will focus on the development of defense companies, while in the civilian shipbuilding emphasis will be made to build ice-class vessels, also offshore projects. Major recipient of money under applets on the development of shipbuilding will be United Shipbuilding Company (USC). Brand new municipal program that developed CRI Petersburg Academician. Krylov, together with the Ministry of Industry is based on the

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