PAK FA is preparing for the state exam

State tests 5 fighter fifth generation (PAK FA) will begin on the basis of the test center in Akhtubinsk Force in March 2013.   As commander in chief of the Russian Air Force said Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev, aircraft PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation) successfully flight test program from doing. Three specimens tested in Zhukovsky, the fourth most experienced standard — JSC «KnAAPO», and fifth at the moment at the output, it is acceptance. In March, these aircraft will arrive in 5 Akhtubinsk where to begin their municipal tests. All these cars will be put off at

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New photos launcher promising air defense missile system of medium-range «Hero», for the first time demonstrated the general public on June 19 at the site of «GOZ Obukhov plant» (St. Petersburg, the company enters into the JSC «Concern PVO» Almaz-Antey «) . Progress of the project OCD project AAMS «Hero» were opened in 2007, after a demonstration of the Defense Russian Federation (RF Ministry of Defense) current standard medium-range SAM KM-SAM made for delivery to South Korea to win GSKB «Almaz-Antey» International Tenders. In 2011, tests were conducted missile 9M100 and 9M96, both were considered bad start due to failure

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New items RAE-2013: Tank mode «hunter-shooter» and armored «Typhoon»

Tank T-90 MS «Breakthrough» — A modification of the T-90S. Refreshed model features enhanced armor and weapons. «Breakthrough» resettled improved fire control system and the commander’s panoramic sight. «The main» chip » tank — is his ability when shooting. The machine installed system and feature panoramic view of «hunter-shooter.» Command detects a target here and passes it to the gunner, who later do not need to find further this goal, «- he explained it to RIA Novosti Head of sector» Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau » Vladimir nevolin. Prime midst Nizhny Tagil arms show — auto brand «Ural». During exponential

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JAPAN warned China that would shoot down drones

September 17 Japanese broadcaster NHK said, citing the Ministry of Defense that the Defense Ministry Land of the Rising Sun for the first time confirmed that the Chinese would shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which «will appear in the country’s airspace or near it.» It is reported that on September 9, «an unidentified drone» appeared near the Diaoyu Islands (Japanese archipelago title — Senkaku) in the East China Sea to intercept fighters were raised. Then it was found that a Chinese drone. The station also said that the Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun understands the differences

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Nuclear submarines with cruise missiles. Project 670 «Scat» (Charlie-I class)

In the USSR in the late 1950s. Russian designers have launched work on the formation of the second generation type of submarine, intended for high-volume production. These ships were designed to solve different puzzles fighting in the midst of whom was the task to fight enemy aircraft carriers, and other large vessels. After reviewing several proposals KB design specifications and relatively cheap conventional nuclear submarine project 670 (code «Scat») that has been optimized to deal with surface targets, issued in May 1960 Gorky SKB-112 (in 1974 renamed the CDB » Lapis «). This young team of designers formed at

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AK-12 against A-545: weird news about the contest

One of the main topics in the field of re our army in recent years has become a promising machine. A new type of small guns should be adopted in the next few years or even months. Currently, the Ministry of Defence and the main organizations carry out activities necessary to determine a more appropriate design. Tests and checks are closed, but on September 24 in the Russian media disk imaging appeared some information about their progress. Edition of «The News» said that the Defense Department spending preliminary tests of small samples of several types of guns, decided not to

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U.S. Navy grope NEW FEATURES SM-3 interceptor missiles BLOCK IB

U.S. Navy completed the launch of 2-missile SM-3 Block IB from Raytheon on board the missile cruiser Lake Erie one tactical missiles with multiple warheads, reports ASDNews September 19. First antimissile using kinetic interceptor successfully killed by a direct hit target. SM-3 is a defensive weapon used in the United States and Japan to defend against ballistic missiles, short-and medium-range missiles. «Confidence in efficiency grows with each missile flight tests. When this instrument will be deployed in 2015, the United States and our allies will hold a very reliable defensive system, «said Raytheon Missile Systems President Dr. Lawrence Taylor (Taylor

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Media Democracy

Pictured Sergeant Combat Aviation Brigade, attached to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team heaviest 3rd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, which operated in the province of Ninewa (Iraq, July 2, the year is not specified).   Soldier carries two dismantled turret machine gun M240 Bravo 7.62 (each weighing 12.5 kg) that are equipped with multi-purpose helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk. Commenters were delighted that in the heat of the Arab soldier carries two languid gun without removing the helmet. Judging by the coloring of the helmet, soldier nehilym has a sense of humor.

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From the new Ak-12 had to be abandoned

Eminent brand gun «Kalashnikov», it seems, is leaving the Russian army. Defense Ministry did not allow municipalities to test novelty Concern «Izhmash» — «Kalashnikov» — AK-12, developed in the framework of the creation of the combat equipment of the last generation, «Warrior.» This in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» writes Denis Thalmann.   «AK-12 and other products based on it have not been preparatory tests and state tests are not stated in general. Instead of testing for municipal complex as combat equipment «Warrior» elected automatic plant Degtyarev «, — explained D. Telmanovo in army headquarters.   Chief designer of

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The premiere of the newest anti-aircraft missile complexes will be held at the MAKS-2013

Bulk samples of the newest anti-aircraft missiles (SAM) will be produced in Russia for the first time presented at the XI International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in St. Petersburg. «Now, our serial standards some of the best weapons in the world, evidenced and, namely, their popularity, especially anti-aircraft missile complexes in global arms markets. Some of them, we show for the first time at the MAKS this year «, — said the head of the country after visiting the Obukhov factory. Developments in the field of SAMs on Putin views are able

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