STATE DEPARTMENT responded to the threat of Pyongyang Missile to the U.S.

North Korean authorities need to think about how to feed their own people, and not to boast abilities in the missile sphere, municipal spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, U.S. Department.   «In North Korea must realize that the dangers and provocations they will not achieve anything. It would only undermine their efforts to return to the negotiating table with the international community. I just wanted to highlight that in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1718 and No. 1874, North Korea must stop all activities associated with the programs of development of ballistic missiles, «- said Nuland,» Interfax «.   As reported

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PREDATOR is useless drones armed perform most combat missions — GENERAL USAF

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the U.S. used for observation, searching and attacking terrorist groups are worthless to perform virtually all other tasks related to the conduct of hostilities, said senior representatives from the U.S. Air Force. Park MQ-1 «Predator» (Predator) and MQ-9 «Ripper» (Reaper) does not go to any comparison with the airplanes that fly higher and faster, and are used to perform air defense missions in the world, said managing combat aircraft the U.S. Air Force Gen. Mike Hostedzh at the conference of the Association of Air Force. «Predator and» Ripper » worthless in a combat environment, «- quoted

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After performing a demo flight in the Capital Air Show MAKS-2013 the commander of the Chinese aerobatic team «August 1», managing operations, Colonel Zhao Kanpin gave interviews, reports now   — Welcome to Moscow! Are there differences between the way you fly home, and here?   — To Prof. pilots act where there is no difference. But to represent my country in another country, of course, imposes certain requirements. I am happy that we share the sky with quality Russian flight groups. Yet, to get recognition by colleagues and audiences believe zabugornoy great success. We felt sincere attitude airshow

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Number of members of the CIS tank biathlon increase

As reported ARMS-TASS, the number of participants of a new kind of military sports — biathlon tank — number of CIS countries will increase. This was said to journalists now Secretary of Defense Ministers of the Commonwealth, Lieutenant-General Alexander supplies Sinai. He recalled that «recently (in August) was a tank biathlon, which took part in the four countries of the CIS.» «He received a very positive response, and defense ministers of other countries (CIS) expressed desire that under certain technical and organizational completions crews from their countries took part in it», — informed the Sinai. With all of this general

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«Aviation» show in St. Petersburg anti-missile system «CALM — 1»

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Small hovercraft «Bison»

Russian Navy in 2011 decided to abandon and no longer take the small landing hovercraft «Bison» Ave 12322. Instead of them for the needs of the fleet is planned to build new ships dynamic and non-dynamic type to float, which will be applied at various amphibious ships, including helicopter project «Mistral». For disk imaging «Izvestia», which refers to its sources in the military-industrial complex of the country, the new amphibious ships size will be less available «Bison.» Other technical details promising delivery vehicles landing on the saves are not announced. Meanwhile, on the Russian Navy as before are 2

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Daewoo K11. Why modern military needed a shotgun?

What we know about the South Korean company Daewoo? Auto «Matiz» and «Nexia», microwaves, washing machines, and … well, everything seems. And the fact that the company produces more weapons and is not bad … very small instrument — it is somehow not as advertised. Although … Specifically, the Army «shotgun» Daewoo K11 and fueled enthusiasm for this side of the production company Daewoo. So, Daewoo K11 — dvuhkalibernoe small instrument under standard NATO cartridge 5.56h45 mm and 20 mm grenade army air blast. Separate scopes for shooting a bullet or a grenade. «On-board computer» for clear sighting grenade. And

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Iran has demonstrated ROCKETS «Sege» AND «SARA»

September 22 showed Iran on the march 30 missiles with a range of 2,000 km (1,350 miles), which can hit targets in Israel, reports Defense News. Ballistic missiles types Sejil (12 units, sketch) and Ghadr (18) have been demonstrated in a military parade in honor of the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88 years). These missiles can reach areas not only of Israel, and the U.S. military bases in the Persian Gulf. But in his speech at the parade, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Hassan Rowhani) insisted that it was only defensive weapons. «In the last 200 years, Iran has never

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Navy to create a «Mistral» special forces battalions

Formation of new special forces marines will end in 2013 In 2013, the Defense Ministry will form new battalions of marines, to be placed on amphibious ships, docks vertoletonosnyh «Mistral». As explained by a source in the Navy Main Command, as the base of new state was taken batalonov South American experience. — As part of a promising naval infantry battalion will be three companies, mortar battery, reconnaissance, anti-aircraft and anti-tank platoons, as well as the rear unit — the source told «Izvestia». According to him, the task will be the first company of the battalion landing from helicopters.

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The Norwegian company has developed an unmanned spy nanokopter

Developers Norwegian company Prox Dynamics made a system of individual intelligence-based handheld helicopter PD-100 Black Hornet. Mobile unmanned helicopter designed to provide a means infantry reconnaissance of the area, reconnaissance and surveillance of enemy action specifically on the battlefield. Complex RMRN PD-100 from Prox Dynamics nanokoptera consists of PD-100 and the base station. The complex is placed in a pocket, weighs less than a kilogram and has dimensions 20h9h5 cm, not including the monitor. PD-100 Properties UAV PD-100: rotor diameter — less than 28 cm; speed — up to 10m/min; Wet weight — 30 grams less; flight time — 25

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