Perspectives «Mace» in light of recent events

September 6 during testing nuclear submarine «Alexander Nevsky» incident related to a new ballistic missile R-30 «Bulava». On the second flight Minutka refused one of missile systems, so that the product had fallen into the waters of the Arctic Ocean. To investigate the circumstances of the tragedy was created by a special commission, whose chairman was appointed Chief of the Navy Admiral Chirkov. At the current time, the Commission continues to figure out why the rocket failed to fulfill its educational puzzle. Without waiting for the results of the investigation, defense minister Sergei Shoigu ordered an additional tests newest rocket.

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The most modern tank in the most dangerous border: a report from the border with the Gaza Strip

«At the moment, the approach changed. When we fire rockets we do not give back up and attack and respond with fire. In Gaza, know that we are here, they are perfectly familiar with our abilities. Gas is a very vulnerable place for fire Israel and we have here a list of goals like that of how the Air Force has. Tanks were armed and ready for battle as well as we do. » Tankers four hundred and first team know perfectly well that the tranquility of the border with the Gaza Strip since the continued operation «Flame Pillar» may

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«Cedar» PP-91 — Design Yevgeny Dragunov

Submachine gun «Cedar» was developed for the army in the 70-ies. last century famous gunsmith Yevgeny Dragunov and need appeared two decades later, the Interior Ministry. Please 1990s. Ministry of the Interior. Want to get a weapon that fills the niche between the PM and the shortened gun AKS 74V, issued an order to develop a small submachine gun Gun KB turned to experienced pet history n m-machine guns designed for the Ministry of Defence first 1970s. Was in the midst of construction and EF Dragunov. then embodied in the 2-swatches — PP-91-Cedar (Design Eugene Dragunov) and PP-9-Clean-. Their finishing

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So who shot down the U-2 Francis Powers?

No hesitation — reconnaissance aircraft struck 5th SAM Division 37th air defense missile brigade Boris Samoilov Published an article («MIC», № № 4 and 5 for the year 2012), in which on the basis of archival documents of the Ministry of Defence argued that the 5th Division 37th zrbr under Lieutenant Colonel II Novikov first missile struck the plane- U-2 spy United States May 1, 1960 near the town of Sverdlovsk, I thought that these facts is enough to close the crisp white spot in the country’s history. But, of course, wrong. With great regret read an article museum

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Presentation SAM «Calm 1»

Scientific-Production Enterprise «Start» presented at IMDS-2013 unique anti-aircraft missile medium-range acts «Calm 1», developed together with the PNP and IRRI Dolgoprudnenskoye «Altair» belonging to the Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey». Design Center «Start» made launcher 3S90E.1, innovatorskie solutions which allow positioning SAM «Calm 1» on ships of various displacement, adding the number of modules (one module 12 launchers). This IP is designed to launch missiles that protect ships against anti, aircraft, helicopters and boats. The original technical solution makes it possible to use missiles as small and middle-class, regardless of the target. One of the main advantages of SAM «Calm 1» —

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U.S. soon strike on Iran?

October 8, one American analyst David Rotkof ForeignPolice expressed in outlook that the U.S. negotiate with Israel on an air operation against Iran. The main objective of the operation — it is liquidation of nuclear facilities. Air operation will last from a few hours to 2-days. Ground operation on Iraq or Afghanistan example South American military spending will not. Rotkof implies that the South American armed forces can strike before the presidential elections. So Makar, Barack Obama will raise your own rating and answer the accusation Mitt Romney in the extra softness of foreign policy of the United States.

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In Russia have developed a shortened «Pecheneg» spetsnaz

Gun came booming and not very clear, but he hit at least some body armor For special forces, who are «working» on small distances, did a shortened version of a light machine gun «Pecheneg». He shoots rifle cartridge 7.62? 53 and can penetrate at least some modern body armor. Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission explained Oleg Bochkarev «Izvestia» that shortened gun comes in a set of promising equipment «Warrior» for the Special Forces. — New gun we demonstrated president Izhevsk September 18, when he visited the concern «Kalashnikov». It is a tool developed Kovrov plant them. VA Dyagtereva —

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China began transporting troops AVIATION AND RUSSIA

July 27, China began sending troops to the territory of Russia for a role in joint counterterrorism maneuvers «Peace Mission 2013», Xinhua news agency reported.   Chinese and Russian troops conduct exercises within 20 days (July 27 — August 15). PLA units will arrive at the landfill CHebarkul (Ural region) family parties (four groups will be airlifted, three railway transport)   Two transport helicopters Mi-171 and four Z-9 combat already flown from the airfield Hailar (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) and overcome the 5,000 km within 5 days. As expected, 31 July 5 fighter-bombers JH-7 will take off from the airport

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Reconnaissance UAV Boeing Insitu ScanEagle

Middle of September the Pentagon has signed a new contract with Boeing. In accordance with this document, the aircraft maker to do and put the armed forces of the United States a few 10’s of UAV ScanEagle. Not counting machines themselves company «Boeing» shall transfer to the customer right related equipment. The total price of all the products ordered by South American military, equates to 300 million dollars. Last drones and equipment to be delivered to illumine 2016. Today’s agreement, signed by the Pentagon and the Boeing Company and implying supply UAV ScanEagle, is not the first similar document. In

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Chinese aircraft carrier received dummy

Expert: Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» Indian inferior «Vikramaditya» Fascinating information came from circles close to the exploration of the Navy. It concerns the commissioning of the PLA Navy aircraft carrier project 001 «Liaoning». All, as reported on the website «RG» at a ceremony commissioning of China’s first aircraft carrier, September 25 this year, corresponds to reality, not counting 1st — an aircraft carrier, as such, virtually none. And the celebration of the first persons to the role of China were purely political fashion temper. At the end of the last century, the Chinese have purchased an unfinished aircraft carrier

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