Su-35 in exchange for the fifth generation

Our homeland has to offer joint development of Brazil fighter fifth generation in an attempt to ensure agreement on combat aircraft Su-35. Although the Su-35 was eliminated from the tender Brazilian F-X2, this fighter again invited Brazil, together with the possibility of the development of the PAK FA or specially created for this country variant of the aircraft. During the negotiations in Brazil (which have already been completed) Russian side proposed ready for sale modern Su-35 fighter, joint development of the next generation of aircraft type T-50. Now the implementation of the tender for the acquisition of the Brazilian Air

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SUCCESSOR «blackbird»

Branch Skunk Works of Lockheed Martin proposed the establishment of a new aircraft intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance — ISR) SR-72, capable of flying at a speed of 6M, or almost twice faster than decommissioned SR-71 Blackbird, reports flightglobal . com November 1. Put to task to make a single engine, which would be able to accelerate from zero plane M to 6M. «Our opponents are working on methods to counter stealth. Hypersound will complement the stealth. Such a plane is flying so high and so quickly that they simply did not have enough time from detection

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F-35A performed the first combat missile launches AMRAAM

Fighter F-35A Joint Strike Fighter completed the first guided missile combat launch AIM-120 AMRAAM class «air-air» medium-range reports quoting the press release of the company Lockheed Martin. The plane was piloted by Air Force Captain Logan Lamping (Logan Lamping), launch rockets at an air target was held at a military firing range off the coast of California. Target was found detectors aircraft information was passed on board the rocket, curb active radar seeker. Missile was launched from the inner compartment seeker grabbed a goal then defected to SD «perehvatny flight profile.» A moment before hitting the target missile received

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The company «Lockheed Martin» has introduced a new hypersonic aircraft

In 1976, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft SR-71 «Blackbird» (Blackbird) U.S. Air Force closed the distance from New York to London less than two hours, reaching a speed of flight, respectively, the number of M = 3 and so Makar, setting a world record, which stood almost four decades. At the current time, «Skunk Works» (Skunk Works) — Department of Special Projects of «Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin), where it was created SR-71 — developed hypersonic aircraft, which should double outshine its predecessor in terms of speed. The SR-71 was created with the introduction of technologies of the 20th century, which included slide

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Foreign media: Glavnokommanduyuschy Russian Air Force announced the replacement of the MiG-31

Russian Air Force by 2020 plans to change the MiG-31 on their more advanced type.   Release of the new type is planned for 2028 — report to the Air Force Commander, Lieutenant — General Viktor Bondarev.   «We started to develop a new aircraft of this type and I think we can finish it before the end of state weapons programs from 2020. — Bondarev said at a meeting with members of the Russian parliament. — New aircraft must change available by 2028. «   Bondarev not specify — whether new aircraft outside predudyschih models differ from or be

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B-52 GET vast arsenal of precision weapons

The Boeing Company will increase the combat potential of the B-52 bombers on 50%, with an emphasis on versatility implementation report November 6. According to the contract price of 24.6 million dollars the company will develop a modification of the existing launch systems to accommodate more instruments managed in the inner compartments. «If we add to this arsenal of very great length of the flight of B-52, you will realize that you have a universal system of tools that are very useful for fire support of ground forces,» says director applets-52 Ofaut Scott (Scot Oathout). The company will produce

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On the Foreign Ministry website reported on November 6 that Moscow is not yet ready to supply Su-35 in China, now writes The source noted that on this issue there is «some temporary technical problems», a decision which will claim 2-3 years. It remains unclear what are these difficulties directly. Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported that Moscow may be afraid of technology transfer Su-35, which are used in a fighter plane fifth generation T-50 PAKFA as «innovative». Another source reports that Our homeland and China are negotiating intensively on Su-35, but still can not agree in terms of «technical


Best plane failed war

Made based on the tenets of cool war, Su-34 was not very applicable in modern conflicts Alexei Ramm Until the end of today, the Russian Air Force to acquire another 14 frontline bombers Su-34. This was said United Aircraft management companies in the meeting held at an aircraft factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which is visited by Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments Yuri Borisov. According to representatives of the KLA gosoboronzakazna 2014 on new bombers will be executed, and in the next year is expected postavkaesche 16 cars. Very optimistic plans, because even in the past year SDO Su-34 has been under

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Flights Russian Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela are purely a marketing gimmick and PR, have little military value, Strategy Page writes on November 5. But a small park Tu-160 RF assigns some really unique abilities. In 2010, two bombers performed 23-hour flight, breaking the 18 thousand kilometers, during which two were made from air refueling tanker Il-78. In the last couple of years the role of the far plane was a spy, but the main purpose is to deliver to the objectives guided bombs and missiles. In 2008, the Russian Air Force aircraft far received the first new aircraft since the

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Airbase WEST «Khotilovo» on combat duty pair of upgraded MiG-31BM

TSAMTO November 7. Western military airbase neighborhood «Khotilovo» (Tver region.) On alert air defense intercede couple modernized interceptor MiG-31BM, AviaPort.Ru reports quoting the press release WEST. Interceptors will be involved in the planned flight aviation group «Khotilovo» and combat duty air defense air borders of Russian Federation. Until the end of this year at the air base also will be a modern training facility UGC-31BM created for training of young pilots on this type of aircraft. The simulator simulates a hundred percent and cabin management system modernized fighter, and allows pilots to work on the ground takeoff, landing, maneuvering in

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