Self-propelled howitzer FH77BW L52 Archer (Sweden)

September 23 in Sweden held a long-awaited event. Department of the Ministry of Defence Procurement (Forsvarets Materielverk) took the first batch of self-propelled howitzers FH77BW L52 Archer («Archer») on a wheeled chassis. Four new combat vehicles put into service under the title Artillerisystem 08. About a year later the Swedish military department wants to get a second batch of self-propelled artillery of 20 machines. In addition, in recent years will be built SAU 24 for Norway. The long-awaited transfer SPG customer was due to a number of technical problems disposition. In accordance with the first agreements signed during development, SAU

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The truth about the anti-missile shield

In the Russian military-political literature, a study that can take its rightful place not only because of its own aimed at a specific subject relevance, and in depth analysis. We are talking about just published monograph Vladimir Kozin «» Evolution of the U.S. missile defense and Russia’s position «» / / Moscow: RISS. — 2013. — 384 pages (with illustrations). Creator prepared monograph broadly known for his publications on the issue of strengthening international security. Vladimir Kozin, a member of RANS, consultant director of the Russian Institute for Strategic research, a member of the Expert Council of the Interagency Working

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«We — the only country after the United States, which is developing the fifth generation in aviation»

In the near term, the world is less than 2-majestic aviation powers On days of Zhukovsky ended International Airshow «MAKS-2013». This is one of the most recognizable in the world of air shows. One indication of the highest status of «Max» is that he is under the patronage of the President of our country. Recognizable Russian journalist Mikhail Leontiev was guest of this prestigious Aviation Forum, designed to show the merits of Russian industry in the field of aviation and of cosmic technologies, and we approached him to share his views about the event ended. On the «max» is not

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Penguin Mk 2 mod 7 — Australian anti-ship missiles will buy New Zealand

Ministry of Defence of New Zealand began negotiations with the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence Systems (KDS) purchase antiship missiles Penguin Mk 2 mod 7 in Australia, reports Jane’s.   Norwegian company by agreement with the Australian Department of Defense has been a sellout missiles from the Royal Australian Navy. As expected, the contract for the supply of anti-ship missiles will be signed before the end of 2013.   Navy of New Zealand want to use their helicopter SH-2G Super Seasprite. Penguin missiles will be equipped with a total difficulties eight upgraded helicopters New Zealand Navy.   What specifically the number

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Anti-aircraft missile system S-300 is actually a fundamental tool to increase the combat capability of air defense of Syria, but Moscow fears that the supply of these complexes can make the consequences for herself, and throughout the Middle East, writes July 19.   Israeli Air Force stormed targets in Syria with such regularity that the Syrian air space resembles Swiss cheese (perhaps meant all covered with mildew and with holes — approx. «VP»). Available in Syrian air defense system obsolete SAM is not able to reflect Israeli air raids because Syria desperately, but with a huge delay expects the


U.S. Air Force ICBM experienced

Air Force (IAF) U.S. produced now teaching test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) «Minuteman-3.» It started with the U.S. Air Force base in California Vandenberg at 03:33 on the Pacific coast of the country time (14:33 MSK). It was the «second successful launch of» ICBM «Minuteman-3» for the last days with the bases Vandenberg noted Global Strike Command Air Force. He is responsible for Air Force nuclear weapons are delivered using ICBMs and strategic bombers. Such prior training and test launch was carried out with the bases Vandenberg last Sunday. According to the Global Strike Command Colonel Scott

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The presentation of a biathlon rifle ORSIS

During the meeting, coaching advice, organized by the Union of the Russian Federation on September 26 biathletes in Tchaikovsky, the company «PROMTEKHNOLOGIYA» (trademark ORSIS) introduced new biathlon rifle. The presentation were more than 50 coaches from all regions of Russia. Participants showed biathlon rifle ORSIS BIATHLON a 2-versions: with couches made of duralumin alloy and laminate (special weapons plywood). Coaches expressed great novelties intrigued, asked questions related to the design of the models and shot off in the cold. Exhibited standards have successfully passed a series of tests, including shooting and at -13 ° C. The results are assured participants

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In Nizhny Tagil «Ural» presented its new armored vehicles

On the 9th international exhibition of military equipment, arms and ammunition «Russian Expo Arms. Nizhny Tagil-2013 »(Russia Arms EXPO 2013) is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of trucks — Automobile» Ural «- introduced several exciting new products at once created for Russian power structures. Question about made in a modular family of function armored «Typhoon-U» superstoykih undermine the «Ural-53099», also machines for Internal Troops «Ural-BB.» It is about developing a family of tactical wheeled vehicles of various formulas that will differ highest unification. Exhibition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 traditionally held in Nizhny Tagil from 25 to 28 September. The

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U.S. Navy to expand the base IN BAHRAIN

U.S. Navy plans to expand the base of the 5th Fleet in Bahrain despite the possible increase in «political activity» in this island country in the Persian Gulf, reports December 3. In an interview with the official U.S. military newspaper Stars and Stripes Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan U.S. Navy Grinert (Jonathan Greenert) highlighted the importance of this framework for the presence in the region and said that Bahrain is the «best option» for the South American fleet based in the Persian Gulf. According to him, base personnel will keep a «neutral position» in the case of the

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Saga of generations. Why Su-27 is superior to F-15

Their one sky for two. One way and one task — sweep from heaven enemy aircraft. They are — fighters, win an advantage in the air. Winged fighting vehicles from the «front page», the elite of modern combat aircraft. Their complexity is prohibitive, and abilities — unlimited. There are a lot of advantages, but there are no flaws. They are strong and gorgeous in its own inexhaustible celestial fury. Endless competitors — Su-27 and F-15.

Who are you, joyful cowboy?

His birth was related to the war in Vietnam. Results of meetings with Russian MiGs claimed to change the

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