SYRIAN ARMY RUSSIAN accused of using cluster bombs

Human rights activists have accused the army of Syria, protecting the Assad regime, the use of cluster munitions against rebels. On this October 14 reports Reuters, citing a company human rights Human Rights Watch.   According to observers, cluster bombs were dropped from planes and helicopters near the town of al-Numan Maarat. The rebels occupied the town early October, blocking the road between the capital Damascus and Syria naikrupneyshim city in the country — Aleppo. For about a week, government troops tried to return Maarat al-Numan for yourself.   As the representative of Human Rights Watch, as a result

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«YASSER» — drone Iran

Iran has begun mass production of the new drone «Yasser». Flight altitude is seeking the order of 15 000 ft (4572 m), is capable of flying 8:00, covers the distance of 200 km, does not need a runway.   Resettled strong modern cameras to locate and control purposes. Used for military operations.   Can also be used for rescue and traffic control. About this newspaper writes IHS Jane s360.   «Yasser» was designed and created in the image of the South American drone «Insitu Scan Eagle». Runs «Yasir» as well as the «Scan Eagle» by means of pneumatic starting catapult.

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After 20 years of waiting strategic bomber B-2 Spirit receives a significant upgrade communications equipment, reports ASDNews September 5.   Will be installed on the aircraft receivers low frequency CVR (Common Very Low Frequency Receiver). This equipment was to be installed with the first packet communications, but in 1991 was delayed due to economical constraints. «CVR Increment 1 will provide crew-2 nicer facility receiving the presidential orders in case of emergencies,» says Head of Command U.S. Air Force Global Strike Gary Doolittle (Gary Doolittle). Currently, bombers for such commands use ultra-high frequency communication system.   The upgraded system will allow

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In the United States successfully tested antiboat ROCKET «GRIFFIN»

Raytheon Company and the U.S. Navy have shown the ability of light to destroy missiles Griffin rapidly moving small boats, reports ASDNews September 27. During the 1st test of the rocket ship system Griffin MK-60 was launched from the coastal side of the ship class Cyclone («Cyclone») on remote-controlled boat simulator. «Trial operation Griffin missiles and MK-60 complex provide our requirements for this class of weapons,» said managing applets inclusive shipboard weapons systems the U.S. Navy Capt. Mike Ledner (Mike Ladner). Tests were carried out on the sea landfill Mugu (California). «Rocket Griffin perfectly suited to protect Navy ships from

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Nuclear submarines with cruise missiles. Project 949 «Granit»

After perfecting a potential enemy naval arms (decked interceptors F-14 «Tomcat», anti-aircraft S-3 «Viking») «protivoavianosnye ‘ability SSGN 675-year project (even after modernization) looked missing for guaranteed liquidation groups. Required to make a new, much more powerful and long-range missile with underwater launch, providing application submarine massive attacks on ships (in the main aircraft carriers) with significant distances with a choice destroys targets. Under the new complex and needed a new medium that can produce from a submerged position volley fire rockets 20-24 (according to calculations, this concentration of weapons can «break» missile defense aircraft carrier promising compound of the

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EAST Russia: crews ZRPK «Armour-S» successfully hit mock targets on Kamchatka

In the course of the intended target column antiaircraft missile and gun systems (ZRPK) «Armour-S» and escort vehicles made 600-mile march to the area of ​​the village Keys Kamchatka Krai and deployed systems to perform firing.   In the first step exercises crews complexes successfully played between a «dueling situation,» in which one of the military vehicles «defended» from another attack.   This was our reporter was told in the press service of the Eastern Military Area.   In the second step gunners had to solve more complex puzzles. It was necessary to swiftly and surely to find qualified and

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«Terminator 2» as a symbol of the revival of the Russian defense industry

Fiery show in Nizhny Tagil pleased novelties weapons and military equipment From 25 to 28 September at the site «Prospector» belonging Tagil Institute of Metal tests, successfully passed IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition RussianArmsEXPO 2013. It took the role of about 400 companies from 40 countries. On the field, tanks rumbled The exhibition confirmed own highest international status. And as before remains the best in the world in the midst of forums weapons for the Army. This is the only place where military equipment, except driveways, shows real fighting fire fighting tasks and makes. Then shoot

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Concern «Kalashnikov» create six-barreled gun

Izhevsk Arms concern «Kalashnikov» will develop a six-barreled gun for SWAT written on October 4 «Izvestia» with reference to the head designer Yuri Shirobokova enterprise. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin referred gun «autogeny» for his ability to cut metal heavy fire. Create new product on the basis of six-barreled anti-aircraft gun, but it will use the standard rifle cartridges of 7.62 mm. Gun equip remote control system, with which it will be possible to conduct fire suppression, while in the shelter. Gunsmiths have done unique layout gun and made some drawings. With all of this a number of technical details

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Delivery of S-500 to the troops begin in 2017

New Russian air defense missile system will be supplied to troops in 2017-2018 year. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said CEO of the cerebral system Design Bureau «Almaz-Antey» Vitaly Neskorodov. According to him, the question of postponement of the delivery system is not; new complex will be ready in 2015, as previously planned. Earlier, Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said that brand new system and missile defense will be supplied to the troops no later than 2018. According Neskorodova, different deadlines developing C-500 related to incorrect knowledge of the creation of the system. «To finalize

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DARPA created the Russian

FPI as a reaction to the military-technological gap September 28, the State Duma adopted in the 3rd reading of the law «On the Foundation of promising research» (DRF), and not so long ago, it was approved by the Federation Council. There is no hesitation that have recently begin formation of the structure, which is called the Russian DARPA. At number 28, the weekly «MIC» evaluated prospects DRF. The idea of ​​the creation of the Russian Federation in the same structure as the Office of the promising research U.S. DoD (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — DARPA), is credited with,

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