Poseidon — U.S. Navy patrol plane

Boeing has graduated from the U.S. Navy supply the first batch of patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon. According to a press release from February 4, 2013, the second South American Navy aircraft received January 31, 2013.   Contract for the supply of six U.S. aircraft signed in January 2011. The deal amounted to 1.53 billion dollars.   Another seven Poseidon for 1.4 billion dollars U.S. Navy bought additional second party in November 2011.   In September 2012, the Pentagon has ordered from Boeing third batch of 11 patrol aircraft by 1.9 billion dollars.   In total, the U.S. Navy going

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Steven Seagal praised Kalashnikov rifles and M4

Steven Seagal, known martial artist and actor compared the Russian and South American small cannon. He noted fame and the highest quality Russian sample as a whole.   Namely, the actor saw the «Kalashnikov languid complex combat criteria is a very strong weapon, but the new M4» out of the box «can be more accurate.»   The actor said that now the United States extensively used machine M4 platform for creating other types of small guns. He said that in Russia there are many different manufacturers of decent Russian small automatic guns.   Together with that, there are companies that

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Smallest U.S. Navy helicopter

Maritime Helicopter Training Platform (Helicopter Landing Trainer, HLT) IX-514 or mini-helicopter began its operations in April 1986 as the cheapest kind and efficient training ship designed priemuschestvenno for training helicopters landing on the deck of naval aviation cadets. HLT has changed a lot as this little aircraft carrier Lexington, while providing all this close to reality learning environment. Most of the U.S. helicopter pilots are perfectly familiar with the marine helicopter training platform known as the IX-514. This vessel is patrolling the calm waters of the Gulf of Santa Rosa, offering novice helicopter pilots first experience landing maritime mobile

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Missile «BrahMos» get a mini version

Missile «BrahMos» can be put into service in the coming Russian fighters four years. Work on a smaller version of the supersonic cruise missile joint Russian-Indian production is on the initial stage. Weight newest rocket will be 1.5 tons, length — about 6 meters. Itar-Tass said Sivathanu Pillai — President of BrahMos Aerospace (BrahMos Aerospace), which develops and produces these missiles. «To install the» BrahMos «there is a need for fighters to reduce weight of the rocket, — he said. — A smaller version received the title «BrahMos-M» — a mini. According to the president of the developer, after the

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X-47B — U.S. Air Force drone deck called innovation 2013

South American magazine Popular Mechanics published a list of 10 people and teams involved in the development of more innovatorskih projects in 2013.   Sixth place in the ranking took a draft of the deck of the South American UAV — technology demonstrator X-47B UCAS-D.   This UAV performed the first automatic landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier «George Bush» 10 July 2013.   This project was developed with the U.S. Navy and the U.S. company Northrop Grumman. Leaders applets UCAS-D from U.S. Navy Captain Jaime Engdahl were Don and Blottenberger and from Northrop Grumman — Carl Johnson

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Japan has created a new combat vehicle

Institute of technical research and development (TRDI) Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun introduced the latest layout MCV combat vehicle with 105 mm caliber weapon, reports Lenta.ru referring to Jane’s.   Demonstration machine accomplished October 9, 2013 at the Research Centre of terrestrial systems (GSRC) in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fighting vehicle with the wheel formula 8×8 meets military to the highest mobility, firepower and the ability to deliver a suitable point by air, land or water.   Namely, MCV is placed in the cargo bay of a military transport aircraft Kawasaki C-2. Fighting machine capable of speeds up

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States determine the path of the army until 2020

Washington politicians were convinced that after the collapse of the Russian bloc in the world it is time to dominance only «superpower» — the United States of America. But in fact it turned out that indescribably difficult to dictate their will on other nations to ensure its security. Practice has shown that the presence of a single dominant center aggravated contradictions between medium and small countries. This occurs subsequent reasons: — in the world to form a stable democratization of international relations, which led to the fact that each government is doing in its sole discretion; — in almost

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«Baikal» — the choice of professionals

Interview with Deputy head designer «Izhmeha» Rashid Shigapova Deputy head designer «Izhmeha» (brand «Baikal») in an interview with Rashid Shigapov website rostec.ru told about the gun safe modernity Firearms easier mobile phone, gun for lefties and much more. Cannon — limited thing. Kalashnikov rifle, pistol Makarov pistol Yarygin in the coming 30-40 years still serve Shigapov Rashid, deputy head designer «Izhmeha» — What is the range of products of the plant? — In the post-Soviet period the plant has designed more than 50 models, mastered in manufacturing and produces in a year to 700 thousand barrels. In this series, there

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T-90 is inferior to the American M1 MOBILITY

India has recently ordered another 235 T-90 tanks, Strategy Page reports on October 12. Licenses these tanks are performed in India, subject to the license price per tank worth 4.9 million U.S. dollars. By the end of the decade, India hopes to have in their own arsenal of about 1,400 tanks of this type. First T-90 entered service with the Indian Army in 1993, since that time, India has become the world’s naikrupneyshim operator tanks of this type. T-90 is a modernized version of the T-72, which in the Indian Army has about 1900 (establishment license since 1980). T-90 weighs

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India intends to equip the new NNS missiles «BrahMos»

According to ARMS-TASS India wants to equip new non-nuclear submarines (NNS) supersonic missiles «BrahMos». In this regard, as the South American weekly «Difens News», the Ministry of Defence of India requests to present at an international tender Project 75I submarines were armed with Russian-Indian missile «BrahMos». Price of the tender, under which agreement will be signed on 6 new NNS with airindependent power plant (VNEU) is estimated at 12 billion dollars His plan to announce at the end of this year. Due to the requirement to include the country’s Defense Ministry on the implementation of the conditions of the new

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