In Russia, the first thing is not planes

In Rosteh officially confirmed that the value will be in the midst of military projects aerial reconnaissance drones Managing Director of State Corporation for aviation projects Alexei Fyodorov explained that significant resources «Rosteh» will focus on the new promising direction — development of unmanned aircraft systems aerial reconnaissance and surveillance. According to Alexei Fedorov, refers to the development of the «drone» Small and middle-class, medium altitude and dimension. « As already reported, new heavy percussive drone developed in Russia, will be no earlier than 5 years. First flight of a new standard shock UAV weighing 20 tons will be

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CAPABILITY C-300, C-400 and C-500 — Chinese experts

Their ideas about the combat efficiency of the modern Russian anti-aircraft missile systems shared military expert, the PLA Air Force senior engineer Yang Jian, now writes — What powers has the S-300? — S-300PS is a multi-weather air defense missile system of the third generation, created to intercept aircraft, cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles. The system has the highest efficiency, is capable of inducing 12 missiles from 6 goals, located on the highest terrain vehicles, launch rockets made of transport-launch containers in an upright position. Firing range on Tall Target in modern versions of the S-300 achieves 200

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Iranian new stealth fighter

Iran presented to the public what can be called «a significant success in the field of air technology» — the country’s engineers built jet fighter using stealth technology. Some aviation experts believe that a tiny, corner jet fighter with small wings, show the world may have been expensive layout, and those videos dark airplane soaring through the sky, almost can reflect radio-controlled model airplane. Such skepticism can be understood by taking into account nedavneshnie questions when Iran sent a monkey into space and returned it safely to Earth. At the opening ceremony in Tehran on February 2, Iranian President

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British destroyer to counter American fighters

British destroyer HMS Diamond Type 45 spent teaching to repel attacks 2-(one of the fastest fighter in the world) attack aircraft F-15E Strike Eagle USAF reports ASDNews October 8. According to the scenario provided air defense destroyer maneuvers mine group during exercises in the Persian Gulf, where he accompanied four minesweepers. Doctrine had name IMCMEX12 (International Mine Countermeasures Exercise 2012) and conducted under Navy maneuvers 30 countries where the objective was to «protect the main sea lanes.»   Destroyer comped 5 ships, namely minesweeper HMS Shoreham, Auxiliary ship Cardigan Bay royal navy, and three American anti-mine ship Devastator, Dextrous

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Defense Ministry commandos equip Glock pistols

«Rosoboronpostavka» ordering authority of the Defence Ministry, has placed orders for delivery Austrian Glock pistols for a total of 71.4 million rubles. All guns are designed for special purpose units of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Favourite competitions will have to put a weapon in military unit 92154 Solnechnogorsk no later than November 25, 2014. In the first application Russian military department planned to purchase 318 Glock-17 pistols Gen.4 caliber 9×19 mm «Parabellum». Purchase department is ready in 2013 had spent 53.5 million rubles, and in 2014 — 13.4 million. Provider will need

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U.S. decided to placements of new missile defense system

Pentagon to determine the likely placements of new parts of the U.S. missile defense (BMD) on the East Coast of the U.S., ARMS-TASS reported with reference to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs Madeleine Creedon. According to Madeleine Creedon ABM elements can be located on military installations in the states of New-york, Vermont, Maine, Ohio and Michigan. But she warned that the final decision is still pending. «Funding for this project in the budget is not mortgaged. We do not have any money on him «- admitted Creedon. Estimated professionals in question itself is small, about 1

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Moral bankruptcy. Who incite the United States and Turkey

Russophobic sharp statement from the State Department broke Ms Victoria Nuland. Let me remind you — this is the «Miss executioner», which called for direct text «to tighten the noose» on the neck of Syria and its people, speaking for tightening sanctions. But these words of his mistress on the loop is considered normal, but Russia has accused of «moral bankruptcy.» The reason for such statements was the incident with the Syrian plane force is seated in Ankara. Mrs. Nuland not attracted cargo plane in which drove quite legitimate power radios. About the contents of cargo hastened to share

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Rose into the air as four F-35 FIGHTER

January 31 58th maintenance group produced off immediately 4 F-35A fighter at Eglin Air Force Base, reports ASDNews February 7. It was the first flight of the fighter of this type. February 1st group flight was repeated successfully.   During the first group flight fighter aircraft F-35A, using its advanced radar tracking aircraft performed «enemy» F-16 over the Gulf of Mexico.   Flights showed the maturity of a system of technical training fighters of this type.

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Israel developed the first drone capable of conducting videorazvedku smokers

First in the world small-sized rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Xavier with the onboard equipment allowing lead videorazvedku inside buildings and other ground infrastructure, created by an Israeli company Camero. This unit will be able to see the guests opening in Paris on Tuesday special international exhibition means to ensure the security of the country «MILIPOL 2013». As explained Israeli spetsy, Xavier resettled ad hoc wireless communication system Xavier Net for remote monitoring and control systems onboard unit. The device provides video interior structure through its roof, on which he hangs when the flight with a special onboard radar and

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Promising missile «air-» Lockheed Martin CUDA

U.S. leads mass creation of new fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, which, as is often claimed, in its combat features exceed all planes. With all this now the F-35 can not fully reveal their potential, using only existing types of weapons. Especially for the latest expansion capabilities fighters company Lockheed Martin is developing the currently newest guided missile short-range class «air-to-air.» Result of a project entitled CUDA should be the creation of aviation rockets having a highest properties in comparison with existing ammunition. Work on the project started CUDA approximately 2010-11. As you know, the company Lockheed Martin in

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