Belarus creates own complexes with UAVs

Moscow. October 28. Airports — Republic of Belarus (Belarus) makes and develops its own unmanned aerial reconnaissance systems, surveillance and monitoring of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), said «AviaPort» Head of Research and Production Centre (SPC) «Unmanned aircraft systems (BAC) and technology» Physico-Technical Institute of the State Academy (PTI NASB) Belarus Yury Yatsyna. He carefully braked in state politics RB development of unmanned aircraft and the individual complexes, developed at PTI NASB. The state program creation unmanned systems In Belarus (RB), which is implemented and operates municipal programm creation and production of UAV systems. The state program covers the period 2011-2015

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OF TRAINING DO Yak-130 combat aircraft

Company «Irkut» wants to oust the British and the Italians in the global market for light attack Scientific and Production Company «Irkut» began developing sverhtehnologichny gunship based training jet Yak-130. This is explained by the highest measured demand in Russia and abroad for light attack aircraft.   — Development began several years ago, and now we can plan ending 2013-2014, the first step. Expect attack aircraft Yak-130 global air shows soon — promised «Izvestia» representative informed the military-industrial complex, familiar with the situation.   He stressed that the funding for the work carried out at the expense of equity.

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Raytheon Company graduated from the successful test-board tracking system ESM (Electronic Support Measure) as an upgrade to CR Tomahawk Block IV, osobschaet ASDNews October 8. ESM contains a microprocessor and an antenna for the detection and tracking of radio-emitting motionless and moving targets. Ability of the system has been proven in an anechoic chamber for 7 months of testing. «This brand new opportunity will allow cruise missile’s ability to hit moving targets on the ground. We believe that our work allows to increment the combat effectiveness of the Kyrgyz Republic with the applicable costs, «says the director of programs from

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Artillery system Oto Melara Davide / Strales guided projectile with DART

In June 2013, the Italian company Oto Melara (comes in the group Finmeccanica), together with the naval forces of Italy conducted successful tests of ship artillery complex Davide / Strales guided projectile with DART (Driver Ammunition reduce Time of flight). Tests have shown that the shells of the first production batch absolutely meet the requirements and can therefore be accepted for service. Successful tests of serial DART projectiles can be considered the beginning of a new step of development of naval armaments. Complex with Davide ammunition DART is the first production of naval artillery installation using guided missiles. During the

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Carriers ambitions

Putin discussed in Novo-Ogaryovo difficulties Navy president criticized deadlines ships, vice permer Rogozin did not rule out the construction of aircraft carriers Rearmament Russian Navy delayed, stated Vladimir Putin and requested within six months to remove the difficulties between the military and gun manufacturers for vehicles. To perform the state defense order is not hampered, the latest government program for 2016-2025 years re-transferred to the principle of «single contract», said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He also did not rule out that it will be carried out within carriers: sailors believe that their introduction into the Navy dictate ambitions of

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Chrysanthemum-C — anti-flower

Maybe people who have time to talk with the military of armored troops, heard an unusual catch phrase: «To the broken enemy tanks overgrown chrysanthemum.» Yes, uninitiated person difficult to understand why the enemy tanks have broken porasti specifically chrysanthemum. In fact, everything is pretty easy, but appreciate the irony jokes can only ones who know what is real «Chrysanthemum», of which the proverb says. First «Chrysanthemum-C» was developed in the midst of the 80s. Engaged in the development Kolomna Design Bureau. General Designer, Project Manager — SP Undefeated. Well, maybe it gives some magic, but managed to make the

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Belarusian UAV «Berkut» ready to conquer the market

Currently, the Belarusian UAVs are becoming huge fame and go to the international market of unmanned aircraft systems. We are speaking about small reconnaissance drones. At a not so long ago, the exhibition «Interpolitex 2013» Belarusian company OJSC «AGAT-management system» together with JSC «558th Aircraft Repair Plant» presented to the public a whole line of tactical UAVs class. According to Yuri Leontseva holding the office of the deputy director of the enterprise «AGAT-management system», Engineering and System Science, with its new developments in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), the company expects to practice to solve the problem on

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NATO is preparing to repel Russian cyberattacks

Due to the rapid development of IT-technologies, has become an urgent problem of information security. The essence of which is to protect the information environment and disk imaging arrays, also preventing the diversion info and preventing tampering information environment. World leaders in the implementation of techniques and methods of information security and to detect vulnerabilities in the «foreign» computer networks are Our homeland, China and Iran. NATO has made the greatest efforts to prevent cyber attacks on information resources of the North Atlantic Alliance. As part of this programs with a 13 to 16 November NATO plans to conduct

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THE CASE OF Carriers

Anatoly Serdyukov tried to bridge the gap of military-technical cooperation between Russia and India Share In late Wednesday evening from a day trip to the capital of India, New Delhi returned to Moscow, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. As co-chair of the Russian-Indian intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation (MTC), he took part in its 12th plenary meeting. Intrigue to this visit pocketed the fact that the head of the military department of the Russian Federation was supposed to fly to India reversing week — October 4. But at the last minute flight was postponed. On this occasion, Indian and Russian

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India began production of its own anti-tank

India started building its anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) «Naked.» This decision was made despite the fact that the U.S. offered the Indian side together to create a South American ATGM «Javelin» (Javelin). As said the Ministry of Defence of India, talks with the U.S. on the issue of joint production of missiles «Javelin» was only the initial step. In addition, the Indian Defence Research Organization DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) stated that the anti-tank «Nag» easier missiles «Javelin.» Currently, the Indian Army is in dire need to purchase more than 20 thousand portable third generation anti-tank. All samples purchase

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