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India conducted a successful test of a ballistic missile Agni-I

As Interfax-AVN, in India on Friday conducted another successful test of a ballistic missile Agni-I, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead This was stated by the director of the landfill Chandipur M. Prasad. «The test of a ballistic missile was absolutely successful,» — he said. Launch ballistic missiles «ground-to-ground» with a range of 700 km act was carried out with a pad located on a peninsula in the Bay of Bengal Wheeler. According to M. Prasad, on the improved missile Agni-I installed brand new navigation system that provides tremendous accuracy of defeats the purpose. Missile Agni-I was first tested 25

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Israel developed the first drone capable of conducting videorazvedku smokers

First in the world small-sized rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Xavier with the onboard equipment allowing lead videorazvedku inside buildings and other ground infrastructure, created by an Israeli company Camero. This unit will be able to see the guests opening in Paris on Tuesday special international exhibition means to ensure the security of the country «MILIPOL 2013». As explained Israeli spetsy, Xavier resettled ad hoc wireless communication system Xavier Net for remote monitoring and control systems onboard unit. The device provides video interior structure through its roof, on which he hangs when the flight with a special onboard radar and

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U.S. concerned PTS Turkey and China

U.S. seriously concerned about Turkey’s decision to cooperate in the development of its missile defense system with the state of China. This was stated in constant mon press briefing Spokesman for the U.S. State Department Jen Psak. U.S. «brought his severe concern» to the attention of Ankara, «and these discussions will of course continue,» said the official dealer of the U.S. State Department. According to her, «the main prerequisite for concern» in Washington is that «the Turkish government has been discussing a contract with under the influence of American sanctions now about the creation of a missile defense system that

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On Thursday, February 14, made the flight first production aircraft F-35C (CF-6) aircraft carrier-based (CV). After acceptance at the end of this year will be given fighter 101st Fighter Attack Squadron (VFA-101) U.S. Navy Eglin AFB, pcs. Florida.   Unit will serve as a training squadron of the Navy for training pilots and attendants F-35C. Currently, Eglin AFB has 9 aircraft F-35A ordinary takeoff and landing (CTOL) aircraft and 13 F-35B non-long-off and landing (STOVL). (function (w, doc) { if (!w.__utlWdgt) { w.__utlWdgt = true; var d = doc, s = d.createElement(‘script’), g = ‘getElementsByTagName’; s.type = ‘text/javascript’; s.charset


New World Order: play on an equal footing

Columnist for «The Guardian» Seamus Milne says that the first news about the end of the so-called New World Order came in 2008. «In August, — writes the progressive English journalist — Georgia U.S. customer was crushed in a brief but bloody war, after its army was attacked by Russian troops in the disputed areas of South Ossetia.» Fighting was over, and George W. Bush warned Russia: no need, say, to recognize South Ossetia. Our homeland but recognized. Article created here sees the first turning point of the geopolitical level. And the solution is independent of the Russian Federation

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A new «annoying» chuck «Wasp»

Nizhny Novgorod «Commercial Security Agency special products» (AKBS) has developed a new cartridge irritating acts that will join the range of munitions used for equipment traumatic gun «Wasp».   As reported by ITAR-TASS, the new cartridges will be delivered Sergiev Posad Research Institute of Applied Chemistry (NIIPH) developed a non-lethal complex «Wasp».   According to the source agency AKBS, when firing a cartridge irritating act, the target is a viscous liquid, which is the base with the addition of glycerol concentrate reddish pepper. This liquid causes severe irritation of not passing within 30-40 minutes.   As a result, the attacker,

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India is preparing to test its own ICBM

Second tests the latest Indian intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) «Agni-5» will be held on Sunday, September 15. MDB will be launched from the landfill on a peninsula in the Bay of Bengal Wheeler. Preparing for them is over, now reports the newspaper «Times of India» with reference to the representative of the Ministry of Defense. According to the publication, this launch is very important for the following «test version of the missile in the transport and launch container», which is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead weighing up to one and a half tons. ICBM from the container, especially from

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POLISH PERSPECTIVE «stealth tanks» PL-01

Poland is developing a «Stealth Tank» PL-01 with the groove of the active protection system, reports now But at the present level of development of the Polish industrial base to make such a tank would not be easy. Judging by some reports, it will be fighting vehicle weighing up to 40 tons, in other words, take it to a class of highly main battle tanks will be problematic. Main advantages of PL-01 may become the highest mobility and aerotransportabelnost coupled with superior firepower and modern fire control system defect can be partially compensated by booking accommodation of the engine

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FIRST CLASS helicopter «Mistral» FOR RUSSIAN Navy will be launched in September 2013

STX France shipyard launched the first helicopter landing ship dock / DVKD / type «Mistral» for the Russian Navy in September 2013. This korr.ARMS-Tass said the shipyard now on the board in the 23rd naval salon «Euronaval 2012».   As explained by the representative of the shipyard, it is the construction of 2-Russian DVKD type «Mistral» subcontracting, the contractor acquired from the head of this project — the shipbuilding company DCNS. «We need to build on 90 percent of each of the 2-ships and after the descent of the water transfer to the naval base in Toulon, where will

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Hisar-A — Turkish air defense system has been tested

Turkey October 6, 2013 conducted tests antiaircraft missile complex short-range Hisar-A of its development, reports Jane’s referring to the Secretariat of the military industry (SSM) of Turkey.   The tests were conducted at the site «Ace» in Asia Minor. According to the acquired data telemetry, anti-aircraft missiles launch was successful and met all design performances.   Development of a set Hisar-A Turkish company Aselsan engaged and Roketsan since 2008. First made radar, command and control and fire control, and the second — controlled anti-aircraft missiles and launchers.   According to current plans, the new air defense system should go into

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