Passion to supply S-300 to Iran

Fascinating information concerning the likely start of deliveries of Russian S-300VM to Iran comes within a week. With all this information, which is called every time exposed interpretations of not only the media but also Russian and Iranian politicians. Briefly recall, what is at stake, you must first pay attention to the UN Security Council resolution and a presidential decree that was signed in 2010. Then President (Dmitry Medvedev), for weird reasons, decided to follow the UN resolution beyond measure, imposed a ban on the supply to Iran is not only offensive weapons, and the means of defense, which the

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EURONAVAL 2012. ENGINES tiltrotor MV-22 OSPREY uniformed install new hovercraft

  Rolls-Royce signed an agreement with Textron Marine and Land Systems to equip promising American hovercraft (DPC) gas turbines MT7. They can be equipped 73 STOL project SSC (Ship-to-Shore Connector), which will come to replace the existing LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion).   MT7 developed based on the AE1017 turboprop engine, which resettled tiltrotor MV-22 Osprey. According to the vice-president of marketing and business development of Rolls-Royce Naval Marine John Lovaza (John Lovasz), «this agreement is a great opportunity for us.» «When the U.S. Navy decided to build a new hovercraft, we looked closely at their design. Engine that we

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Raytheon Company has received from the U.S. Air Force contract for full-scale development of improved control units for HCSM speed anti-radar missiles (PRR) HARM, reports ASDNews September 17. In the control section added GPS satellite receiver and an improved inertial measurement device for precise targeting, also has onboard digital computer, coupled with the detection and tracking system. «These upgrades will allow the missile to hit targets that are covered by a strong system of anti-radiation protection, many currently used methods will be useless against the RDP,» says director applets HARM company Raytheon Missile Systems Ruza Jack (Jack Roosa). The company

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THIRD carrier landing the X-47B is not satisfied

July 10 layout unmanned technology demonstrator X-47B twice to land on the deck of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS USS George HW Bush (CVN-77), but the fault of the 1st of the 3 onboard computers warned third scheduled landing, reports 11 July. After the intervention was focused on drone base Wallops Field (Virginia), which will be carried out to identify the prerequisites malfunction.   «On board the X-47B has three on-board navigation computer interfaced with the satellite navigation system GPS. We have seen that in one computer fails, and decided that the UAV sufficiently fulfilled aaplet landings, and did

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November 13 British military Weekly Jane’s Defence Weekly published pictures of «unusually large» artillery systems that are on the local test center armor and artillery stationed in the desert to the north-west of the town of Baotou (Inner Mongolia province Suyyuan, China). Satellite image shows two guns mounted on concrete surfaces (one length of 33.5 m, the second 24 m). First pictures appeared between September 2010 and December 2011, satellite imagery confirmed that in July 2013 the guns continued to be on this site. Perhaps these guns are used for testing high-speed extra high-range missiles. China historically showed enthusiasm for


«Armata» go to a series

The Defense Ministry prepared the latest weapons program from 2025 Defense Ministry wants to change the 2015 military-technical policy and bet not only on the amount supplied to the troops of modern technology, but rather on the quality of weapons. This now said Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. According to him, the military has long been working on the State applets arms-2025, which starts in two years. — Prepared by a huge number of required regulatory documentation, the initial data. Refined estimates, including doctrine and scenic character of using the Armed Forces in different kinds of conflicts. Evaluated the potential

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Russian Air Force gunship APPEAR NEW GENERATION

In the Russian Air Force will attack last generation. Such planes are needed for aerial bombardment of ground vehicles, infantry and other objects of the enemy. For the base will take Russian Su-25, he liked the military more than a new Russian-Italian Yak-130, which was very small. As told «Izvestia» in Command of the Air Force, the final results of the competition to design and build a new ground-attack aircraft Defense Ministry will announce on February 17. — Main Command of the Air Force chose between him and the Yak-131, upgrading the training of the Yak-130, the ultimate modern

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FIGHTERS different generations learn to understand each other

U.S. Air Force requested information about the ability of the creation of a digital system for the exchange of information between fighters fourth and fifth generation. It is reported by Flightglobal citing Pentagon.   According to the newspaper, the South American Air Force need a system capable of real-time to inform the fighters of different generations on the tactical and operational situation. In addition, the system will improve the accuracy and efficiency of the fire, help save ammo and will allow to avoid accidental attacks on friendly forces.   Use the system is planned, namely, 2-American fighters 5th generation

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RN «Bulava» face new challenges

Test launches of intercontinental ballistic missile sea-based P-30 «Bulava-30» will run carriers from production to which he belonged and unsuccessfully launched September 6, 2013 ammo. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Oleg Bochkarev. «Since the launch of the rocket was unable to fulfill its function as intended — of course, will be undertaken acts that require including additional and rockets of the party to which it belonged,» — explained Bochkarev. He also said that after he will give conditions of ill missile launch on September 6,

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«Carapace» protect mundial 2014 from terrorists

Latin America will be the Russians visa-free zone Our homeland and Honduras completing preparation of an intergovernmental agreement on the introduction of visa-free regime. This was said yesterday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks in Moscow with the Honduran officer Mireya Aguero de Corrales. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu went on a visit to Brazil and Peru, which resulted in the expected contracts for 1.7 billion. U.S. Arrival in Moscow Mireya Aguero de Corrales — the first in the history of bilateral relations official visit of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Honduras. Although diplomatic relations between two countries were established

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