Iran has demonstrated ROCKETS «Sege» AND «SARA»

September 22 showed Iran on the march 30 missiles with a range of 2,000 km (1,350 miles), which can hit targets in Israel, reports Defense News. Ballistic missiles types Sejil (12 units, sketch) and Ghadr (18) have been demonstrated in a military parade in honor of the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88 years). These missiles can reach areas not only of Israel, and the U.S. military bases in the Persian Gulf. But in his speech at the parade, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Hassan Rowhani) insisted that it was only defensive weapons. «In the last 200 years, Iran has never

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«Kursk»: version of the death

Submarine of the Northern Fleet could not kill the South American and the British submarine Vladimir Korjavin August 12, 2000 sank SSGN K-141 «Kursk». Introduce you to «MIC» analysis of the probable circumstances of the death of our submarine. In those days I served in combat training management (ESM) of the Northern Fleet (NF) and composed of staff marching out to sea aboard the nuclear-powered cruiser «Peter the Great». August 11, 2000 «Kursk» in the eyes of the entire staff of «Peter the Great» successfully completed rocket fire and went to another part of the exercise. The next day held

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One percent of imported weapons

In 2011, Russian exports of arms and military equipment (AME) reached the level of more than 10 billion dollars. The current 2012-th was contracted supplies to 12 billion This Our homeland firmly holds second place in the world in terms of sales tools. Such shipments zabugornye countries, not counting the rest, they say about the possibilities and potential of our defense industry. Yet, in some areas behind our oboronka that necessitates procurement zabugornyh respective equipment from the manufacturer. Total purchases of imported arms orders of magnitude smaller than the total price of export contracts. With all this on the

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ARMY BUYS U.S. drones GRAY EAGLE half a billion dollars

Command of the U.S. Army concluded with the U.S. company General Atomics contract to supply UAV MQ-1C Gray Eagle, reports Defense Aerospace. The deal amounted to 410.9 million dollars. How many drones should immediately get the military does not set. Supply of all ordered sets, and even spare parts and additional equipment will be completed in 2015. The cost of the 1st complex Gray Eagle, which includes 4 drone and control systems in 2011 was about 90 million bucks. So Makar, under contract last South American military had the opportunity to purchase 4-5 unmanned systems. In total, the military

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Ten of the best armored vehicles according to Army Technology

Armored personnel carriers (APCs) took an important role in military operations from World War to the present time. Resource listed some of the best armored vehicles operated now, based on defense, firepower, mobility. APCs such as Patria AMV, Boxer and Piranha V, have enhanced protection, allowing more benign landing of infantry in a war zone. Patria AMV Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle Armoured Modular Vehicle) is a modern 8×8 armored ton produced in Finland. Tc was introduced to the market in 2004, and today about 1,400 ton were ordered armed forces of Finland, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden

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Perspectives «Mace» in light of recent events

September 6 during testing nuclear submarine «Alexander Nevsky» incident related to a new ballistic missile R-30 «Bulava». On the second flight Minutka refused one of missile systems, so that the product had fallen into the waters of the Arctic Ocean. To investigate the circumstances of the tragedy was created by a special commission, whose chairman was appointed Chief of the Navy Admiral Chirkov. At the current time, the Commission continues to figure out why the rocket failed to fulfill its educational puzzle. Without waiting for the results of the investigation, defense minister Sergei Shoigu ordered an additional tests newest rocket.

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«Laser Sight» Archimedes

Majestic ancient scientist Archimedes, who lived two centuries before Christ, to this day delights the world own wisdom and foresight. Greek scholar, who owns the famous exclamation «Eureka!» That opens the fundamental laws of physics, built a celestial globe for astronomical observations, for the first time measured the diameter of the sun and calculated the circumference of the Earth, who formulated the law of hydrostatics, laid the foundations of arithmetic and algebra, also made a lot of clever inventions , is known to everyone. Known and its rewards in military affairs. For example, he designed the successful implementation of

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China creates its own SU-34

February 18 forum portal situated review published in nedavneshnem room South American military magazine Defense Review article, which says that China is working to create their own version of Russian frontline bomber Su-34.   China already has experience in developing successful fighter J-11B and J-16 on the basis of Russian Su-27 and Su-30. It is reported that completed purge step model J-17 (Su-34) in a wind tunnel. Then there are guesses that the Chinese version of the Su-34 should come to replace the H-6 bombers (Tu-16). Satellite photos show that significantly reduced the number of bombers of that

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October 27 The U.S. Navy will conduct the ceremony of baptism Minnesota submarine shipyard in Newport News (Virginia, company Newport News Shipbuilding — Branch Huntington Ingalls Industries), reports ASDNews October 25.   The main speaker was Admiral, director of naval nuclear propulsion plants Cyrus Donald (Kirk Donald). Submarines will be godmother Helen Roghed (Ellen Roughead), wife of the former head of the department of Naval Operations Admiral Gary U.S. Navy Rogheda (Gary Roughead).   APL Minnesota (10th type Virginia) named in honor of the inhabitants of the State of Minnesota for their continued support of the military effort of


Turkey will impact drone

Turkey has decided to make an armed reconnaissance drone version of Anka, reports Jane’s. UAV research shock as his reconnaissance version, will the company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). According to Jane’s, to create their own percussion UAV Turkey pushed refusal of the U.S. Congress to implement 4 UAV MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 2 Reaper. Use shock reconnaissance UAV Turkish military wish mainly in the south-east of the country, which is under the influence of the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Dates of creation shock version Anka, as the cost of the project will not be installed. In April, it

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