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Price applets production and operation for 50 years fighter F-35 continues to decrease, Defense News reported on September 18. Joint Managing applets F-35 Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan U.S. (Christopher Bogdan) confirmed that the current estimates this cost to be 857 billion U.S. dollars compared with the previous $ 1.1 trillion is a great victory achieved in the last two or three years , said Bogdan Conference on Aerospace Air Force on September 18. But taking into account the inflation to be within these 50 years, the number may vary. Speaking earlier in the day, the executive vice president

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September 16th Aviation resource published information about the properties of the project is being developed by Textron tactical combat aircraft Scorpion. The airplane has six underwing nodes and internal weapons bay. First flight will take place later this year. The creation of this aircraft being frisky enough pace (first development in 2012). Aircraft length — 43 feet 6 inches (13.5 m) Wingspan — 47 feet 4 inches (14.1 m) Height — 14 feet (4.2 m) Empty weight — 11,800 pounds (5310 kg) The highest takeoff weight — 21250 pounds (9560 kg) Internal fuel weight — 6000 pounds (2700 kg)

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Analysts do not believe, will find whether your company Textron AirLand (a joint venture between Textron and AirLand Enterprises) light tactical aircraft Scorpion niche in the market, now writes Frame this plane is designed for the U.S. Air Force, but analysts range that it can be put into service. Views on military aircraft analyst Center for Strategic and budget estimates Ganzingera Mark (Mark Gunzinger), this function will perform better aircraft drones. According to the developers, the new aircraft is designed for use in local conflicts, protecting the borders, the maritime patrol, assist in unavoidable situations, counter-narcotics, providing defense and


COMPANY «Chengdu» BUILD 1200 J-10 fighter

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Interrupted Flight «Bekfayra»

Tu-22M3 is aging rapidly, but Tupolev failed to adapt it to new tasks Alexei Ramm Distant Aviation Air Force RF expects development since early 90s Tupolev design bureau upgraded model of supersonic bomber Tu-22M3, which is able to use the new X-32 rocket. But is unlikely to get it in today’s year. In arbitration courts of different instances last trial with claims in the hundreds of millions of rubles between the customer (MoD), the developer (Tupolev) and manufacturer (Engineering Design Bureau «Rainbow»). While the Tribunal da deal available bombers Tu-22M3 (NATO systematization — Backfire) retires at the sight. Distant supersonic

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Scorpion promising attack aircraft prepares for testing

In the development and implementation of methods of combat aircraft in recent years there are several major trends. Dogfights between fighters have become quite rare and has become the main objective of aircraft strikes against ground targets of the enemy. Immediately with this new aircraft price constantly grows. The cost of the most modern fighter-bombers achieves such a level that can reduce the number of people willing to buy them. Seeing these problems and wanting to enter the market of combat aircraft, and the company Textron AirLand Enterprises began a cooperative project to create a relatively cheapest kind of attack

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«SAAB» focus on the development and promotion of «E-Grip»

Swedish company Saab downplayed rumors about a probable redeveloping fighter Gripen in the tender for the role of the United States to establish a training aircraft for programmke TX, Defense News reported on September 20. Saab CEO Håkan Buskhe (Hakan Buskhe) said that the company aims to help global customers to implement next-generation fighter Gripen-E. According to him, «Saab» is planning to implement in the coming 15-20 years from 400 to 450 vehicles of this type. «In the spring of this year we announced that we will sell about 300 planes, but now I think that we can increase this

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CONGRESSMAN SAYS PLANS TO WITHDRAW Assault A-10 out of service «shame»


South American congressman, member of the Committee on Armed Services Ron Barber (Ron Barber) and eight of his colleagues made a bipartisan group to counter the decommissioning of the U.S. Air Force attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt 2, reports Barber said that the A-10 is the «workhorse, tested in battle, which provides critical basic combat abilities for our troops.» A-10 attack planes are the main combat aircraft based on Davis-Monthan, which is based 355 th Wing (82 gunship). A-10, nicknamed Warthog («Warthog») highly acclaimed Ground Forces for his great ability on a particular air support. Barber wrote a

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No flaws in the oscillations about the upcoming programs from the creation of the Russian fighter fifth generation T-50 PAKFA writes AINonline September 20. These difficulties are readily major subsystems of the aircraft, delays in the transfer of the aircraft into service, also plans to cover a part of R & D at the expense of programs from partner — India. NIIP design bureau typically is a provider of radars for fighter «Su» and developed a radar with active phased N050. «The results of flight tests of the radar on board the 1st of 4 prototype T-50 is very impressive,»



On the basis of Hill Air Force (, Utah) held a festive ceremony on arrival of the first stealth fighter fifth-generation F-35A Lightning-2, Military Times reported on September 22. At a ceremony on Friday accepted the role of Senator Orrin Hatch (Orrin Hatch). Fighter arrived at the base on September 13, with base Nellis (Nevada, 422-I test and evaluation squadron). Company and Lockheed Martin Ogden Air Logistics Complex will work together to produce a public-private partnership. Based on the Hill can be located first two drill Fighter Squadron F-35A. As a result, the F-35 fighter 3 versions will vary tactical

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