SCANDAL: ISRAEL «destroy» RUSSIAN warship

October 26. Within the naval salon Euronaval, passing in France, Israel IAI showed concern marketing video in which one anti-ship missile destroyed a Russian cruiser Project 1164. This video caused outrage by the creators of ship: chief designer cruiser styled this video «linden».   The Israeli panel presentation shows anti-missile and anti-ship missiles, which are located on the surface warships. According to the plot shown potential enemy attack, presented in the form of a ship, imitating Russian missile cruiser. During the fight the Israeli system reflects strikes cruiser, then destroy it with one anti-ship missile, reports RIA «Novosti».  

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U.S. decided to placements of new missile defense system

Pentagon to determine the likely placements of new parts of the U.S. missile defense (BMD) on the East Coast of the U.S., ARMS-TASS reported with reference to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs Madeleine Creedon. According to Madeleine Creedon ABM elements can be located on military installations in the states of New-york, Vermont, Maine, Ohio and Michigan. But she warned that the final decision is still pending. «Funding for this project in the budget is not mortgaged. We do not have any money on him «- admitted Creedon. Estimated professionals in question itself is small, about 1

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Missile «BrahMos» get a mini version

Missile «BrahMos» can be put into service in the coming Russian fighters four years. Work on a smaller version of the supersonic cruise missile joint Russian-Indian production is on the initial stage. Weight newest rocket will be 1.5 tons, length — about 6 meters. Itar-Tass said Sivathanu Pillai — President of BrahMos Aerospace (BrahMos Aerospace), which develops and produces these missiles. «To install the» BrahMos «there is a need for fighters to reduce weight of the rocket, — he said. — A smaller version received the title «BrahMos-M» — a mini. According to the president of the developer, after the

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Contract for the supply of Su-35 fighters to China could be signed in 2014, deputy chief of state company «Rosoboronexport» Viktor Komardin, reports now   «The negotiations have, but the agreement is unlikely to be ready before the end of this year. Signing the agreement, will likely take place in the future year. Chinese negotiators are interested most of all specifications of the contract, «he said.   Komardin not say how many fighters China longs to buy, but added that Beijing is also interested in buying weapons for the Su-35. «Street weapon (gun) will naturally be on the plane,


«Mistral» PREPARES Navy unpleasant surprises

Military-Industrial Courier. The control system of ballasting tonnage ship installed on the French «Mistral» in the Russian version is missing helicopter that could compromise their security   «On 3 French» Mistral «is installed and well proven unique integrated automatic control of all technical means a ship designed by the renowned Norwegian company« L3Marin ». She practiced on developments for large vessels that require automatic control of ballasting, «- said the deputy chief of the last Head of Naval Staff Rear Admiral Vladimir Pepeljaev supplies.   He recalled that the Russian-French agreement on the acquisition of ships «Mistral» it was

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Oddities Russian-Iraqi weapons contract

Cash contracts can subscribe, unsubscribe and often canceled after the signing. Naturally, rescission hurt hitting prestige both parties to the contract, because immediately begin to appear speculation that repealing side — inconsistent partner, whose future promises better not to trust, and the party, the purchase of products or services which proved revoked, arouses suspicion in terms of properties of the delivered products. This situation leads to countless misunderstandings between partners and allows us to pose the question of the effectiveness of subsequent business contacts. More complicated situation is in this case, when there friction between the parties to conclude

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British Navy ordered SAM ‘C Septor «

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India intends to equip the new NNS missiles «BrahMos»

According to ARMS-TASS India wants to equip new non-nuclear submarines (NNS) supersonic missiles «BrahMos». In this regard, as the South American weekly «Difens News», the Ministry of Defence of India requests to present at an international tender Project 75I submarines were armed with Russian-Indian missile «BrahMos». Price of the tender, under which agreement will be signed on 6 new NNS with airindependent power plant (VNEU) is estimated at 12 billion dollars His plan to announce at the end of this year. Due to the requirement to include the country’s Defense Ministry on the implementation of the conditions of the new

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Eurosatory-2012: Firm Controp introduced a new system for UAVs

Company Controp Precision Technologies introduced gyrostabilized multisensory payload M-STAMP equipment for small UAVs and small aircraft. M-STAMP has a living camera (CCD) with zoom and an uncooled thermal imager with dual field of view optics. In addition, a suitable load contains a laser designator. In addition, the company plans to offer Controp uncooled thermal imager with the same scaling. Newcomer desired load has already been delivered to customers in Europe and the USA. One of its applications is considered unmanned helicopter HoverEye EX, studied Bertin. U.S. Air Force is evaluating the latest payload UAV Skylark LE Elbit Systems. Controp

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HISTORY OF AVIATION. HOW BLACK F-117 «Nighthawk» turned gray «dragon»

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