RUSSIA plans to adopt the T-99 BY 2015

Our homeland by 2015 plans to begin modernizing their armored and mechanized forces, writes Defense Update August 10. Created a new family of combat vehicles, including the «radically new main battle tank» T-99.   The layout of the tank will be ready for testing in 2013, or about 10 months earlier than planned, said first deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov. The new tank was designed «to» Uralvagonzavod «Omsk». Deliveries of the first tanks are planned for 2015. It is expected that by 2020, will produce a total of about 2300 major difficulties tanks.   It should be remembered, writes

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Russian expanse from Ukraine to Finland

In the near future often are the claims that Russia was close to the present borders, and it will expand. Eastern and Southern Ukraine will become Russian territories, then attach the Kremlin Transnistria, and there will come and turn Belarus. Passing Russian bear has seized the Baltic republics. The final step of Putin’s «forced march» Finland becomes. NATO and the country is not included, and is, the Alliance will not defend it.

Federal Republic of Ukraine

Trial balloon Russian expansion some experts behold the events in 2008. Two months back, giving an interview to Ukrainian «Public TV» economist Andrei

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CHINESE CHANNEL make the story about the SS-26 «ABROAD» — VIDEO

October 16 Chinese municipal channel CCTV4 invited 2-military professionals with a request to comment on reports of the latest development in Russia strategic ballistic missile land-based RS-26 «Frontier». Question (master Liu Jian) — How do you rate the information on the occurrence in Russia newest ICBM, called as «killer missile»? Indeed if the missile is able to overcome the U.S. missile defense system? Answer: — October 9 Russian «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», citing the Ministry of Defence said that several planned launches of ICBMs that were insured against disaster, and for the first time in their midst was the SS-26 «Frontier». This

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Rifle HK MSG90A1 .308 WIN Heckler & Koch

…During 50 years of its existence Heckler & Koch have acquired fame through his innovatorskim develop reliable and high-precision automatic weapons, including sniper rifles, produced under both the NATO rifle cartridge. Although not in such an extent are popular in the U.S. as in other countries, automatic sniper rifle H & K, such as PSG1 and G3SG1, and even the least massive .223 Rem HK33SG1, have earned respect for their accuracy, rate and other characteristics of the highest . At the moment, H & K is another automatic rifle for police and military sniping — MSG90A1. Military Precision Rifle

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T-50 DELIVERY FOR DEFENSE TO BEGIN IN 2015 — Air Force Commander

  Serial supplies to troops fighter fifth generation T-50 (promising aviation complex tactical aviation PAKFA) will begin in 2015, said to RIA Novosti on Mon-Chief of the Air Force (VVS) Russian Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev.   Bondarev said earlier that such deliveries could begin in late 2015 — early 2016.   «Questions of production worked out, and I think that in 2015 the fifth generation will go to the troops,» — said the Air Force Commander.   Currently, flight tests programmke PAKFA are 4 fighters. By ground tests connected two more T-50.   T-50 (PAK FA project) — aircraft fifth generation

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U.S. concerned PTS Turkey and China

U.S. seriously concerned about Turkey’s decision to cooperate in the development of its missile defense system with the state of China. This was stated in constant mon press briefing Spokesman for the U.S. State Department Jen Psak. U.S. «brought his severe concern» to the attention of Ankara, «and these discussions will of course continue,» said the official dealer of the U.S. State Department. According to her, «the main prerequisite for concern» in Washington is that «the Turkish government has been discussing a contract with under the influence of American sanctions now about the creation of a missile defense system, which

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Land drones

Test unmanned trucks successfully passed in the United States. They are arranged so called system Terramax from Oshkosh. C it means you can move independently, as a bot. Sensors recognize the environment and allow cars without the help of others to evade obstacles. In addition, they do not depend on GPS data and should not be programmed to pass through checkpoints, as, for example, ships on autopilot. Military trucks are kept under control by the monitors and, if necessary, correct the situation. This was said Russian edition of «Avtoutro.» That looks like a computer game, has long been working

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APKWS II rocket Pentagon allowed to use on airplanes

U.S. Department of Defense issued a permit for the use of rockets equipped with laser guidance system APKWS II, with aircraft.   As reported by Jane’s, the permit was issued October 15, 2013 on the basis of tests carried out control PMA-242 fighter planes based on the A-10 Thunderbolt II and F-16 fighter Fighting Falcon.   APKWS system developed by British company BAE Systems. Initially, it was designed to implement helicopter types UH-1 Huey, OH-58 Kiowa Warrior and AH-64 Apache.   The system is a laser target mounted on a helicopter, also block rudders, engines built between ordinary unguided missile

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First firing of the new systems «Tornado-G»

New multiple launch rocket systems «Tornado-G» August 17, 2012 made their first shooting, which took place at Training Ground Prudboy in the Volgograd region. First 20 units of the new MRLS «Tornado-G» entered service of the Southern Military Area in February this year. Position come to replace old systems «Grad». Were involved in the shooting 6 salvo systems «Tornado-G». Firing range because of the size was not large landfill — to 2-thousand meters, then how can it be to hit targets at a distance of 40 km. «Tornado-G» combat effectiveness of 2.5-3 times higher than the predecessors, namely the

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In 2012-2015,. a number of the world’s largest arms exporters significantly change the balance of exports by region

TSAMTO, November 23. In the near term, a number of huge global arms exporters will change significantly the balance of exports by region. Below is a concise analysis of the balance of military exports several states on 10 regions of the world 2012-2015. The material presented here is a short excerpt from a forthcoming TSAMTO Yearbook 2012. To assess the significance of this or another region in the structure of export arms suppliers in the near-period TSAMTO Yearbook 2012 results of the calculation for each exporting country based on existing backpack purchase orders of military hardware by regions in 2012-2015.

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