Copa Boeing aircraft manufacturing concern can in 2016 to close the establishment fighter F/A-18 Super Hornet, reports Reuters. This year, over the last delivery of the aircraft to customers. The concern is calculated to prolong production of fighter aircraft, received additional orders from the Pentagon and foreign countries, but sales forecasts until diversified. Concrete decision about the end of production F/A-18 is still pending. Expect to receive orders from the Pentagon is not necessary, as the authorities are intensively engaged in the municipal budget spending cuts, including embezzlement and the military. With the company expects that the fighter will be

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For the F-22 in the United States will create a new concept of use

U.S. Air Force developed innovative implementation strategy combat squadrons consisting only of stealth fighters 5th generation F-22 «Raptor» (Raptor). On this weekly said, «Jane’s Defence Weekly.» The basic tactical unit within the latest strategy is a small group of F-22, which is meant to be used napravleniynaneseniya sudden blow to the designated target. Presumably, the continuous cycle of this battle group will be 72 hours and will include the conduct of hostilities, spirited refueling, replenishment of ammunition, and a change in position. This list features the latest strategy from the ordinary, which implies the implementation of huge fighter air groups

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Russian A-10 is still in service

Another Russian Su-25 crashed on Sept. 23 of 2013, the pilot died. Flights all Su-25 were immediately suspended pending clarification of the crash. This is the 17th Su-25 lost over the last decade, and this is not something unusual for Russian military aircraft are in service with the 1980s. Despite these losses, the Su-25 as before remains popular aircraft. With decent service Su-25 is very effective. Since 1978 it has been made more than a thousand of these aircraft and their creation and modernization do not stop. In 2006, after seven years of work, Our homeland has adopted the first

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Su-35s: in anticipation of T-50

Fighter fifth-generation T-50 produced by the PAK FA program there, entered service air force no earlier than the 2015-16 period. During a certain time after adopting a number of these aircraft in the Air Force will be insignificant and they fail to have a huge impact on the general condition and the ability of the armed forces. In this regard, it was decided to additional purchases of another type of fighter designed to be a temporary measure pending a sufficient number of T-50. As a more modern and sophisticated aircraft, designed to ensure the combat capability of the Air Force

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Rates of production of F-35 in 2018 to 110 cars per year

The following week senior Pentagon officials make out the costs of establishing and operating fighter Lockheed Martin F-35, reports October 17. Will also provide information on technical issues. Press secretary of the F-35 programs from Cyrus Hawn (Kyra Hawn) said that the issue will be addressed in mon despite partial termination of the government. Meeting was postponed a couple of times. She also said that the government bureaucrats get refreshed information on the development of millions of lines of software, price and terms of this work. In fiscal year 2014 the company undertook to supply 36 aircraft by 2018

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Su-35: fighter «in the wings»

External differences between Su-35 and Su-27 small: keels first such shorter the Su-27 (although more rudders), and «sting» between the smallest engines nacelles. On the new plane is missing a large air brake, available from the Su-27, to reduce the speed he uses different angles differences rudders. A nose landing gear has two wheels instead of the 1st predecessor. But inside the aircraft are all very changed. He resettled with 2 engines with variable thrust vectoring AL-41F1S («117C product»), with each thrust with afterburner to 142.2 kN, which is 16% higher than the characteristics of the Su-27. New fighter resettled

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«Wild petting» — a special unit of the U.S. Air Force

«Wild petting» (English Wild Weasels) — is a special unit within the U.S. Air Force, which are aimed at keeping the fight against the enemy air defense system, its liquidation radar. The first time these units have appeared during the Vietnam War, in the forthcoming without them did not break any large military operation with the role of the U.S. Air Force. This is not unusual, because destroying or causing «silent» enemy ground radars can provide for themselves air superiority and non-hazardous missions. Specifically, the military conflict in Vietnam was the first armed conflict in which aircraft had to deal

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«Boeing» and «Lockheed Martin» combine efforts to develop a new bomber

Boeing and Lockheed Martin again announced a partnership to create their own version of a promising distant bombers LRS-B (long-range strike bomber), October 25 reports quoting the press release digging «Boeing». «Boeing» will be the general contractor, «Lockheed Martin» will act as a «priority of a team member.» The first time partnership, both companies said in 2008, then in 2010 it was suspended for a «better understanding of the U.S. government objectives for the project.» Rival group is a company Northrop Grumman, which produced a stealth bomber B-2. Company «Boeing» took part in the production of the outer part

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South Korea to buy 40 F-35A fighter

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Another T-50 took to the air

5th experienced standard fighter of the 5th generation T-50 made the first flight «This morning a runway airfield in industrial air raised fifth of the account experienced benchmark promising fighter» — quoted by «Interfax» representative «dry.» According to him, during his working trip to nedavneshney Komsomolsk-on-Amur this machine specifically looked at the enterprise, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. At MAKS-2013 in Zhukovsky, where the audience can follow the execution of complex maneuvers on the new fighter, the Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said that the PAK FA will be delivered to the Air Force since 2017. Bondarev

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