Last barrier

History of Creation

With the growing power of anti-tank weapons (TCP), it became clear that the passive ways to protect armored vehicles is virtually impossible. Therefore, for this purpose it is necessary to use external power sources. These sources can serve as explosives (HE), the electron energy, the energy generated during the reaction of chemically active substances. There are many different kinds of devices, implements the principle of dynamic effects of the TCP, different variations of the applicable sources of energy and methods of implementation.

For the first time in the world the introduction of dynamic protection proposed in the

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The last attempt to stop Stalins great war

Munich contract altogether Moscow showed that the Western powers as a breach of their obligations. Germany sent by way of old one — "the onslaught of the East."

But Moscow has once again tried to stop the process of rolling Europe in large-scale conflict. It was clear that Germany would not be able to resist the military alliance of three majestic powers — Britain, France, the Soviet Union. They had complete an advantage in the Navy, Air Force and Army forces.

But this was necessary military contract, in what will clearly stipulate the obligation of all parties, so that none

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The last attempt to prevent the October Revolution, the Menshevik

(To the right of Kerensky — Boris Savenkov)

The latter, who really could have warned the October Revolution, was a group of Menshevik Theodore Dan running. October 24, they offered Kerensky overtake the Bolsheviks and the withdrawing of the Russian Federation of the war and the distribution of land to peasants. But power was terrified of its own people.

Since the October Revolution took place almost 100 years, but the experience as long as nothing has trained nor the current government nor the opposition system — to be always a step or two ahead of opponents. We have

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The last operation is stately Russian War — The Prague Offensive

The last strategic operation that is conducted reddish majestically Russian Army in the war, was the Prague Offensive (5-12 May 1945), in the process it was liberated capital of Czechoslovakia — the old city of Prague, and was defeated last large group of Wehrmacht — Army Group "Center" .

After the defeat of the enemy in the direction of Berlin and capitulation on May 2, Berlin garrison Wehrmacht only force that could still resist the Red Army, left, Army Group "Center" (commanded by Field Marshal Ferdinand Schemer) in Czechoslovakia and part of Army Group "Austria" (Commander Lothar Rendulic). Schemer,

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The last mission of the Russian Federation — to die for the West

The logical end to at least some of the global economic crisis — this is a global war. In the course of the three global wars — the first in the 1914-1918 biennium., The second in 1939-1945. and the third in 1945-1991 (more commonly known as the "Cold War") — Our home was one of the participants, and it is clear that in World War IV, Russia will try to draw as the 1st of the main players.

In all 3 of the global war our main enemy of Western civilization were powers — Germany, Austria-Hungary, the United States

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The last stronghold of the Russian Empire

She could not resist the pressure of the enemy, so as not meet modern requirementsOne reason for the defeat of Russia in the first world war was a hell of swift delivery in 1915 of Russian fortresses. Whereas in France the fortress (Verdun and others) stopped coming of the Germans in 1914.


Construction of modern fortresses on the western borders of the Russian Empire began at the behest of Nicholas I as early as 1831. After 6 decades, to December 20, 1893 at these frontiers were the fortress first and second lines (Modlin, Brest-Litovsk, Ivangorod,

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Last Great Hunt of the capitalist era

Andrew FURSOV: "Funnel Stories that" Master "Lord of the Rings Global is able to absorb just about everything and for all"

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the past 2011 was marked by the so-called "Arab Spring", a hurricane swept across North Africa and the Middle East. Part of the very persistent political regimes in those regions have fallen under many glowing earth now. Chronicle of a sudden, like, such a revolution. January 14 as a result of mass popular unrest was ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who ruled the state for more

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The Last Stand era sailing

Ivan Aivazovsky. "Sinop. Night after the fight November 18, 1853 »

Preparing for war

First, the 18th century the Ottoman Empire was a tremendous state, controlled the entire Balkan Peninsula, large areas in the north of the Danube and on the shores of the Black Sea. But in the early XIX century, the empire broke Greece, the French captured Algeria, the British began to keep control of Egypt, Syria and Palestine. The Ottoman Empire began to lose its former influence.

"Turkey — a dying man. We can try to keep him alive, but that we can not "-

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Why «Rosoboronexport» came under U.S. sanctions

In essence, the question boils down to whether or not to veto the Senate in a rigid form or myagenkoy. In the first case, President Obama just sent him a document zavernet (recall he held as an amendment to the law on the military budget), and everything stays as it is — will helicopters to Afghanistan through the hands of the Pentagon. Copa Senate unanimously approved the ban the U.S. military to make deals with Russian reseller — the «Rosoboronexport». Earlier, in July 2012, it endorsed the decision the lower chamber of Congress. What do the decision-making than they

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CHINA READY TO BUILD Carriers — Head of the State Shipbuilding Corporation

  China is ready to build more aircraft carriers. This was stated by now the head of the Chinese State Shipbuilding Company Hu Wenming. Specifically at its shipyard held retrofit purchased from Ukraine heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser «Varyag», which entered the Chinese navy operation under the name «Liaoning».   «China — the only one of five permanent members of UN Security Council does not have an aircraft carrier, made entirely on their own», — told reporters Hu Wenming. According to him, his company is ready to build more «air bases on the sea.»   Chinese municipal shipbuilding company — the second

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