Out of the crisis

Continued interview with the CEO of "Izhmash" Maxime Kuzyuk

Not so long ago, Russian Concern "Izhmash" graduated from the basic step of reorganization, receiving all of the operating profit of 310 million rubles. Along with the reorganization of the company conducts and modernization. What is handy when the restructuring plan of the Group and its ending, read the continuation of the interview CEO of "Izhmash" Maxime Kuzyuk.

The first part of the interview posted May 2, 2012.

In 2011, the restructuring of "Izhmash". In fact, what was the background to why it took her off?

I'll start with the story.

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Go to the refueling point

The pilots of the Central Military neighborhood of the flights in refueling in the air. One of the most difficult types of flight training crews worked for more than 30 operational and tactical air 2nd Command of the Air Force and Air Defense neighborhood. Flights took place in the skies over the Perm region, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions.

…Tanker Il-78 took off from an airfield near Perm and headed for Chelyabinsk area. Right behind him on fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM Air Group pilots flew huge Savino and air group Kansk specifically relocated from the Krasnoyarsk Territory for a role in the LTU.

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Win NATO battle for Central Asia will help military base in Osh

Modern laws they say that if to one or another country in the United States of America shows real enthusiasm, as it "suddenly" can be got terrorists of all stripes. With all of this "terrorist issue" Washington and often uses in order to strengthen its military presence in that or in any other region. If That is the law takes place, it becomes clear cause severe activation of the Islamists in the areas of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz media report to that in the Chui region and the capital counterterrorism units took part in a series of operations, the main aim

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Calling himself on fire

Per minute high-voltage battle, when the enemy's ring is compressed so that it leaves no other choice, the air full of courage to fly the word "Calling himself on fire!" One of those who spoke them during majestically Russian War — Hero of the Russian Union Boris V. Kravtsov. Then, in the fall 40 Third, he could not do otherwise …

October 24, 1943 reinforced battalion of the 185th Guards Rifle Regiment of the pontoons and crossed the Dnieper in a fierce battle with the enemy took a small bridgehead on the largest peninsula on the Dnieper River Khortytsya.Coupled with

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It is surprising and full of misunderstandings

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry O. Rogozin on scientific and educational community VUNTS Air Force "Air Force Academy named after Dr. Nikolai Zhukovsky and Gagarin."

Pochetaemy Dmitry O.!

Scientific and educational community Military Training and Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy named after Dr. Nikolai Zhukovsky and Gagarin" refers to you to figure how to council, from which nearly all depends on the military security of the country. We look closely at your steps aimed at restoring lost in recent years, the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation positions, and so convinced that you will

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Challenges for the future president of the South American

Global cuisine political and economic outlook has earned a triple force on the eve of the presidential elections in the United States. And this activation is associated first with a prediction that will be able to follow South American President return the status of the only U.S. geopolitical and economic center of the South American stagnation or else (and in fact, a measured fall) will continue in the same vein. To answer the question of how to change the inside and the outside of the U.S. policy after January 2013, it is possible to analyze the policy during the last

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The Challenges of

The fact that things in our country are not going so well as I'd like us — citizens RF — That's a fact. We ourselves are accustomed to scold power, but are not used to public control of this power. And it even more so a sense of hostility that almost caused us when some foreign citizen criticizes Russia's political, economic or social system (RF answer to the challenges of the time). This brings the average Russian's white-hot, and he is ready to rush to the abuser in order to protect the honor and advantages of its own country.

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To survive at any cost

"In war as in war" — they say the French. But the war must be able not only to win. The main art in the war — to survive. Not just to survive at any cost, and to overcome and survive. Survive with the desire to live, not to break down under the burden struck — the death of friends, human misery, ruthlessness.

Usually we do not think about the fact that, apart from that of "normal" in the criteria injured fighting, fighter can suffer from some more reasons. Is not accepted we talk about how hard person, even the

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To survive at any cost

In the near future in the global information space of all obsessive rumors of the approach of a global catastrophe that may be expressed or natural cataclysm of global proportions, or a man-made tragedy, unparalleled on the consequences of the Chernobyl-even or first World War III with the widespread use of weapons of mass destruction. In the wake of these conjectures, supported by various "forecasts" and prophecies, like the Mayan calendar and other oddities, the global information space is filled with details of survival, its methods, from fantasy to a sufficiently serious, backed by the research work of military

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A survivor told the flight engineer, soared as the Yak-42

In time Acceleration of the Yak-42 that crashed near Yaroslavl on September 7, it was not clear brake is depressed or not. This was stated by the sole survivor of the crash flight engineer Alexander Sizov, in his own first post-crash interview, "First Channel".

"I did not realize the brakes when accelerating or not. If braking was sharp, I'd felt it, and if the brake was pressed smoothly, there is no" — quoted by ITAR-TASS flight engineer.

Yet, according to Sizov, in time aircraft acceleration, it became clear that things are not going according to plan. "After a while, the

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