Development PAK FA program

Recent months have been marked by significant progress in advancing programs from Russian fighter fifth-generation PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation). October 27, 2013 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur made the first flight of the fifth year experienced standard PAK FA — aircraft T-50-5. November 20 this machine came to pass tests at the airfield of «Flight Research Institute named after MM Gromov » in Zhukovsky near Moscow. First presentation in 2014 meant the PAK FA for Municipal tests, the first step of which is planned to finish in 2015. By the time of the first flight of the T-50-5 were more

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Expert: Russian aircraft industry is developing successfully

Military expert Igor Korotchenko «Russian aviation industry, which is developing» At the Farnborough Air Show Russian Federation introduced an impressive exhibition. By phone from the UK specifically for the «File-RF» about their own experiences unchanged expert knows our newspaper editor in chief of the magazine «National Defense», the chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenkov. — Our homeland worthily represented the achievements of many parts of our aircraft, of cosmic and military industry. Very principle that Russian exposition held under the auspices of state «Russian Technologies». Her delegation was led

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Successes and failures in the cabin «Farnborough-2012»

Last Sunday ended Aviation Salon «Farnborough 2012». Full details of the exhibition is not yet posted, but some have already called the number. So, this week event suppliers and customers have signed agreements or have gained the preparatory arrangements for the supply of a total 738 pieces of equipment difficulties. The total volume of contracts exceeded 72 billion dollars. This is not a record for the «Farnborough» — in 2008 the total amount of contracts also achieved the mark of 88 billion, but still better than at the last cabin. The comparable figure «Farnborough-2010» was one and a half

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South American intelligence sent enthusiasm on show from 21 June to 2-Chinese martial Web resources photo ignorant fighter coated camouflage tent and transported on a trailer on the highway Beijing — Shenyang along with other vehicles, officials of the Ministry of State Security, the political police and intelligence China. According to Izvestia Chinese media, the new fighter is designated F-60. In form it is identical to c South American F-22, but smaller, reported South American website Spetsy some have suggested that this supersonic CF L-15, but its size is more than the aircraft, in addition, has a different


Indonesian Su-30MK2 HOLD TRAINING dogfights with Australian F/A-18

Indonesia will send its own front fighters «Sukhoi» for roles in big air exercises in Australia later this month, says that the recent era of expanding military cooperation. Indonesian Air Force was never given to the armed forces of Australia access to the Russian aircraft production to compete with the United States fighters fourth generation. But four Su-30 will be delivered to the North area for a role in the exercise Pitch Black 2012, during which will be held mock fights with Australian F/A-18 fighter aircraft in the airspace of Indonesia and Australia. The exercise, which will be held

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A senior manager of the Russian state export company «Rosoboronexport» said that Our homeland in 2014 to sign an agreement to supply China with modern Su-35, confirming the fact that the end of 2013 to issue this deal will not work. This is hardly the last word on the subject, as talks stretch since 2010, and early and contradictory statements on this subject we have heard before. But it clearly shows on intrigued of in such supplies. While enthusiasm for China’s latest generation fighter should be taught in terms of what it can tell about the progress actually Chinese military


Fifth-generation fighter T-50 will be equipped with digital missiles

Install missiles on the same radar that on a plane Launch K-77m air-to-air tactical fighter T-50 will get an advanced targeting system. Homing missiles to the antenna based on the digital active phased array will ensure the aircraft or missile hit the enemy with the first launch. The new radar will provide momentary response to sudden maneuver target missiles will also increase compatibility with digital systems fighters fifth generation. Advanced system homing missiles develop design bureau «Detail» company «Tactical Missiles», technical re-equipment spending. Make experienced the creation of business going in 2015. At this point UPKB «Detail» finds the contractor

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Military aircraft in afterburner. Air Force identify promising FACE

Just over a month remains until when the Russian Armed Forces will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Air Forces of the country. What is the state of the military aircraft now, what are its prospects for the future and as military aviators are going to celebrate its own anniversary, learned «MK».   BBC hard preparing for the 100th anniversary of his own. Arrangements for the celebration are already in full swing, told the «MK» in the Defense Ministry. Training plan foreseen several scientific conferences. It’s like Russian and international conferences, inviting historical VVS commanders of all major global

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F/A-37 Talon

F/A-37 Talon — fabrications plane, fighter of the U.S. Navy, as shown in the movie «Stealth» 2005. Talon is capable of hypersonic flight cruising thanks to the combined pulsed detonation / scramjet engine. As the title of the movie, Talon has stealth capability, along with variable-sweep wings, double guns for close combat and internal launcher with a wide range of weapons, including missile air-to-air AIM-9 Sidewinder, anti-radiation missiles AGM-88 HARM, missiles «air-land» AGM-130C (referred to in the movie «Blue Ferret»), and bombs Truncheon. This aircraft resettled common embedded microprocessor (CIP), a central «brain» capable of assessing damage not only

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Israel buys training aircraft M-346 for 1 billion

In Israel’s plans to manage a fleet of 30 M-346 advanced trainer aircraft ministrerstvo defense, signed a formal agreement on July 19 with the Italian manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi. «This transaction is part of a larger inter-governmental agreement between Israel and Italy, which includes not only the purchase of aircraft, and engines, service, logistics, simulators and training, provided the role of other Israeli companies,» says Alenia Aermacchi. First delivery of the M-346 aircraft will be in the midst of 2014, to change the educational trenerovochnye Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk Israeli Air Force. Aircraft and associated equipment will be purchased Elbit Systems

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