GETTING military trials PAK FA

Company «Sukhoi» in 2013 will make the fifth most experienced fighter fifth generation Test Russian perspective aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) are in accordance with the schedule in the next year to begin troop tests, the president said the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Misha Pogosyan. According to him, at this point in the trial will accept your role 3 cars. Until the end of the year to test connect fourth plane, and in 2013 — the fifth. The 2013 schedule will begin with the general MoD tests PAK FA. In the implementation of programs from the creation of

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New Swedish «Super Gripen»

Swedish armed forces must abandon some of the latest research weapons systems if they want to find money for mass production of a new company «superistrebitelya» JAS Gripen, the Swedish broadcaster reported Sveriges Radio (SR). In March this year, the Ministry of Defence has put forward a proposal for the production of up to 10 JAS Gripen fighter model E / F for testing, which was supported by the Parliament (Riksdag). But, according to Sveriges Radio, price research fighter new model (Science and Technology Demonstrator is designated Gripen NG — «VP») was higher than the planned 32-33 billion euros

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History of leadership with some interruptions

Aviation Occurrence was perhaps one of the main achievements and landmark of the world population in the twentieth century. This fully applies to the Air Force, which has become not only an integral part of modern armed forces, and is often considered as a prime means of warfare. Leap into the world elite and back By the early twentieth century, after a long period of military test idea was prepared to accept the introduction of flying machines in warfare. Because the emergence of airplanes from the outset caused keen enthusiasm among the military departments of virtually all advanced countries

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MiG-21 Lancer

Developer: IAI, MiG Country: Romania, Israel, Our homeland First flight: 1995 Type: Multi-purpose fighter Difficulties operation MiGs and the highest accident rate (for the same reasons as in India) encountered in other countries. For example, in 1994, Romania has lost four MiG-21. In the following years the situation has worsened. There was no higher than the MiG-21 weave different modifications with significant residual resource. Specifically, this event and the desire to maintain the desired level of combat readiness of the Romanian aviation and led to modernize its fleet of combat vehicles. In 1993, the Israeli company «Erkraft Industry» (IAI)

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BAE Systems will upgrade Korean KF-16 fighters

Defence Procurement Agency (DAPA) of South Korea has concluded with the British company BAE Systems a contract for the modernization of KF-16 fighters, reported Agence France-Presse. The deal amounted to 1.3 trillion won (1.1 billion dollars). Contract with BAE Systems was signed following a tender in which also participated American company Lockheed Martin. Under the deal, the British company will update the software 134 KF-16 fighters, also change the onboard computer systems. All work is expected to finish by 2021. In addition, DAPA wants to choose a favorite of the tender for the supply of radar with active phased

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On the F-35C will be easier to land on an aircraft carrier

New software installed on the carrier-based fighter F-35C and called as an embedded direct lift control IDLC (Integrated Direct Lift Control) significantly increases the properties of engine management system and the ability to landing, said the test pilot of F-35 Marine Corps Lt. Col. Matthew Taylor (Matthew Taylor). «I would rather test 2-3 passes on the deck of an aircraft carrier, that which is to land,» he said. Maintaining a clear glide sunset on the deck of an aircraft carrier using IDLC system greatly simplifies this puzzle. «Landing on an aircraft carrier deck existing aircraft requests from the pilot

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Fifth generation fighter 50 years

10 years do not abate the controversy surrounding the notorious F-22 «Raptor». Oil poured into the fire occurrence F-35 «Lightning II» — «budget» version of the fighter generation: even if a large and expensive «Raptor» does not always meet the requirements, what to expect from the single-engine fighter with a limited range of avionics? In general, the «fifth generation» born in terrible agony — the demands made to such fighters are very vague, and from time to time in general not feasible in practice. One of the main criteria — reducing the visibility of the aircraft in the radar

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IRAN HOLDS overhaul and modernize its fleet of MiG-29 fighters

Website of the South American edition Examiner citing Iranian FARS news agency reports that the country’s air force carried out a fundamental overhaul and modernization of the fleet of MiG-29 as a reciprocal measure against potential «pre-emptive U.S. military strike.» «Five-step» complete renovation started in February 2011 with a 2-aircraft placed at RAF Tabriz (north-west of the country). It is reported that one of the refurbished machines already made a test flight on August 4 this year. As of January 2011 it was believed that Iran’s Air Force fighters have about 85-95 of the species. 4 MiG-29flew to Iran

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Since 2013, SU-35 will launch a series of

Mass production of multi-purpose fighter Su-35 for the Russian army is expected to start in 2013, while the creation of the PAK FA (promising aviation complex tactical aviation) — since 2015, said correspondents mon Russian Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Viktor Bondarev. « Su-35go since 2014, even, perhaps, in 2013, in the series. T-50 — after 2015 «- said Bondarev mon at the opening in Moscow, Russian Air Force Centennial. First flight of a fighter fifth generation — a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) was held on 29 January 2010. World aviation community aircraft was first shown

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650th flight of Su-35s

Martial functional characteristics fighter Su-35S passing flight tests in the Municipal flight test center of Russian Air Force to meet the requirements stated terms of reference to the press service of the company «Sukhoi».   «These technical accuracy and property surveillance and attack systems and modes of combat in the main implementation consistent with the stated technical specifications», — the press-service, received on Tuesday.   Currently, the Su-35S is undergoing flight tests with real combat use within municipal joint tests.   According to the report, during the time of the state tests made a significant number of flights to

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