FLIGHTGLOBAL pessimistic about the development of light FIGHTER IN RUSSIA

Our homeland must build a new lightweight fighter, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russian, address to the parliament on December 11, reports flightglobal.com. «In the program there has re-creation of the task light fighter, and it will be built. Lightweight fighters need better export than heavy, «Rogozin said on the question of the 1st State Duma deputies. Our homeland is always forms the mixed fleet of light and languid fighters, says Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the military-industrial complex. Currently, Our homeland produces versions of the Su-27 and developing stealth fighter T-50 substitution for earliest version of the

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PAK FA began testing a new radar

Designer and manufacturer of military aircraft, the company «Sukhoi», began the latest tests onboard radar system for fighter of the 5th generation PAK FA T-50, the company said. The new X-band radar with active phased array antenna was installed on the third benchmark experienced fighter T-50. During the tests, the radar showed a measured and effective performance comparable with the most advanced radar system in the world. Radar was developed by the Metropolitan Research Institute of Instrument parts with the introduction of nanotechnology. It has an extended range target detection, works immediately in the «air» and «air-land», allows multiple

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DESIGNED decked version of the aircraft GRIPEN NG

Swedish company Saab announced the completion of the first step of designing a military aircraft Sea Gripen, deck version fighter JAS 39 Gripen NG, reports Jane’s. According to project manager Tony Ogilvie Sea Gripen (Tony Ogilvy), a first step in the process was carried out assessment of all available Saab technology, the results of which became clear — «Saab has the opportunity to make a deck version» Gripen. Incarnation plan Sea Gripen will be conducted in English absolutely office Saab, which opened in September 2011. In the project are participating experts at the British company GKN Aerospace, owning experience

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PAK DA: disputes

Around promising aviation complex distant (strategic bombers) PAK DA conducted cruel disputes. Troublemaker became Deputy Prime Minister for Defence Industry, Dmitry Rogozin. Recall work on «Strategy» go with the 2008. Not so long ago, it became clear that he was ready avanproekt newest machines. The need to develop distant bombers even been mentioned in the February program article Vladimir Putin. But first announced in June Rogozin PAK well and generally the entire strategic aviation worthless. «Look at the level of development of air and missile defense: all these planes will not fly so far. Neither our thereto, nor them

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German pilots found that beat American F-22 proved not difficult

Frisky and secretive F-22 «definitely» is the best fighter air-to-air in the arsenal of favorite air force in the world. At least, wrote in 2009 of the Head of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz, U.S. Air Force. Three years later, a group of German pilots flying at its last fighter Typhoon, learned during the simulation of air combat, as you can shoot down F-22. Middle of June 150 German pilots and eight 2-motor Typhoons arrived at the Air Force base in Alaska on Eylson planned exercises, in which apart from Germany involving the United States, Japan, Australia and Poland. Eight

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Last Su-30MK2 delivered to Uganda

«Rosoboronexport» and the company «Sukhoi» put Air Uganda last two fighters included in the contract, «- said the military-diplomatic source. He reminded Uganda purchased from the Russian Federation 6 functional fighter Su-30MK2under a contract for the supply of arms, totaling $ 740 million Su-30MK2 — plane with wide combat abilities destroy ground and sea targets with precision tool: guided missiles and guided aerial bombs. Fighter resettled modern avionics, new communication and navigation systems, control of equipment and crew actions. REP equipment provides automatic target designation entered in the armament of the aircraft anti-radar missiles Kh-31P. Thanks to the installation

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Tested the latest Tu-22M3M

So far the only instance of a new modification of the far-bomber aircraft TU-22M3M showed reporters. Compared with the aircraft more earliest series Tu-22M3M after modernization received much wider fighting ability. Until 2020 to modernize 30 Tu-22M3 by installing their equipment on the latest base and fit under the extended range of weapons. They will receive the name of Tu-22M3M. Tu-22M3M features upgraded avionics and the ability to use precision instruments air-to-surface. During the flight was made practical daytime bombing Orientation-signal bombs DOSAB 100. Work to modernize the aircraft were performed JSC «Hephaestus IT», specializing in the development and

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F-35 Lightning II as experienced bomber

Maryland — August 8, F-35 Lightning II made a good step test dropping in-flight magazine 500 kilogram bomb GBU-32 (Joint Direct Attack) at an altitude of 4 km and a speed of 800 km / h has infected a given target The tests were conducted on the fighter F-35 (BF-3), a variant of non-long-off and vertical landing F-35.   «Although this test tools is only one event in the series of similar weave, we play this year, it is significant progress in testing applets F-35« said Navy Capt. Erik Etz, director of test programs from fighter F-35naval version of

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«Dry» continues to test SU-35C

Company «Sukhoi» continues municipal acceptance tests of advanced Su-35 fighters. The plane has already made more than 650 flights under test. In the Air Force goes further 6 Su-35until the end of the year. «Mechanical properties of the aircraft and its military capabilities, in general, the corresponding required specification,» the company said. Su-35, kitted out with 2 117S engines with thrust vector control, connects inside the highest excellent maneuverability and the ability to conduct interaction with multiple air targets at once, using both managed and unmanaged missiles and various weapons systems. Plane positioned as a fighter of «4 +

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Fighter pilot T-50 is not terrible oxygen starvation

Russian fighter fifth generation «Sukhoi T-50» equipped anlimitnoy oxygen system in the mask pilot. He needed to fly at altitudes above 4 km — without oxygen pilot begins to «sleep» and loses consciousness.   In all existing Russian combatant aircraft oxygen is supplied from cylinders, which are completed at some point.   In the T-50 from the air it produces a special system developed by Research and Production Enterprise «Zvezda».   This in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» write Correspondent Alexei Mikhailov and Victor Sokyrko.    «Oxygen is produced here from the air, the system takes it out of

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