Strategic supersonic bomber M-50 (USSR)

1950s. Re going on the air defense forces of global new favorites SAM and adoption of supersonic fighter aircraft capable of rising to a height of 20 km. So, once becoming obsolete Russian strategic bombers Tu-95, M-4/6. Urgently needed supersonic bombers, capable of overcoming the resistance of new SAM air defense and air force fighters opponent. Experimental Design Bureau V.Myasischeva running, according to the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1954, which provided for the creation of a releasable distant bombers, consisting of percussion and medium bomber with four turbojets, begins to develop a supersonic

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MiG-29M2 takes part in an air show in Serbia and Slovakia

Functional MiG-29M2 JSC «RAC» MiG » August 29, 2012 made a flight from Russia to the airbase Batajnica (Batajnica), Serbia. The aircraft, which piloted by test pilots RAC «MiG» Stanislav Gorbunov Alexander Pelikh, accept a role in the airshow, timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Air Force of Serbia. The aircraft also perform demo flights prazdnichkom aviation, which is held at the airbase Sliyach (Sliac), Slovakia in connection with public prazdnichkom Slovak Republic — Slovak National Uprising of days (August 29) and the days of the Constitution (September 1). General Director of JSC «RAC» MiG »

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According to a source in the defense industry and the official media messages, Our homeland plans to significantly increment financing for the development of technologies for testing «stealth». This writes December 16.   «In the current discussion talking about millions of rubles,» said IHS Jane’s defense industry source close to the program there.   Major challenges and research center, where it is planned to conduct these works will be carried out not in the Flight Test Center in Zhukovsky, and on another subject — Research Center defense (SIC VOP) in Tver, located 170 km from Moscow.   This object

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Russian Air Force and foreign press

Sometimes it is interesting to read that others are thinking about you. Current reform and rearmament of the Russian army attracts the attention of foreign countries and there are a huge number of circumstances. As a consequence, a large number of different views of the positive and negative nature. Let’s see what are thinking about upgrading our air force zabugornye, as they are now generally called colleagues. Views on this issue majestic huge amount of that, frankly, does not strike. Some criticize others praise, and others — blame militaristic manners, and a fourth held neutrality. In general, a similar

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Not bad aircraft does not exist. One that flies perfectly on the highest speed, bad for small, and vice versa. If the wings do bolshennymi, the machine shoots and sits without problems even without wing mechanization, but resistance in flight enormous. If they do malehankih, the landing will take place at speeds of «over 300 km / h», reclaims good longish airfield and runway. And efficiency is … Why, it would be shameful and cost call. In a word, the arrow flying further, faster and stone, while the aircraft should be further and faster. To overcome the age-old problem

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Upgrade U.S. Air Force F-15 and F-16

USAF plans to upgrade about 300 aircraft Lockheed Martin F-16C / D Fighting Falcon as an interim measure before the supply of the latest generation fighter Lockheed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Planes have to go through special program extension airworthiness (SLEP), and through the modernization program from the installed avionics (CAPES). The implication is that these updates will make better combat capabilities of F-16 fighters. Within applets CAPES will upgrade hardware and software. Aircraft F-16receive radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA), the newest system of electronic oppression Terma ALQ-213, an integrated system of satellite broadcasting (IBS), as the

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In the U.S., work has begun on refitting the F-16 target drones

In the U.S., work began on the conversion of fighter F-16 «Fighting Falcon» (Fighting Falcon) in unmanned target fourth generation QF-16. The program targets the creation of the new QF-16 based on the F-16 is connected with the need to move from air targets third generation applied USAF still in the era of the Vietnam War, to air targets 4th generation that can mimic modern air targets. First fighter officially converted into a full-scale aerial target QF-16 was the F-16C (serial number 85-1455). Target QF-16 is a supersonic reusable full-scale aerial target made on the basis of the modification of

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Electronic «brains» F-22 MADE IN Fort Wayne

Hardly ordinary viewer numerous airshow knows where it is the flight control system for the most advanced in the world of the F-22 Raptor, which allows him to do impressive tricks in the air. This system is the main in Fort Wayne (Indiana pcs), writes The News-Sentinel August 31.   According to the newspaper, on Thursday about 50 employees of the company BAE met with the demo team F-22, arrived with 2 fighters in Fort Wayne during a transit flight on the Air Force base in the State Guard Fergyusone. This visit was used to raise the morale of

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YAK-130 TROOPS FROM LATE In ENGINES. FIRST PARTY trainer aircraft will go on air LATER OF RUSSIA

Ivan Konovalov. Supply of 15 new trainer aircraft Yak-130 will end in November 2012. This «News» said the former Air Force Commander, head of the department of military aircraft programs of the United Aircraft Company (UAC), Vladimir Mikhailov. When all this first assume that the machine gets to the troops in August.   — Until September 15 enters the first batch of 6 cars until the end of November, all 15 will be delivered — promised Mikhailov «Izvestia».   According to him, the cause of delays in delivery of steel prepyadstviya with the engine identified on one of the

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Turkey plans to buy a second pair of fighter F-35 «Lightning 2»

Turkey plans to use the Fund to support the defense industry (Defense Industry Support Fund) for the acquisition of the second pair of fighter F-35 «Lightning 2».   As reported by «Hurriyet Daily News», the first pair of aircraft are expected in 2015, the second — in 2016.   As previously reported TSAMTO, Turkey officially announced its decision to purchase fighter fifth generation F-35 «Lightning 2» in January this year.   At a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on January 5th meeting, the Executive Committee of the defense industry in Turkey authorized the Secretariat of Defense

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