The first plane «SUPER toucan» to fight the rebels arrived in Indonesia

First four of 16 aircraft (TCB) EMB-314 (A-29) «Super Tucano» (Super Tucanos) to fight the rebels Brazilian production company «Embraer» (Embraer) arrived in Indonesia. Four turboprop aircraft with tail number of CT-3101 to CT-3104 arrived at the base Perdanakusuma Indonesian Air Force (Perdanakusuma) in East Jakarta month after their official transfer of the Indonesian side of the factory «Embraer» Sao Paulo (Brazil). This was stated by the weekly «Jane’s Defence Weekly.» Aircraft ferry flights conducted in 12 states. In Indonesia, the aircraft «Super Tucano» will be relocated for operational airbase Abdulrahman Saleh (Abdulrahman Saleh) in Malang (East Java state).

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FUTURE F-35 put new demands for «Typhoon»

Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets took to the skies of Libya (2011), the first baptism in the near future as part of the U.S. Air Force exercise Red Flag made joint flights with fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which the RAF posodeystvuyut a reassessment of the future potential » typhoons, «reports July 21.   During the Libyan campaign fighters took off more than 200 controlled bombs Raytheon Enhanced Paveway II caliber 454 kg (1,000 lb) laser guided, performing missions together with fighter-bombers Panavia Tornado GR4. On the teachings of Red Flag, held in February-March 2013, «Typhoon» and did

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Secret U.S. X-planes

At the time of their walking just a rumor, and some commoners under the influence of television and the press perceive their UFO. Partially it was: unidentified uninitiated, they were on the verge of modern technologies and conceptual thoughts. There are several planes, marked by the emblem «X», which became an integral part of American aviation history, and then the world. First standards appeared in the 1940s, and to develop machines was to enable man to fly higher, further and faster. Including military purposes. «Pioneer» was Bell X-1, designed to overcome the sound barrier. Since that time, the whole

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Amphibious aircraft Be-200ES installed two redundant with 10-ka global high scores in its class to «Gidroaviasalon 2012,» said the director of management flight airshow Kim Nikitenko.   «We performed two by plane Be-200ES belonging Beriev. Aircraft Company, and established 26 global high scores. 13 — in the first flight and 13 — second «- said at the closing of the exhibition K.Nikitenko» Gidroaviasalon-2012 «on Sunday.   According to him, the records are fixed international commissioners and will be approved within three months.   K.Nikitenko told that seaplane set records climb and level flight at the highest altitude, takeoff and

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Chinese C-30MKK in desert camouflage

September 6 exercises aviation division Guangzhou Military Area seen Su-30MKK in desert camouflage. Militarily, the web appeared various hypotheses such colors Chinese Su-30MKK: Squadron aircraft belong type «aggressors», China is preparing for military action in the Middle East countries, etc. Another version (transcript characters) said that such camouflage adopted for aircraft operations from the seaside when used profile fly at low altitude for the application of stealth attacks on enemy ships.

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China has established an aircraft capable CALL «nervous breakdown enemy»?

What’s new prototype in the arsenal of Chinese sverhtehnologichny killing machines?. Perhaps this mental war plane capable of demoralizing the enemy directly to a nervous breakdown, which on July 17 reported Chinese English edition of Global Times, writes with a certain irony blogger Adam Minter (Adam Minter, the website provider monetary disk imaging Bloomberg).   Plane, known as Gaoxin VII (can be developed on the basis of the new basic patrol aircraft Y-8GX6/Gaoxin VI/Y-8Q, Curb modern electronic equipment and made based on a licensed copy of Russian transport aircraft An-12 — approx. ‘ VP «) may become diverted by the

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Su-30 will ensure compliance with «legitimate demands» BEIJING

China sent fighters to comply with foreign countries has recently announced the «new air defense identification zone» over the East China Sea, reports November 28. PLA Air Force completed the first flight of fighter aircraft, including the Su-30 and J-11, said a spokesman for the Air Force Colonel Tszinke Shen (Shen Jinke). In this area also flew AWACS aircraft KJ-2000 (Was created on the basis of IL-76 — approx. «VP»). Designed in Russia Su-30 is a two highly maneuverable combat aircraft capable also affect land and sea targets. Single fighter J-11 Chinese-made can also make strikes on ground targets.

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Modernized MiG-31 was accused of myopia

Russian radar main interceptor sees three times worse than the U.S. radar Modernization of 10 interceptor MiG-31, which must end in October 2012, threatens to turn into a scandal. As told to «News» in the military-industrial complex, aircraft equipped with airborne radar systems (radar) «Barrier-AM» with a digital signal microprocessor «Baguette-55.» According to the Research Institute of Instrument the Tikhomirov, who is upgrading, radar range coverage will increase by 30%. — This gives an allowance of hundreds km. When the base complex was created, not the Americans flew closer to our 200 km, and now even more so, —

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Futurology FLIGHT

  Breakthrough technology and impressive — supersonic business jets, ships and unmanned tiltrotor — ready to start to develop the market tomorrow. Market from the same aircraft seem not require more speed and vertical takeoff and first economy, ecology and the greatest safety. Competitions with sound With the first flight of the forefather of all jetliners de Havilland Comet in the industry almost everything has changed, but the characteristics of speed almost worsened. «Concord» retired, and the need to rapidly fly left «- they say company representatives Aerion, the only project which developed a supersonic business jet, which remained afloat

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The American company Northrop Grumman plans to export the new radar with active electronically scanned array (AESA) made on the basis of APG-81 radar for the F-35 fighter Ligthning II. It is reported Fligthglobal. According to the newspaper, the new radar has already successfully tested on the multipurpose jet BAC 111. Representative of Northrop Grumman, in turn, explained that the export version of the radar at a similar efficiency will be significantly cheaper than APG-81. In all likelihood, the new radar will intrigue the country, which are armed fighters F-15 Eagle, F/A-18 Hornet and F-16 Fighting Falcon. Namely, refitted


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