MiG-29 AESA radar with GET

Russian company «Fazotron-NIIP» given the task to create a mock radar with active phased array antenna for the MiG-29, reports Jane’s. Brand new radar will be created based on the radar «Zhuk-A», developed for a promising fighter MiG-35. In developing a new radar for the MiG-29 Russian Air Force interested and another country, the title of which has not been disclosed.   Radar for the MiG-29, according to the source agency, will be 30 percent larger than the desktop layout «Bug-A» is installed on the MiG-35, who participated in the Indian tender MMRCA. An enhanced version of the radar

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At the end of today, the Defense Ministry will start upgrading distant bombers Tu-22M («Bekfayr» systematize NATO). This decision was taken after the loss of the aircraft of this type in the 2008 war in the Caucasus, and the War Department contracted with «Hephaestus-IT» to carry out works. Distant bombers will be equipped with new onboard computer, navigation and sighting systems. — Awareness of the need to modernize the Tu-22m come, first-1990s. «Bekfayr» was created first as a bomber. But at the moment the rocket attacks are not very topical: in Afghanistan and Chechnya, in both wars, the plane

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PILOTS TO FITNESS «Super Hornet» and F-5 VELI «FIGHT» at a distance 8 THOUSAND KM

  Last month, the American company Boeing and the Brazilian branch AEL Sistemas SA Israeli company Elbit Systems signed an agreement to integrate simulators fighter F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (pictured above) and F-5 (photo across the bottom), respectively, to conduct joint air combat simulation, with the trainers had to be at a distance of more than eight thousand km apart.   F/A-18E/F Super Hornet simulator was in St. Louis (Missouri, USA), and F-5 simulator in Porto Alegre (Brazil). During the demonstration, which lasted about 25 minutes, both «aircraft» were «in the airspace of Brazil», and simulated by the use of guns

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Chinese tradition treats Pentagon chief «fighter in Chinese»

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta (Leon Panetta) Beijing met new photo stealth fighter, which is referred to as J-31. The occurrence of this fighter shows what frisky pace progresses China.   «In the past decade has seen great progress. That China will be able to create two types of stealth fighters at 2-factories and competitiveness developers clearly demonstrate how far China has moved into this area, «says the State Institute of Defence Philip S. Saunders (Phillip C. Saunders), which just published a book about the latest Chinese Air Force.   In January 2011, during a visit to Beijing

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Multipurpose fighter Su-30cm made its first flight

  September 21 at the airfield of the Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC «Company» Irkut » (Comes in the «United Aircraft Company») made the first flight of Su-30cm, designed JSC «Sukhoi» and created for the Defence Ministry. Plane flown by test pilots of «Sukhoi»: — Crew commander — Sergey Kostin, test pilot 1st class; — navigator — Malovechko Pavel, honored navigator RF test. The flight lasted 2 hours passed without comment. Multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm is forthcoming development of the family of combat aircraft such as the Su-30MK. Specialists of JSC «Sukhoi» adapted to the requirements of Russian fighter

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SWEDISH FIGHTERS will join the NATO Response Force

Last week, the Swedish government decided in 2014 to join a squadron of Gripen and mine-sweeping ship of the NATO Response Force (NATO Response Force — NRF), reports The Avionist December 2. Another eight «Gripenov» will be joined in 2014. The NATO Response Force consists of 25 thousand soldiers and, if necessary, may act without the help of others as a separate military formation. In addition, the Swedish fighter with the Norwegian and Finnish will participate in joint exercises Iceland Fighter Meet 2014 (IFM14, 3-21 February 2014). Increased cooperation between Sweden and NATO one way or another connected with the

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In a press release, «Lockheed Martin» on July 25 reported that the plant in Fort Worth (Texas) started the final assembly of the 100th and the first F-35 aircraft that was created for the air base in the town Grendeyl flap, pcs . Arizona.   Ordinary plane takeoff and landing (CTOL), recognized as the AF-41, scheduled to arrive at an air base in the coming year. During the final assembly will be completed aircraft design, equipped with electronic and hydraulic systems. In addition, these systems will be tested in the process of testing the fuel system and the engine is

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Stealth fighter U.S. Air Force can get new weapons

As you know, the South American authorities announced that they were going to cut back on military budget. But, despite this, the U.S. Air Force plans as previously listed equipment stealth fighter F-22 and F-35 a new generation of tools. It is reported that these particular aircraft kitted new tool will have become the main power of the U.S. Army. The newest weapon of class «air-surface» will have special abilities. For example, it would be able to fight well fortified objects at great depths. One of the main ways of re-fighting the American aircraft — it is long-range cruise

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Existing fleet of USAF bomber fails to cope with new challenges, when the background of aging American bombers countries such as China improve its air defense system, reports defense-update.com July 27 (article provides with some cuts — approx. «VP»). Failure to do so could ultimately lead to severe military troubles, writes in his own report, available research center Lexington Group and addressed to the Pentagon, a military analyst Lauren B. Thompson (Lauren B. Thompson).   Bombers and do play an important role in actual military conflicts from the Balkans to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Libya. Fleet of heavy bombers far


Enemies will not be able to attack the Russian air

President Vladimir Putin claimed to strengthen the work on the creation of promising aircomplexes distant and tactical aviation, to continue the development of drones Air Force RF should get almost 1.6 thousand units of the latest technology. About it now, November 28, the head of the country Vladimir Putin, opening a meeting on the development of the Air Force. This means that the fraction of new aircraft in the armed forces should be increased to 70 percent. Vladimir Putin also said that as part of defense contracts in the current year the troops were delivered 86 aircraft and more than

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