Closer look at the J-15 (photos)

f Estimates about the 1st of Chinese bloggers portal, programm creation and production deck fighters J-15 can be developed faster than expected.   Until May 2011, there were up to 4-5 vehicles of this type (it was 17 months reversed). Today number of these aircraft can be significantly larger, taking into account the fact that China usually builds 24 cars per year.

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Chinese citizen Ming Xuan Zhang (Ming Suan Zhang), 40 years old, was indicted by a federal tribunal East New York neighborhood in Brooklyn in an attempt to smuggle illegal from the U.S. to China sverhtehnologichny carbon fiber, which could potentially be used in the production of the stealth fighter, reports The Epoch Times September 28. Tribunal accused Zhang in «conscious, deliberate and premeditated attempt to» smuggle products whose export is prohibited U.S. Department of Commerce.   Zhang was arrested as a result of a special operation U.S. law enforcement officials, who provided him with the Taiwanese carbon fiber production.

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DISCONTINUED F-22, it was a catastrophic mistake — ex-general USAF

Past Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force Michael Moseley (Michael Moseley, pictured), who left his post due to disagreements with the management of the Pentagon in 2009, as before said, that the termination of the serial production of fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor was a tragic mistake that has caused severe damage Security U.S. and its allies, reports December 5. «This decision was the wrong strategic decision over the past 20-25 years,» said the ex-general’s own during the first post-retirement public speech in Washington (DC). In 2008, the Ministry of Defence announced the decision to finish the creation

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Academician of Engineering Academy of China Wang Xiaomei said in an interview, «People’s Daily» that the subsequent generation of Chinese aircraft distant radar detection could eclipse all of its own foreign competitors, including American. What are the prospects of Chinese development in this area? Certainly, China reached the great success in developing their own aircraft distant radar detection. First attempt to make a similar aircraft based on outdated Russian bombers Tu-4 was undertaken in the late 1960s, but was unsuccessful. But in the 2000s, China has been able to make just three types of serial AWACS — KJ-200, KJ-2000 and

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F-35B made the trip with missiles AIM-9X ON EXTERNAL UNITS

September 19 fighter F-35B (test pilot Lt. Kristofert Tabert (Christopher Tabert) performed by Atlantic flight with close combat missiles AIM-9X Sidewinder, reports ADNews September 28.   The purpose of the tests was to investigate the effects of stress on the flying characteristics of the aircraft. Missiles were hung on the outer underwing nodes fighter.   F-35B is a variant of the joint strike fighter F-35 and is designed to equip aircraft U.S. Marine Corps, Navy and England and Italy. Plane capable of doing short takeoff and vertical landing, drink deck amphibious ships, aircraft carriers also filled with the takeoff

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BRAZIL moved TENDER F-X2 2013

The Brazilian Government has decided to move on in 2013 summarizing F-X2 tender for the supply of 36 new fighters, reports Defense News. Funds for the purchase of combat aircraft are not included in the military budget for the current year. Currently, the authorities have no winner of the tender. According to the source agency, the government wants to await the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections in November 2012, and after that decision will be made on the purchase order or other aircraft. In the Brazilian tender F-X2, Assessment administered in the past couple of years in the

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FIRST FOUR tiltrotor MV-22 OSPREY arrived at the base of Futenma

Complete transfer of 6 out of 12 konvertoplanov MV-22 Osprey at the location — Futenma base in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, Kyodo said in Mon In late July, 12 cargo MV-22 Osprey arrived at the U.S. military base Iwakuni. Their implementation has been hampered by resistance to the Japanese side and protests of the population concerned konvertoplanov degree of safety. Exceptionally this year tiltrotor suffered two crash, which eventually killed and injured nine people. Okinawa Osprey MV-22 should be located on the Futenma base, which is located in a densely populated area of ​​the town of Ginowan and is adjacent

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Taiwan F-16 will be equipped with AESA Radar

October 1 company Lockheed Martin said that she received a contract at the beginning of the modernization of 145 fighter F-16A / B Block 20 Air Force Taiwan. Cost of works is estimated at 1.85 billion U.S. dollars, provides equipment fighters airborne radar with active phased array, integrated global positioning system, improved avionics and other aircraft avionics.   Currently, the company has a package to modernize more than 1,000 fighters of this type for the U.S. Air Force and other countries in the world. Not so long ago, Lockheed Martin was chosen prime integrator updates the park F-16 U.S.

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Company «Irkut» wants to put in November Russian military first two Su-30cm under the previously signed contract for 30 cars, said the CEO of the Irkutsk aviation plant (branch «Irkut») Alexander Veprev. «November we should finish aircraft deliveries for the Ministry of Defense (first two aircraft — approx. Gaze). Machine ready, stand, «- said Veprev reporters on Tuesday,» Interfax «. Veprev also noted that aircraft must undergo flight tests in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Defense. As reported by the newspaper’s gaze, September 21, it became clear that the first multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm, designed for delivery

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China is developing a carrier-based fighter SPECIAL VERSIONS, J-15

China began mass production shipborne fighter J-15 and plans to set up its base special purpose aircraft, reports now It is reported that in 2014, J-15 fighters for the first time perform the practical application of the attachment arms. Double version of the aircraft made the first flight of November 3, 2012. Also scheduled to make two more variants — EW plane and tanker aircraft. Broadcaster «Shenchzhen TV» reported that «the next 3-5 months» will be performed first flight tanker aircraft based on the J-15. It is noted that the establishment of such aircraft is justified because the criteria

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