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Sweden called fault conditions from developing fighter Gripen NG

Swedish Ministry of Defence refuses to finance the development and procurement of promising fighter JAS 39 Gripen E / F NG, if the purchase of such aircraft refuses Switzerland, reports Defense News. Currently, Switzerland is considering buying 22 fighter Gripen NG, won the tender for the Air Force. Sweden previously hoped to share with one of the prospective buyers the cost of establishing a new aircraft. At the end of August 2012 the Swiss government approved the purchase of 22 Swedish fighter Gripen NG, but the deal is still in question. Namely, against the purchase of aircraft previously acted

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Air India to get rid of the MiG-27 in 2017

Air India concerned «recurring problems» in a power plant fighter-bombers MiG-27 Russian production, and by 2017 they absolutely plan to withdraw from the Air Force. Currently, there are approximately 80 aircraft of this type (four squadrons — two in Dzhohpure (Rajasthan) and Kalaykunde (West Bengal).   Within 2 years the study was conducted motor aircraft, it was found that the R-29 turbojet has «some flaws that are very hard to fix.»   Not so long ago the factory Hindustan Aeronautics Limited was upgraded MiG-27 squadrons airbase Dzhohpur to prolong their current cycle to the designated time, said a spokesman

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Defense procurement agency (DGA) has received from the French company Dassault first fighter Rafale C137, kitted radar Thales RBE2 with active phased array (AESA). This was reported in the press release Thales (pdf). DGA previously planned to get the first plane AFAR summer 2012.   According to Thales, the new radar has inflated radius act and is able to detect even subtle purpose. MTBR radar increased to 10 years. In addition, RBE2 has overestimated resistance to electronic warfare (EW) of the enemy.   Fighter Rafale C137 AFAR reportedly stand by the Air Force and the French Navy. Terms of


PILOTS western military districts introduce new Su-34 bombers

In Lipetsk aviation center of pilots and navigators 2nd Squadron created in Russia in the Su-34 Voronezh air base in the Western Military Area started planned relearn the newest airplanes.   As the press service said WEST, pilots who previously flew bombers Su-24M, will examine the device, control system, the principles of operation of the new multi-bomberSu-34and airborne weapons used on this plane.   Practical mastery of new technology will be held for Voronezh, during a routine aerodrome Baltimore.   Engineering staff that will serve aircraft 2nd Squadron, one hundred percent passed retraining for new aircraft, and is ready

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  Air Force planes distant Russian Tu-22M3 lured to destroy naval targets. As told to «News» source in the Main Command of the Russian Navy, distant bombers Tu-22M3 missile successfully hit the target during training exercises in the Northern Fleet. Now they return to fulfill one of the main problems for combat aircraft of this type — it is liquidation air enemy ships, aircraft carriers first.   — Previously, these planes were part of Naval Aviation Navy. But in 2011 they were transferred to the Air Force. Now the «land» Marine pilots began doing puzzles already in a new capacity,

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Frontline fighter MiG-29 — 35 years in the sky

MiG-29 (NATO: Fulcrum — pivot point) — Russian, Russian multi-role fighter is now referring to the 4th generation, was created in the Mikoyan design bureau. Own first flight made October 6, 1977. In 1971 the Mikoyan design bureau was a draft of a light fighter, which was designated MiG-29D. The main objective of which was assigned to the new aircraft was to provide strategic defense of fundamental objects of small territories and groups of troops. In the same 1971 KB MiG started detailed drafting of the new fighter. When developing a new fighter designers faced a number of challenges,

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New fighter for the Russian Air Force

Su-30cm pilots receive less than a year after ordering design Company «Irkut» and Sukhoi began flight tests of functional fighter Su-30cm created for delivery of the Defence Ministry. September 21, 2012 at the airport of Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC «Corporation» Irkut «- took the first flight of the aircraft of this type. After a day or four tests to join the second Su-30cm. In both cases, the first flights were quite lengthy — about 2-hours and passed without comment. As the president of the company in August «Irkut» Oleg Demchenko, customer deliveries of aircraft will begin

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On our portal Chinese military shows the delivery of new and upgraded aircraft for military aircraft of the Russian Federation in 2013. It is reported that this year, the Air Force and Navy aircraft of the Russian Federation received 67 new and 18 upgraded aircraft, more than 100 helicopters. New aircraft 14 Sukhoi Su-34 (the latter two under the Treaty of 2008 — 32 and 12 aircraft under contract from 2012 — 92 aircraft) 12 multi-purpose fighter Su-35S (Treaty of 2009) 14 double multipurpose Su-30cm (agreement of 2012 by 60 aircraft) 4 double multi-purpose fighter Su-30M2 (maybe Treaty of

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DEFENSE FOR THE THIRD TIME modernized Su-25. Assault «Grach» BECAME Weatherproof

Modernized Su-25 passes last flight tests. A source in the Main Command of the Air Force said, «Izvestia», that he would go into mass production in December of the year today, but then it will assign a new index. In the modernization of the famous «Grach» into account the experience of the war in the Caucasus in 2008.   — There were Su-25SM war preceding modernization, lost three cars. Revealed the vulnerability of stormtroopers, including because there is no complex electronic warfare, able to withstand modern air defense and fighter jets. In addition, the Su-25, so far used only

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Inexhaustible potential MIG-31-33

Creating a MiG-31 — an entire era in aviation late twentieth — early 20th century, first, on the basis of which is designed, tested and adopted for aviation complex intercept the MiG-31-33. Complex, hitherto not excelled in martial abilities. The development of an aerospace attack potential adversary since the early 60’s to the late 70-ies of the last century focussed on the development of the northern areas of aerospace. It was necessary to build a system of defense of the country with a wide range and large «deep north». Important role is assigned a fighter-interceptor. And signed by the

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