FIGHTER TYPHOON T3 made its first flight

New fighter Typhoon Tranche 3 (Tranche 3, T3) December 9, 2013 performed the first flight from the airfield British company BAE Systems at Wharton in Lancashire. As reported by Jane «s, the plane was airborne number» 116 «. Other details about the first flight of the fighter is not specified. Visible configurations compared with Typhoon T1 and T2 new combat aircraft is not received. According to the company BAE Systems, all the innovations implemented in fighter Tranche 3, nestled in the housing. Is it about a fiber optic bus control arms, upgraded piping system wiring conformal fuel tanks, fuel system

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Lockheed Martin company can get a contract for the modernization of 93 promising fighters F-35 Lightning II. As reported by Flightglobal, aircraft manufactured or ordered on the initial steps applets Joint Strike Fighter, is planned to improve versions of Block 2B, 3i and 3F.   Probable price contract is not specified. Coupled with the fact the Lexington Institute analyst (Lexington Institute) Dan Goor (Dan Goure), which refers to the publication, said that the cost of upgrading will be significant.   In order to avoid unnecessary costs on the following upgrades to the aircraft the U.S. Defense Department, namely, decided


FIRST SERIAL RAFALE GOT RBE2 radar with active phased array

With a lag of the U.S. for more than 10 years, the first European fighter received radar with active phased array antenna. October 2, Dassault handed defense procurement Agency (DGA) French first production aircraft Rafale (serial number S137), kitted out with radar RBE2 active phased.   The aircraft will be used in the test center CEAM French Air Force in Mont-de-Marsan for operational evaluation of new radars. Step flight tests programmke radar development was completed.   Serial deliveries to combat units will begin no earlier than mid-2013. As reported by Dassault, will be delivered before five or six aircraft

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Patrolling high above the battlefield, the plane Sentinel R Mk.1 is «eyes» of the commanders of the British Army ground units, providing them with data on the location of a clear enemy. In December 1999 the company «Raytheon» England received from a contract for the supply of «aerial reconnaissance system with blows and management», Airborne Stand-Off Radar (ASTOR), to solve puzzles complex close to the South American E-8 I-STARS. First flight Sentinel R Mk.1 completed May 26, 2004, and the British Air Force received its first car in June 2007. Baptism of fire this aviation complex was in 2008


F-35 lose «contract of the century» in South Korea

The ultra-modern South American fighter fifth generation F-35 can already quite suddenly the first «fly» from the list of contenders to win the tender for the supply of defense 60 combat aircraft for the Air Force in South Korea. The reason is ordinary: F-35 is not suitable for Koreans prices and lower «price tag» Americans can not because the car is still in the development stage, and certainly will not be «a cheap solution.» Recall that in real time defense procurement programs Administration (APOZ) Republic of Korea holds tender for the second step of fleet renewal combat aircraft for the

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Nanoscale films in the defense industry

Historically, the prevailing trend of development of industrial and economic potential of the country directly depends on the development of military-industrial complex at all times inspired the country to focus on means of defense and attack New ideas in technology, materials science, in development begin their lives, usually attached to a specific task in the production of military equipment, and only then run across to the sphere of civilian production. Balance between these components (remedies and means of attack) is determined in the ongoing life of the municipal military doctrines and certain foreign environment. With all this thing is

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ENGINE FOR PAK FA developed specialized DIVISION

In Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) is the formation of Division «engines for combat aircraft» (DAB).   «Already signed orders on product programm divisions: family of engines AL-31, AL-55I engine, promising product 117 for promising aviation complex tactical aviation. Being organized by the Centers technological competence duralumin and titanium casting on compressor and turbine blades, combustion chambers, «- said in a statement of Corporate Communications of» UMPO. «   The report recalls that the decision of the United Engine Company (APC), which comes in a number of Russian companies aerospace industry, the industry formed divisions, thematically uniting developers and

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Russian-Indian project to create a fighter FGFA is worth $ 12 billion

The total price of the joint Russian-Indian fighter development fifth generation FGFA is 12 billion dollars, said to RIA Novosti on Tuesday the official dealer of the Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument (TSAMTO). Indian agency IANS earlier said that India allocates six billion dollars on the joint development of Russian military aircraft with fifth generation FGFA. The project foresees the creation of 144 multi-purpose fighter aircraft Perspective Multi-role Fighter (PMF), the development of which is conducted together Russia and India. The aircraft will be assembled in India, said the Indian Air Force Commander Air Marshal Norman Anil

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Strategic bombers to Start FOUR cruise missiles

Distant aviation crews Friday I launched cruise missiles with 4 strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95, told reporters on Friday, the press service of the control disk imaging and the Defense Ministry.   «The crews of strategic bombers, flying from the airfield Engels performed several tasks along the route: bezorientirnoy worked flight over terrain and spent four launches of cruise missiles at ground Pemba (Komi Republic),» — said the representative of the Defense Ministry.   He added that were involved in the Tu-160, Tu-95 air base Engels (Saratov region).   Distant aviation crews were in the air for about 15

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NOW create a variant J-15 EW important developments DECK J-31 — Chinese analysts

While military observers believe that the new fighter J-31 J-deck will change 15 (Su-27K base), deputy head engineer of AVIC Aircraft Cong San (Sun Cong) said that, most likely, J-15 for the next 10 years will be the only type of deck combat aircraft aviation PLA Navy, reports December 13. Military analyst Lee Syaotszyan (Li Xiaojian, Beijing) believes that at this point for China is to develop a more principled aircraft carrier-based electronic warfare, and not the creation of carrier-based fighter of the last generation. J-15 is a pretty good platform for the creation of electronic warfare aircraft, which

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