Despite the fact that many systemic problems continue to exert pressure on the development of China’s military aviation industry, this branch of the defense industry continues to modernize rapidly, writes researcher at the Institute of Defence and Strategic research Michael Rask (Michael Raska, Nanyang Technological Institute) October 18, on pages   Over the past 10 years China’s military aviation industry has systematically reduced the technological gap with the advanced countries of the world. Occurrence of 2-latest-generation fighter — J-20 and J-21 — along with the modernization of the J-10 (pictured) and the J-11 indicates the country’s ability to


IRAQ BOUGHT second installment of F-16 fighters

Iraqi Defense Ministry signed a contract for the supply of the second batch of 18 U.S. F-16 fighter Fighting Falcon. On this, as reported by Aviation Week, Defense Minister Saadoun Duleymi Iraq. As expected, the supply of aircraft under this agreement will end in 2018. According Duleymi, technical and financial indicators new contract does not differ from the agreement for the supply of 18 F-16 fighters signed with the U.S. in September 2011. Price of the first contract for the supply of F-16s to Iraq was three billion dollars. According to the United States, the total price of 36

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The program of a joint strike fighter F-35 Lightning II was launched in 1997, writes ASDNews October 17. New combat aircraft should change the fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon and A-10 attack aircraft Thunderbolt II Air Force aircraft vertical takeoff and landing AV-8B Harrier and Marine Corps carrier-based fighter F/A-18 Hornet U.S. Navy.   «F-35 fighter is the fifth generation, but it means more than just stealth aircraft. It goes beyond stealth because connects voedinyzhdy within itself all the modern computer and digital technologies that control his flight and provide the highest survivability and combat effectiveness, «says Col. USMC Tomassettti


News program to create the MiG-35

According to news agency «Interfax-AVN», JSC «Russian Aircraft Corporation» MiG » expects in the near term to sign a government contract for the supply of Russian Air Force Party functional MiG-35. This was said to «Interfax-AVN» CEO Sergei Korotkov. «At the moment the correction defense procurement and state armaments program. , We hope that as a result of this adjustment will sign a contract for the supply of MiG-35 Russian Air Force «- said S.Korotkov. With all this, he noted that for RAC «MiG» This agreement is very important, as it allows one hand to provide the Air Force with

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JAPAN will start developing a new fighter for five years

Ministry of Defence Land of the Rising Sun wants in the coming five years to initiate a project to develop a new fighter, who will receive the index F-3, reports Aviation Week. Mass production of the aircraft is scheduled to begin in 2027. It is understood that according to his ability, he will outshine fighters fifth generation F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II. The focus of the project will be made to develop stealth technology and a strong powerplant.   Currently, the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is developing a technology demonstrator fighter fifth generation ATD-X Shinshin, first flight

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Regular upgrading B-2

U.S. Air Force at the end of September concluded the 108 millionth contract with Northrop Grumman on renewal of the stealth B-2 bombers

Now B-2 to get new software refreshed electronics and the latest innovations in communications that computing power will allow increment bomber in actual combat criteria

While Northrop is the prime contractor for Installation components for upgrading individual parts have been designed with number of partners. The update will include a processing unit coming disk imaging, developed by Lockheed Martin and Honeywell (development defense of cosmic and electrical systems). To support the new

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EXERCISE MiG-29 with firing started in southern Russia

October 23. About 10 MiG-29 fighters of the Southern Military Area (JUVO) began live-fire exercises on Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region, told reporters Tuesday the head of the press service JUVO Colonel Igor Gorbul.   «In the Astrakhan region interspecific» Ashuluk » aviagroup JUVO comprising about 10 multirole fighter MiG-29 aircraft embarked tactical exercise with live firing, which is a part of the final inspection for the 2012 academic year «, — he said. According Gorbulya, the event will accept the role of around 300 pilots onboard professionals and professionals providing ground services operations. The training will last

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«SCORPIO» will be used in areas with low levels of threats

December 12th at McConnell Air Force Base (Wichita, pcs. Kansas) performed the first flight of the twin-engine layout light combat aircraft development Scorpion group Textron Airland, reports Flight, which took place 24 months after the least design and development, lasted 1 hour 25 minutes, during which the machine showed «impressive stability and control.» According to the plan of developers, «Scorpion» should change expensive combat aircraft in areas with low threats. The machine is made of one hundred percent of composite materials and is a «cost-effective solution» for implementation in local conflicts, Border Patrol and conducting maritime surveillance, counter-narcotics and

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CEO «MiG» confirmed on Thursday that the Russian Armed Forces will receive new multirole fighter MiG-35 in 2014.   «In the state defense order spelled string that the MiG-35 will be delivered to combat units of the Armed Forces, from 2014 onwards. We must conclude an agreement with the Ministry of Defence and start its implementation «- said Korotkov visiting session on the results of the Duma Defense Committee, which was held in suburban Lukhovitsy.   «The car is, it is ready, rather clever and competent, modern. Only need to make a decision (on contract), «- said in turn,


Japan swung to create a sixth-generation fighter

Japan in the coming five years will begin to develop a new fighter that some South American experts have attributed to the sixth generation combat aircraft. The new aircraft will receive massive engines, the mental side of the system and in their abilities outshine existing fighters fifth generation. However, chances are that the aircraft will be made of Japanese design standard, small. In the future, this project could merge with South American and Japan, as usual, will buy fighter jets, made in the USA. New Generation Hopefully will get a Japanese fighter F-3 index. Development work on this project

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