Thousand combat aircraft by 2020

Russian Air Force plans to significantly upgrade fleet An important problem of the Russian Air Force by 2008 is a significant technological backwardness caused by fifteen-year «procurement holidays». Namely, for a long time actually was purchased brand new equipment. The planes and helicopters dropped sharply in the first years after the collapse of the USSR and in fact came to naught in 1994, 1995, and in 1990-2000-m individual purchases were made aircrafts. The main part of the aircraft and air defense systems by 2008 had (and has before) great age. During the time that has elapsed since the termination

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Chinese development of the MiG-19 still flying

Forum Chinese portal posted new photos fighter-bomber Q-5/A-5 (Qiang-5, NATO code Fantan). Aircraft modernization is the deepest fighter J-6 (Chinese licensed copy of the supersonic MiG-19).   As of this year, the PLA Air Force are armed with 120 fighter-bombers of this type in the Naval Air operated 40 aircraft. The aircraft also includes the Air Force of the DPRK (40), Bangladesh (12), Myanmar (48) and Sudan (15). Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft brought the A-5C out of service in 2011.  

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Holding «Aviation» improved T-50

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The company Lockheed Martin said that programm fighter fifth generation F-35 shows the «great progress», Aviation Week reported on September 25.   It is reported that in the current time at different steps of production at plants in Fort Worth (Texas) and Marietta (Georgia) are 94 aircraft, being the final stage of construction of an assembly plant of Alenia (a subsidiary of Finmeccanica SpA) in Italy. Aircraft performed a total difficulties about 1000 test flights, which is 25% ahead of schedule in September.   «This program makes a huge success, and it’s really true,» said Chief Operating Officer Chris

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50 years ago by the last B-52 STRATOFORTRESS

50 years ago, October 26, 1962, the company «Boeing» passed last USAF bomber B-52 Stratofortress. 61-040 H bomber modification was added to Minot AFB (Piece North Dakota), where he remains in a real service.   From 1952 to 1962, «Boeing» has built 744 B-52 in 8 versions. In the current time in the Air Force including 76 B-52H — two test machines at Edwards AFB (Calif.) and 74 drill machine, based in Minot and Barksdale (Louisiana). All aircraft modifications H were built in Wichita.   Boeing B-52 was the basis of the strategic bomber force for almost 60 years.

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Indian AWACS aircraft experienced joint development BAe / HAL — HS.748 AEW (1980 and 1990)

This plane distant early warning and control has several names, in which encrypted name manufacturers: HS.748 AEW — British BAe or Indian HAL. In addition, the aircraft took part in the development of the Israeli company «Elbit», which put its radar type Phalcon AEW. Work on a new AWACS aircraft for its own Sun begins in 1985, one of the branches of the Indian HAL. Base for new aircraft purchased Hawker Siddeley HS 748, built by the British license by HAL (20 aircraft), it was twin-engined passenger aircraft. It was intended for testing the installation and operation of the

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Layout of the new Chinese J-31 fighter, developed by AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation flight October 31, 2012 completed its own first flight. The flight lasted only about 10 minutes and ended with the best landing.   J-31 (J-21/F-60) — second Chinese stealth fighter. It was developed in record time — 19 months and, unlike the J-20, is positioned as a model. J-31 is smaller and probably cheaper to J-20 and can become very popular in the arms market.   Chinese aircraft designers did not hesitate to borrow painstakingly-developed South American designs, proven fighters fifth generation F-22 and F-35. Experts

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PAK FA will give the Air Force at the end of the year

Promising aviation complex tactical aircraft will arrive on the tests in the Air Force in the fourth quarter of 2013. This was stated by Chief of the Russian Air Force Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev during the consecration ceremony of the crews and aircraft aerobatic teams at the airfield Kubinka. State tests new aircraft fifth-generation PAK FA go and will last in the 3rd quarter of this year. Then, the Air Force will see it in flight. Concerning the renewal of the fleet of strategic bombers, Commander stated that currently work in this direction are underway. Unlike the Tu-160 new aircraft

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Tomorrow may decide the fate of Brazilian tender FX-2

Some Brazilian media reports that at a meeting on December 18, Dilma Rousseff President (Dilma Rousseff) with the Minister of Defence and the armed services may be decided to determine the favorite F-X2 tender for the purchase of 36 fighter for the Air Force functional, reports now aereo.jor. br. If tomorrow will not be decided and it will be delayed until the elections in 2014, we can assume that the tender once again «died.» Brazilian Air Force fighters seek out the substitution of obsolete since the mid-1990s. During this «period of indecision,» the Air Force withdrew from service fighters Mirage

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Automated control system attack aircraft «Metronome» has been successfully tested

TSAMTO, October 29. Russian Air Force in 2013 will receive the first automatic control system attack aircraft (ACS) «Metronome», report «Izvestia», citing sources in the Defense Ministry. How to write «Izvestia», developed by companies’ IT Hephaestus «and» Radioavionika «ACS successfully passed tests during exercise» Kavkaz-2012 «. With reference to the world war «News» noted that «complex on the order of punching power increment Air Force because it allows detection of the target after 2-3 minutes Bombings kill her blow.» «Metronome» connects a single network air controllers, airborne command post (WCP), the commanders on the ground and attack aircraft. Finding

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