Su-30MKI — one of the best in its class

In our days of Su-30MKI fighters became an emblem that represents the quality of Russian aircraft. Now in the midst of the obvious success of Russian aircraft industry and the assessment of well-wishers and to assess opponents, perhaps, only the Mi-17 helicopter recent modifications earned the same number of positive reviews. In late 2008, after the results were released US-French-Indian exercise Red Flag, British aviation magazine Flight proposed to elect the best fighter in the midst of the F-22, Su-30MKI and F-15. Decision readers 1st of the more notable publications sudden peace was enough. For Russian Su-30MKI fighters gave

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China conducted tests of the new fifth-generation fighter J-31 — Media

  The new Chinese fighter fifth-generation J-31 («Jian-31»), which is made the first test flight, reported on Thursday the newspaper «Huanqiu Shibao».   The flight took place on Wednesday in Liaoning Province and lasted 11 minutes. Chinese media emphasize in this regard that China has now become the second after the United States Power, which is developing two models of fighters immediately 5th generation — J-20 and J-31.   According to experts, judging by the pictures on the Web vserasprostranennym, J-31 — Traditional combat fighter medium size with 2 engines. Overall length is 16-17 meters, wingspan — 10 meters. The

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Chief of Staff U.S. Air Force described the meaning of the F-35

In a day when the company Lockheed Martin delivered the 100th Fighter F-35 Lightning II on U.S. Air Force base in flap (Arizona), where it will be used as the first training aircraft, the Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III ( Mark A. Welsh III, pictured) at the Pentagon convened a press conference and said that programm the F-35 is even more important after the discontinuation of the F-22 fighters Raptor, reports December 13. General noted that the number of F-22 fighters, created to win advantages in the air, «too little» and this role should

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Experimental fighters E Series E-8 — Ahead of time

In 2000, when the general aviation community was shown the new MiG 1.44 MFI (multipurpose tactical fighter), who was the pilot experimental layout Russian fighter of the 5th generation, many aviation experts noted that the assembly machine than either serial recalls South American fighter F -16. While only a few aviation experts at representing the older generation, noted that this is not entirely true. The new Russian fighter really has similarities with the F-16, but at the same time the South American fighter repeats exterior features an experienced fighter Mikoyan E-8, which came into existence in fact 15 years

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Russian Air Force prirastut «MiG» th

Duma Defense Committee discussed the prospects of development of Russian combat aircraft In the suburban town Luhovitsy, the terrain of the production complex JSC «Russian Aircraft Corporation (RSK)» MiG «, held a visiting session of the Defence Committee of the State Duma on the development of Russian combat aircraft. In closed mode deputies, representatives of the Ministry of Defense, research institutes and Russian aircraft companies discussed a number of issues and spotted solutions. Deputy Troopers First, it is worth noting that the State Duma Defense Committee often holds a meeting. This form of work allows deputies namesti learn the

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Wings steal. J-31 FIGHTER soon to enter service the Chinese Air Force

November 1. China cheers world new fighter, which is proving to be suspiciously similar to some Russian and South American counterparts. If we consider that the fact that the creation of the machine allows the PRC to break ahead in the arms race, and the market trading instrument with China goes down, there is a logical question — what does it all the Russian Federation?   Chinese workers presented Motherland Party and another gift: October 31, 2012 on the eve of the XVIII Congress of the CPC held the first flight of a new Chinese fighter J-31, built in

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According to media reports, on Wednesday, the layout of the second type of Chinese stealth fighter J-31 made the first flight from the airfield industrial Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC, Liaoning Province). The flight lasted about 11 minutes.   English Aviation Combat Aircraft Monthly magazine said that this layout resettled Russian engines with «average thrust,» but in the future will be equipped with Chinese WS-13 turbofans.   Past deputy editor of the magazine Aviation Aviation World Weekly Bai Wei (Bai Wei) said that, as the South American F-22 and F-35 fighter jets Chinese J-20 and J-31 will complement each other.



RAC «MiG» aboard the aircraft carrier «Vikramaditya» for the Indian Navy graduated marine tests MiG-29K/KUB contract in 2010, which is due to start later this year.   «All tests were successfully completed on the ship, and the customer has signed the respective protocol. We ship no longer needed (for testing), said CEO of the RAC «MiG» Sergei Korotkov. Indian Navy has received 16 MiG-29K/KUB the prior order, and «those aircraft which is operated,» he added.   Meanwhile, the RAC «MiG» at the plant in Lukhovitsy south of Moscow, graduated from the modernization of the first six MiG-29 Indian Air

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J-31 Fighter: scrutiny

November 8 in Beijing revealed XVIII Congress of the Communist Party of China. The country is preparing for this event and principled, to an old tradition, Congress meets labor feats. Aviation Enterprise Shenyang Aircraft Corporation also supported this initiative by launching tests of the new fighter of his own design. This aircraft was the second Chinese fighter, who is credited with the ability of typical fifth generation of this class of vehicles. For obvious reasons, it is too early read, as these expressions correspond to the truth, even more so in the current situation of lack of information. On

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SOUTH KOREAN TENDER. Air Force wishes to purchase the F-35

Regular three-day auction on South Korean Air Force tender for the purchase of 60 fighter jets to the functional $ 8.3 trillion won (7.5 billion U.S. dollars) for the substitution of obsolete F-4 and F-5 began on Tuesday and will last until Friday, reports defense-aerospace . com August 13.   Air Force representatives are of the outlook that the upgraded F-15 Silent Eagle is not one hundred percent is appropriate and very inferior to their abilities F-35. Selecting the F-15SE can only be justified lowest price, but the selection of the aircraft would be «empty waste of money,» says senior

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