PRODUCTION F-16 may continue until 2020

The company «Lockheed Martin» has a pretty orders to keep creating their own F-16 to the third quarter of 2013, inclusive, writes The company is also working on additional orders and updates in the Middle East, South America and other markets that will ensure to keep the production line until 2020.   Around this time, the price of the new fighter «Lockheed» F-35 will fall to such a mark that future buyers will make sense to take the F-35 and F-16 does not. Last Friday, the company «Lockheed Martin» to mark the end of its own assembly 100th F-35

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Test pilot F-22: BET ON stealth fighter too wasteful and, in fact INCORRECT

The Pentagon simply can find people who are critical with respect to the stealth fighter fifth generation F-22 cost 358 million U.S. dollars per car (total price programs from 67 billion dollars), writes November 2. But before nedavneshnego time it was hard to find a criticF-22midst of fighter pilots, but one such is found.   It turned out to not only the pilotF-22but once and test pilot of the fighter and the squadron commander of the combat aircraft Niemi Christopher (Christopher Niemi, photo — Niemi giving an interview during a visit to group of fightersF-22Australia, March 2011), published

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Chinese carrier-based fighter J-15 is ready for serial production

Chinese carrier-based fighter J-15 seems ready for production. One of them was not so long ago seen during the execution and implementation of contact for new aircraft carrier landing Liaoning. Several J-15 were seen at air bases painted as combat aircraft of the Navy, and not as experienced aircraft. Today for trials produced about 20 J-15 aircraft. Almost over the last decade, China has been developing carrier-based fighter J-15, which is a version of the deck Russian Su-27. In the Russian Federation has its own version of the deck of the aircraft, which received the title of the Su-33.

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At the airbase Eglin EXECUTED FIRST FLIGHT 500 F-35

On Friday, November 2, in Pervading training center on Eglin AFB (Fla.) made the 500th flight of aircraft F-35A ordinary takeoff and landing (CTOL) F-35B and non-long takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL). Here F-35 flights were launched on March 6. Currently, the training center has 22 F-35 aircraft.   So Makar, for 238 days on Eglin AFB committed 500 flights, closing the gap before every 100 departures:   100th flight — July 12, made 123 for a day or 200th flight — August 24, made on a day or 44 300th flight — September 21, made 28 days 400th

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Development of domestic hypersonic — Reality

Dmitry Rogozin, September 19, 2012 in Tula during a visiting session of the Military-Industrial Commission made a statement that in the very near future we can expect the creation of the Russian holding company that will develop hypersonic technology. Deputy Prime Minister referred to the enterprise, which will be included in its composition. So, namely, it will be the developers tools such as «NGOs engineering» (which should secede from the Russian Space Agency) and the company «Tactical Missiles». Newly formed holding company, are intended to be located in the Ministry of Trade and Industry. According to Rogozin, similar industrial

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Tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) Bell V-22 Osprey (part 1)

Among the more exciting aircraft, which have no analogues in other countries, comes to South American tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) V-22 «Osprey». Its development had spent 25 years, and the disaster that occurred during flight tests, claimed the lives of 30 people. U.S. Department of Defense had spent on the program from 20 billion dollars and is expected to spend beyond another 35 billion dollars (in some sources are the sum of almost 50 billion dollars). Price 1st serial tiltrotor is estimated at 110-120 million dollars. The program was a couple of times under threat of closure. For example, U.S. Secretary

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Tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) Bell V-22 Osprey (part 2)

According to Col. Matthew Malherna manager applets V-22 Command aviasistem Navy U.S. success in Iraq introduction konvertoplanov eclipsed all expectations. Tiltrotor under fire from the ground fell sporadically, no car got battle damage, but March 24, 2009 the entire fleet konvertoplanov flights were discontinued after technicians Squadron VMM-266 on one of the machines was found weakening of bolting in the swash plate right nacelle. Inspection carried out after the pilots were awarded a «sharp» noise and excessive vibration during ordinary flight. Inspection 84 «Osprey», all devices are in operation, has permitted to find such deficiencies another 4 konvertoplanov who

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U.S. Navy received the first RESTORED PLANE ORION

The American company L-3 gave the U.S. Navy first restored coastal patrol aircraft P-3C Orion, reports Flightglobal. Work on the aircraft were produced under applets maintenance, modifications and upgrades (SMIP) aircraft Orion. Agreement to restore P-3C, facing the U.S. Navy in 1971, was awarded to L-3 in 2011.   In total, over 147 SMIP must pass Orion aircraft of different options. Within applets aircraft repairs were made to the substitution of the wings of the details, check the technical state of the structure and the substitution of the onboard equipment. In November 2010, the U.S. Navy has decided to

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AMERICANS ON PLANE tested clean biomass

November 7. U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) conducted joint tests jet Dassault Falcon 20 to 100 per cent biofuel. It is reported by Jane’s.   Tests were held on 29 October but was known about them only at the moment. As the newspaper notes, hitherto planes, which are experiencing other fuels refueled ordinary consistency and biofuels (usually in a ratio of one to one).   According to Jane’s, biofuels badged ReadiJet was granted by order of the U.S. Air Force companies Applied Research Associates (ARA) and Chevron Lummus Global (CLG).

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Multi-purpose combat-fighter P-54

Experience Air Warfare indicates that wins the the side that more frisky pace, compared with the enemy will be able to increase the combat power of aviation. But this is impossible to achieve if there are only armed with languid fighters who are able to solve a wide range of great tasks, but one significant drawback own — when a danger of large-scale combat operations (operations in Yugoslavia only confirm that such scenario is entirely possible in the foreseeable future) even the most economically developed countries may not be in the right quantities and quickly deploy a full-scale data

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