Media know about the new contracts about deliveries SU-35 CHINA

«Rosoboronexport» China and the Ministry of Defence for the previously agreed on delivery Beijing 24 Russian Su-35 fighters. On Tuesday November 20 the newspaper «Vedomosti» citing a source close to the management of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) as manager of the business, producing aircraft components.   According to the newspaper, the negotiations on the follow criteria deliveries may take place during the visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to China in late November. The contract itself may be signed in the coming year or two. Delivery may also be started after 2015. Estimated price of

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Named the timing of the project PAK DA

December 23 distant aviation pilots noted Prof. prazdnichek own. On the same day a distant aircraft commander Lt. Gen. Zhiharev announced some plans of the Ministry of Defence regarding the future development of this kind of the Air Force. Greater interest are his words regarding the project PAK DA (promising aviation complex distant aircraft). Plane created in the framework of this project is to come to replace several currently used types of equipment. According Zhikhareva, work programmke PAK DA lasted for a couple of years. During this period, numerous studies have been conducted. By the time the true organizations involved

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Experimental bomber Tu-135

In 1958, the OKB-156, under the same codes as the plane «135» (Tu-95 ° C.) were begun work on strategic activities impact the aviation system, which by its design characteristics was similar to the M-56 Myasishcheva VM Work on «135» were carried out under the control of SM Jaeger TexProekt department. Work on this topic to illumine 1960 beyond exploratory research did not go out prepared several preparatory projects supersonic strategic aircraft, which in the main options for repeating projects B-70 developed in the United States. Since 1960 the work of autumn activated. October 3, 1960 was signed by

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Large batch of originals

Chinese Air Force may be sold 24 new Russian Su-35 fighter. Russian side is not afraid of their probable copy As told to «Vedomosti» a person close to the management of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, and the manager of the enterprise, producing components for military aircraft, between » Rosoboronexport » Defense Ministry and China reached an agreement on the main preparatory option agreement for the supply of new Su-35 fighters — their numbers. A couple of years the parties could not agree on the size of the party: Russian side insisted on 48, and the Chinese —

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Dear «Raptor»

Fighter F-22 was not even on the U.S. Pockets The United States has never been seen in the desire to at least a small degree to share military technology secrets even with its allies. In some cases, this created all sorts of certain tasks, especially when high-level political decision-makers to show the latest military or any other system of its partners. When in June 1991, after starring in the Gulf War, the newest fighter-bombers, F-117A U.S. administration had decided to show some of them at the international aerospace show in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget, around the aircraft

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BBC RUSSIA IN 2012 WILL BE 15 Yak-130

Air Force (IAF) will receive the RF end of the year 15 Yak-130, told reporters on Thursday the head of the press service of the Western Military Area Colonel Andrei Bobrun.   «Recently expected arrival of another batch of 6 aircraft, respectively, in 2012, the aviation training facility will be staffed by 15 new Yak-130», — he said.   Bobrun recalled that the first batch of six aircraft flew over the airfield «Borisoglebsk» in October, and on Wednesday the airfield aviation training base in Borisoglebsk made landing three more combat-capable trainer aircraft Yak-130. «So Makar, today already received 9

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Air Force received the first TWO RUSSIAN Su-30cm

  Company «Irkut» Russian Air Force has delivered the first two multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm. According to a press release, Received «Heathcliff» acceptance certificate signed by the aircraft on Thursday, November 22 at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant.   Russia’s Defense Ministry signed a contract to supply 30 Su-30cm in March 2012. Previously, the agency planned to buy 40 of these aircraft under the state armaments program for 2011-2020. As expected, 28 Su-30cm depart Air Force, and 12 — Black Sea Fleet, which will change outdated Su-24.   Multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm is a modification of the Su-30MK and designed specifically for Russia.

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Than the T-50 is the «Americans»: Australian rating

Honored Scientist and Engineer in electronics analyst center Air Power Australia Dr. Carlo Kopp has recently published its opinion on the promising Russian fighter of the 5th generation T-50 (PAK FA). Kopp first considered important quality fighter — his stealth radar. By Carlo Kopp views, first Russian stealth plane least secretive than the South American F-22, and approximately equal in size to the smallest yet the F-35. But in some other qualities of the T-50 «Sukhoi» surpasses South American model. It is scandalous for Western professionals conclusion is based on a scientific analysis of the effective scattering surface wave

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Airshow China 2012. J-31 and its performance characteristics (full article Aviation Week)

Presented at the International air show in Zhuhai model stealth fighter actually similar recently promulgated J-31, is «cheap» and is intended for «the global arms market,» said representatives of the Chinese State Aircraft Corporation AVIC, says Aviation Week on November 19. Were presented its main performance characteristics. This is a single twin-engine fighter with a high-wing, two-keel vertical tail with all-moving horizontal stabilizer. Normal take-off weight of 17.5 tons, length 16,9 m, height 4.8 m, 11.5 m wingspan aircraft has an internal compartment guns and aims to fill the niche of cheap stealth fighter in the world military aviation

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F-35 integrated with nuclear weapons

On the F-35A started next step test — systems integration capability for nuclear objection guns. In past plane steps successfully made the takeoff and landing installed missile AIM-120 in the upcoming also simulated an application spread spectrum secondary air-to-air missile.

It was the first time an instrument communicated to the plane of flight time with the introduction of the data channel.

«In October, we conducted a series of tests with different systems weapons JDAM and AMRAAM «, said Colonel Roderick L., managing programs from the F-35. «We have proved we can to hold them harmless,

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