Chinese J-31 equipped with an engine RD-93

How to learn edition AIN, not so long ago has made the first flight of the second Chinese stealth fighter resettled 2 Russian RD-93 engines. Large model of the aircraft, which received informal title J-31 last week, was exhibited at an airshow in Zhuhai Air China and was presented as a «multi-role fighter for the international military market.» During the exhibition, Russian officials revealed some details of military supplies in China.   Speculate that the new Chinese stealth fighter resettled Russian engines, confirmed CEO RAC «MiG» Vladimir Barkovskii. Although he noted some shortcomings of the project as a whole

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Corporation «Irkut» BBC RUSSIAN FIRST TWO Su-30cm — PHOTOS

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November 15 crashed in Florida fifth type fighter F-22 Raptor, the pilot successfully ejected, recalls 23 November and brought accident rates in the midst of military aircraft of various types. In 3 of 5 pilots catastrophes «Raptor» survived.

  First tragedy occurred in 1992, when he was lost layout YF-22, the first serial fighter was lost in 2004, the penultimate catastrophe happened in 2009 and 2010.   December 13 was released last 187th serial standard F-22. Aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin company mothballed production line in the hope of re-launching fighters. 8 was built prototypes of the aircraft, with


T-50 FIGHTER send the new TEST

Serial deliveries fighter fifth generation T-50 to the Air Force of Russia will begin in 2016. This was stated by Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev. According to him, the program tests promising aviation complex tactical aviation going well. «Industry has released five cars that pass the tests. Until March 2014, one of them will be transferred to us in the 929 th Council flight test center for the subsequent tests, «- said Viktor Bondarev. He also said that the aircraft factory Holding «Sukhoi» Komsomolsk-on-Amur put the Russian Air Force 12 multi-purpose fighter Su-35. In 2014, the Air

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Problems F-22 fighter Rapror. Part II: Arms and equipment

In the first part of our article we spotted background high price of the new South American fighter Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. As it turns out, the program of creation of this aircraft, which looked at the time not itself too complicated, over time has acquired a mass of problems, which ultimately affected the price of research and development work, as the cost of building at least some of the aircraft taken separately. Fully understood that economic difficulties are associated with technical disposition neuvvyazkami. Development of new technologies, as correction on first glance, small imperfections may ultimately tangible increment

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NUMBER 13 lucky for the F-35 — American military experts

Number 13 looks like a happy applets for the F-35, after 10 years of hard work this programm shows the long-awaited success, writes recognizable military analyst Loren Thompson (Loren Tompson, pictured) on the website of Forbes December 23. Technical danger removed, flight tests conducted successfully, the price of the 1st aircraft continues to drop. Years of doubt passed, and the F-35 is no longer suspended. Success applets has tremendous value for the U.S. and its allies. Three kinds of troops the U.S. Armed Forces adopted perceive these fighters that will form the basis of tactical aircraft to mid-XXI century. Will

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MiG-31 — the best interceptor world

MiG-31 (E-155MP, systematize NATO Foxhound — fox hound) Russian / Russian double supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor distant radius of action. Fighter was developed in OKB-155 (now JSC «RAC» MiG «). Is the first Russian aircraft belonging to the 4th generation. Fighter-interceptor MiG-31 is designed to intercept and next engage aerial targets across the spectrum of heights though what time of day under normal and adverse weather criteria. The aircraft can be used perfectly in the criteria of active opposition from the enemy: the introduction of active and passive radar jammers also start incorrect thermal purposes. The group, consisting of 4

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November 23. In a production programmke Ulyanovsk aircraft plant until 2020 scheduled to release 103 upgraded aircraft IL-76 family. On Friday at a meeting with reporters said airline CEO Sergey Dementiev.   Recall that in October was signed today an agreement to supply the Ministry of Defence 39 Il-76MD-90A. First flight of the modernized standard aircraft on schedule, go from Ulyanovsk to Zhukovsky tests on December 27-28.   — At the moment we have finished the holding frequency tests on an airplane retrofitted equipment. December 2nd plane rolled onto the airfield where to begin ground testing, then it will

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MiG-29 from collapsing before the dawn

Sales prospects known family of fighters Bad advertising strategy management «MiG», generated high expectations after the extraordinary Malaysian agreement in 1994 and aimed at completely unrealistic price performance has led to the fact that during the second half of the 90 concluded only two small contract to supply first 3-fighters in Peru, and then eight — in Bangladesh. Constructively to change the situation was until 1999 the brand new management «MiG», headed by Nikolai Nikitin, supported by the Russian government. Efforts of the new management have been focused on the first activation of a corporate building. On the basis

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Advances military aircraft China

Cyber ​​espionage or effective reforms? The signing of 30 contracts for the supply of 202 aircraft of various types totaling 11.8 billion dollars ended in the Chinese town of Zhuhai (South China) 9th international aerospace salon «Eyrshou China 2012.» Today’s review of achievements of the global aviation industry in southern China was the most ambitious in the history of 1996. In Airshow involved 650 companies from 39 countries and regions of the world, including such naikrupneyshim airframe as «Boeing», «airbus», «wed». Presented more than hundreds of aircraft, the third part of which made the demo flights. Chinese new items

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