PROGRAM F-35 LIGHTNING II exceeded 5 THOUSAND flight hours

Programmke on flight tests of the F-35 Lightning I held more than 5 thousand flight hours, according to a press release from Lockheed Martin on December 3. This limit has been reached on the plane F-35 series mounting SDD (System Development and Demonstration). In achieving this goal involved all three variants of F-35 — F-35A ordinary takeoff and landing (CTOL), F-35 non-long takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) and the F-35C carrier-based variant (CV).   Since the first flight in December 2006, the F-35 aircraft completed 3464 flight. This amount includes:   91 flying a plane AA-1 2510 flights on

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The fifth generation is learning to fly

Completed basic step test fighter T-50 Layout fighter fifth generation, known as T-50, the air is kept very confident. It showed the tests that are in the Flight Research Institute. MM Gromov. Completely all Russian aircraft, including combat, begin tests on the base and the role of this institution, and civilians immediately receive certificates entitling them to fly, to transport cargo and passengers. About how to test themselves indicates promising aviation technology, we will talk with the CEO LII. MM Gromov, Hero of Russia, Honored test pilot Pavel Vlasov. Pavel, showed himself as a combat aircraft T-50? Pavel Vlasov:

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Chinese J-15 surpass the Russian SU-33

Chinese carrier-based fighter successfully conducted a series of marine and technological tests on the first Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning», which indicates a large success in the development of China’s carrier-based fighters and breakthrough in aircraft carriers.   J-15 resettled with 2 massive engines and most modern high-performance system-lift devices, landing gear and arresting hook. It provides a good folding wing combat capability and meets the requirements of special landing «Liaoning». Thanks bolshennomu combat radius, highest agility and great combat load, J-15 has a full combat effectiveness of the sea and in the air.   Foreign media, particularly Russian, believe

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CHAMPION by imitation

This article focuses on high-accuracy model kits of the Yak-130, which has allowed Russian team RUSJET and its pilot Vitaly Robertus capture the league title at the World Championships Jet World Masters 2011 in the United States. On one of the photos shows a real Yak-130. Try to guess at what. According to some reports, in Germany approximately two million modelers. Models is more popular in other countries in Europe and even more — in the United States. In Russia, this is a hobby prefer only about hundreds of thousands of people, and for the population of 140 million

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Press-service of JSC «Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Yuri Gagarin «(KnAAPO) released sample photos of the 1st of the 3 completed construction enterprise Su-35s, made for the Russian Air Force — an aircraft with tail number» 06 reddish » (Serial No. 01-06).   It is understood that three regular Su-35s, built under contract in August 2009 with the Ministry of Defence to build 48 cars already undergoing some tests in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. These aircraft have side rooms «05 reddish» (Serial number 01-05), «06 reddish» (Serial number 01-06) and «07 reddish» (Serial number 01-07) and carry the latest Russian Air

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China ceded to Japan in a military conflict — THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

There is speculation that China is the strongest military power in Asia, but in fact it is Japan, the chief of the Beijing bureau of The Christian Science Monitor Peter Ford (Peter Ford), reports December 11 (pictured visiting a military base Asaka north of Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan (Shinzo Abe) after days of self-defense forces in October this year — approx. «VP»). Postwar Constitution Land of the Rising Sun «forever» declares the renunciation of warfare, its armed forces friendly sound as «self-defense forces,» but «you shall not covet deal with her,» says Ford. From the standpoint of

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Military rhetoric plays into the hands JAPAN CHINA

In the Land of the Rising Sun is a debate on the military buildup after coming to power of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe, pictured) in response to the increasingly brutal policy of China for control over the Senkaku Islands, writes Defense News May 28.   But even the neighbors of the rising sun, which receive generous Japanese investments relate to politics Abe «with mixed feelings.» They welcome Japan as a great regional power, which has built a powerful military potential, but are afraid that «persistent nationalism» Abe, who denies or justifies the terrible war crimes of the country

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Su-34 bombers AFFIRMED noncombat

Defense Minister write a report on the significant shortcomings of the model set adopted in 2006 According to the results of six years of operation of the Su-34, the Commission and the Department of the Air Force Main Command weapons produced at the conclusion of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, indicating that all the troops raised in the Su-34 have significant drawbacks hindering their present use in combat.   As told «Izvestia» in the military, currently in the Air Force 16 such machines and each — their personal goals.   — By the end of year report will

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  November 30 at the plant in Marietta company Lockheed Martin gave USAF second so-called «Productive» military transport aircraft C-5M Super Galaxy.   Plane with number 85-0001 was the ninth C-5M Super Galaxy (including three experienced machine) in the U.S. Air Force and will be coloring the interior Air Force Base National Guard USA Stewart (pcs New-york), before as to the scene of constant dislocation Airbase Dover (Delaware pcs).

Guaranteed retaliatory nuclear strike. «The Dead Hand»

System «Perimeter» (index ASU RVSN — 15E601, in Western Europe and the United States is known as the English. Dead Hand, almost «dead hand») — a set of automatic control massive nuclear retaliation made in the USSR in the midst of war cool. Designed to guarantee its combat orders from the highest levels of management (the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, Department of RVSN) to team and individual Fri launchers strategic missiles, standing on alert in case of an emergency, when the communication lines may be damaged. The U.S. has a similar set of functionality — Emergency Rocket

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