Cyberwar between U.S. and China do not cease

In the meantime, the parties agreed to halt global warming After the meeting in California, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping called for strengthening cooperation between countries with 2. Agreement on greenhouse gases and nuclear programmke DPRK. But neither side has made concessions on areas of impact in Asia and supplying weapons to Taiwan. According to experts, geopolitical contradictions persist, Washington and Beijing will have to make an effort to prevent the deterioration of relations. Obama and Xi Jinping pledged to make the latest model of the relationship between with 2 powers. During the two-day summit, held

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Plane which was not — F-26 multi-purpose STALMA VI-generation (USA)

F-26 STALMA — South American fighter VI-generation. Developed by «Stavati» tactical substitution as the F-16 Falcon. Title says aircraft for itself — STALMA (advanced multi-purpose light fighter with a small takeoff). It was planned that he will enter the program from «DEM / VAL», which took place in 2004. F-26 STALMA — integral triplane with one engine, with one pilot. Wing sweep varies widely — 5-70 degrees. Provide more maneuverability and stealth capability for air defense. Has a similar safety and arming an F-117 Nighthawk, but the cost of the 1st aircraft is much smaller — about 25 million

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Russian Air Force SOON GET 10 Su-34 bombers

Novosibirsk aircraft plant lately give Russian Air Force 10 Sukhoi Su-34, told reporters on Wednesday the head of the press service of the Western Military Area (WEST) Colonel Andrei Bobrun.   «Recently, Novosibirsk aircraft plant in the Voronezh give airbase 10 aircraft (Su-34) for the second squadron,» — he said.   According to him, 12 December 20 professional technical staff Voronezh airbase WEST arrived in Novosibirsk and began to receive the latest bombers.   «Receiving aircraft will be phased. Now experts at Voronezh started to check examination of the first pair of Su-34 «- said Bobrun.   He said

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Turkey was on the verge REVOLUTION

The only thing, but fundamentally opposed: if in Egypt and Tunisia uprisings became victims of authoritarian but secular regimes, the Turkish protesters demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist. The head of government is put before a difficult choice: either to make concessions unprecedented in 10 years of his reign, or to repeat the experience of China in Tiananmen Square, brutally suppressed the «rebellion» and bringing the country into an Islamic dictatorship. Speeches enemies premiere began last week with seemingly a petty reason. Inhabitants of Istanbul staged a rally against the authorities’ decision to uproot Gezi Park,

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Su-30cm first show at MAKS-2013

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Air India to join «STAGE unprecedented modernization»

As expected, the Indian Air Force in the current fiscal year will conclude contracts for the acquisition of foreign military aircraft and helicopters for a total amount of 25 billion U.S. dollars.   These include the long-awaited signing of the contract for the purchase of 126 fighters functional (20 billion dollars), 3 aircraft for special operations C-130J, 22 attack helicopters, Boeing Apache Longbow (1,2 миллиардов dollars), 15 transport helicopters languid Boeing CH Chinook (1,4 миллиардов dollars) and 6 European refueling aircraft A-330 MRTT (2 billion dollars).   «Air Force entered the unprecedented step of modernization. Ability of military aircraft will

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China is ready for a big war

Perfectly clear that the creation of art in small batches just economically unprofitable (because the larger units of production is done, the cheaper any unit) and very silly militarily. If art is not a lot, each standard becomes gold, both economically and militarily. But since such a practice specifically for the moment show Our homeland and Europe, they believe that China behaves. In fact in China made quite a long time to experiment with different types of equipment 1st class, choosing the best standard and eliminating various shortcomings. These experimental standards really are produced in small batches. In this case,

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China began work on a fighter 6 GENERATION

December 11. On the background of simultaneous flight tests 2-prototypes Chinese 5th generation fighter Chinese aviation industry began to develop generation fighter 6. For his work on the machine meets the aviation industry Shenyang company, part of the Chinese Aviation Industry of AVIC. This is evidenced by an article posted in November in the newspaper «Zhongguo gune bao» and reproduced in Chinese municipal agencies dilemmas for the defense industry. Here is an abridged translation of the text. On November 13 opens in Zhuhai Airshow were presented military and civilian aircraft, other aircraft and equipment. The other day, 12 November,

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U.S. President will assist the Syrian rebels

U.S. President Barack Obama has decided to provide military assistance to the Syrian opposition, said the deputy president of the South American adviser on national security Ben Rhodes, reports «Interfax». «The president has decided to provide more meaningful assistance to the opposition. It will be a direct aid to the High Military Council (the opposition Syrian Free Army — approx.). It will include military aid «, — he said. B.Rods together so did not specify what will become of themselves represent this assistance. He said: «Our intelligence community has caused that the Assad regime used chemical weapon, including nerve gas

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Damaged by fire STEALTH BOMBER B-2 returned to service

When, in February 2010, one of four engines stealth bomber B-2 Spirit lit based on Andersen (Guam), the U.S. Air Force said that nothing terrible happened, recalls January 2. «Terrestrial services quickly extinguished the fire in the engine department, minor damage,» said a day for the next edition of the Pacific Daily News (Guam) with reference to the statement of service for public relations of the 36th Wing. Plane back into service December 16, 2013 (photo — first off, the base Whiteman, Missouri — approx. «VP»), in other words, almost four years after the fire engine. So a

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