Air Show at Le Bourget completed its work

50th International Airshow recently finished work in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget. For the leading global manufacturers of this naikrupneyshim Exposition has become very successful. The total amount of contracts that managed to conclude its work in the days of aviation and favorites of cosmic industry broke all previous records. «Professionals aerospace industry said on orders totaling 115 billion euros — the first time in history,» — said General Commissioner of the exhibition Emeric d’Arcimoles, summing up the results now fruitful week. In total, the world leading aircraft companies received firm orders and options, have also signed letters of

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December 11 marks 26 years since a day or adopting Strike Fighter Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle, but the plane remains in service in the 2030’s, writes FlightGlobal December 13.   Fighter-bomber has a huge number of hours flown. U.S. Air Force will conduct full-scale tests on the lethargy to find his future up-cycle, find the volume of modernization construction or repair.   Currently, works on substitution radar APG-70 synthetic aperture radar antenna on the new active phased array APG-82 (V) 1, which assigns the aircraft the ability to «look for very precise ground targets.» In addition, will be replaced


Computer games and the harsh reality

One of the most pessimistic scenarios of light coming In 2014-2015, the global financial-economic and socio-political crises seek their own peak. Immediately to the U.S. concept becomes very long task of encirclement and military control of China. These criteria for the U.S. and NATO topical becomes the goal to eliminate the Russian Federation as an active player in the political arena. There is a creation of mobile teams of terrorist fighters — international scum. Young people are gaining in the Central Asian states and «pumped» to spetsbazy training, for example, in parts of Afghanistan, and later throw back and «pumped»

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F-22 VS PAK FA. CHRONOLOGY OF TEST standard weapons F-22

In anticipation of the standard weapons test on the fourth swatch flying fighter fifth generation PAK-FA has committed its own first flight this week, it would be appropriate to recall the chronology of such tests its overseas «adversary» — the South American F-22 fighter Raptor.     November 28, 1990, polygon Navy China Lake (Calif.). Test pilot General Dynamics, John Beasley (Jon Beesley) with layout YF-22/PAV-2 fulfilled rocket launch AIM-9 Sidewinder (two months after the first flight YF-22/PAV-1). This is the first real run of SD throughout programmke ATF.   December 20, 1990, Pacific missile range in Point Mugu

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Fourth T-50 flew

In the near future was not a lot of news about probably the most fundamental project of the Russian aviation industry — promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA). During this information «quiet» workers Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association had yet to finish the assembly of the 1st flight layout promising fighter with the symbol T-50-4. December 12, it was announced that the prototype made its own first flight and joins the general programmke flight tests. By the honored test pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation S. Bogdan new aircraft spent in the air for about forty minutes. According to

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Russia will not save on defense

Russian President and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin stressed that without a strong army can not be strong and sovereign Russia. Addressing the graduates of military academies and institutes at the festive reception in the Kremlin on Wednesday, he promised that «to strengthen the armed forces and enhance the status of military personnel, we will not save.» «So ahead of you a lot of work. You will come to the troops during the period when there is a large-scale rearmament of the army and navy, when it is necessary to develop a modern instrument, advanced management strategy units and subunits, when

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Five non-nuclear NATO European receive U.S. nuclear bombs.

The draft budget for the U.S. Air Force in 2015 provided the integration of nuclear bombs B61-12 to F-16 fighters and Air Force Tornado 5 of the NATO states, reports March 13. Equipment for aircraft carriers of nuclear weapons will begin in 2015 and end in 2017-2018. Tactical aviation facilities NNWS block nuclear weapon will greatly strengthen the power of NATO’s nuclear forces in Europe. Nuclear weapon equip fighter bombers F-16A / B Air Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey, also PA-200 Tornado Air Force in Germany and Italy (photo). Nuclear bombs will also be equipped South American fighter-bomber

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NEWEST Chinese fighter J-16 SHOWED ONLINE

The most modern Chinese fighter J-16 was shown live during its flight in the plot news about major developments in Chinese military developments since November last year, reports   Report a multipurpose double fighter J-16 3.5 generation was shown on Friday on the Chinese military website Dingsheng together with other Chinese fighters such as the J-11 and J-16.   According to the website, was said to show the layout fighter with tail number «1601.»   This plane is shown for the first time during the flight.   Military observers believe that the aircraft is in flight testing stage

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«Boeing» A laser SDB

The Boeing Company has received from the U.S. Air Force contract to develop and test the latest version is going to manage small diameter bombs LSDB series SDB (small diameter bomb) weighing 113 kg (250 lb), reports June 28.   The company claims that the LSDB, kitted out only semi-active laser guidance head instead of three-regime GOS (radar + infrared spectrum millimeter semi-active laser +) available on the GBU-53 / B SDB II design Raytheon, can do many of its functions. Guided munition with a lightweight designed to engage moving land and sea targets.   Ammunition, equipment such as

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December 14. Despite the unlimited amount of speculation that surround fighter «Sukhoi» T-50-something-about what can be read with certainty. This plane is guaranteed to be worth more in the army appears late and initially will own more modest abilities compared with the initially planned. This is typical for all projects fighters fourth and fifth generations, says Air Forces Monthly.   According to a former Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin (the currently Adviser to the Minister of Defence), another 11 pre-production aircraft should join tested during the 2015 fourth layout should be completed by the end of 2012 (soared days


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