China urges global community to look at Japan’s military ambitions

July 27 PRC Ministry of Defence called world community to focus attention on the military plans Land of the Rising Sun after its government announced an «interim plan» with a call to strengthen the armed forces, reports agency Reuters. According to these plans, Japan can make the potential for attacks on «enemy military bases.»   This initiative coming from the Cabinet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe), was posted on July 26, and is a step away from the pacifist Constitution. The final plan for the modern military policy of the country of the rising sun to be submitted by

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Integration of the Su-35 — what is it and why?

Who Fighter 4 + + generation Su-35 — one of the most advanced and reliable in the world, very close to the specimen of the next generation. And he had no diseases of South American F-22, because of which the creation of the aircraft stopped. Our pilots have mastered flying the Su-35, two or three years in the first cabin peresyadut new aviation complex 5th generation PAK FA (T-50).

About the features of a fighter coming into service, the correspondent of «IEE» Viktor Myasnikov questioned the general director of the aggregation «United Aircraft Company» Viktor Polyakova, who previously worked

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State Archives of England declassified documents in 1982, in what refers to the activities of Russian spies during the «cool war». Namely, in the disclosed files reported that Russian Alliance used civilian aircraft to watch the actions of the British and U.S. military in the 1980s.   Royal air force calculated that some civilian aircraft deviated from the Soviet Union’s own routes. Analyzing their way, the British came to the conclusion that it was done for the sake of intelligence gathering. It is stated in the note, which was written by then-Defense Secretary John Nott Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,

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China has become the world’s fourth largest arms exporter

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released the problems of the 17th report of the bill, which states that China ranked 4th in the world in arms export reports now Chinese buyers have become tools of the 35 states, the first three places are occupied by Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Western media believe that importing countries are ‘moderate’, but China is able over time to enter the market and developed countries. China and Pakistan jointly developed a JF-17 fighter aircraft and main battle tank «Khalid.» Russian news agency RIA Announces said that in 2012-2015, Pakistan received six Chinese stealth

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China began transporting troops AVIATION AND RUSSIA

July 27, China began sending troops to the territory of Russia for a role in joint counterterrorism maneuvers «Peace Mission 2013», Xinhua news agency reported.   Chinese and Russian troops conduct exercises within 20 days (July 27 — August 15). PLA units will arrive at the landfill CHebarkul (Ural region) family parties (four groups will be airlifted, three railway transport)   Two transport helicopters Mi-171 and four Z-9 combat already flown from the airfield Hailar (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) and overcome the 5,000 km within 5 days. As expected, 31 July 5 fighter-bombers JH-7 will take off from the airport

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SERIAL Assault AT-6 made its first flight

In a festive atmosphere of the first serial turboprop light attack aircraft AT-6 produced by the American company Beechcraft made first flight on August 20, reports August 21. The plane took off from the airfield Wichita (Kansas).   AT-6 resettled one engine Pratt & Whitney PT6 power of 1600 hp (1190 kW). «It flies great,» said test pilot Lionel Efford (Lionel Alford). Plane with 2 navesnoymi fuel tanks from 66 gallons (250 liters), 2 ASD inert GBU-58 laser-guided, 2 blocks NAR LAU-131 (seven missiles) and mounted electro-optical IR camera was flown at 10 am local time. Currently, the company

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Aircraft will be the sixth generation drones equipped with artificial intelligence

Aircraft will be the sixth generation UAVs, equipped with artificial intelligence. This was stated by the head of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev. Capital Aviation Institute (State Research Institute) is ready to offer our customers not only their drones, but also a «stuffing» for their functioning. At the International Aviation and Space Salon «MAKS — 2013» will be presented to the true magic of robotics — a compact dual-band radar dual purpose MBRLS MF2. This joint development of special electronic systems center management and MAI and the Company «Fazotron-NIIP.» The project has already passed bench tests, the developers are

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NATO suspends practical cooperation with Russia

According to NATO Secretary General, Union of Russia excludes the operation to destroy the Syrian chemical weapons and expanding cooperation with Ukraine. France warns of likely break the contract for the sale of «Mistral». NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a late evening Mon March 17, said in an exclusive interview with broadcaster CNN, that the Alliance in connection with the events in Ukraine suspends practical cooperation with Moscow. «We currently rethink our business with Russia — said Rasmussen. — We have already decided to stop practical cooperation with Russia. And when the ministers of foreign affairs

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Russia loses India

But Moscow still have a chance to give new impetus to bilateral military-technical cooperation Artem Ivanovo Despite the measured temper outside the Russian-Indian relations, the level of the strategic impact of in this naikrupneyshim Eurasian power is on the wane. Russian foreign policy, aimed at the concept of a strategic triangle, decorative designs BRICS and SCO, increasingly not reflect the real picture of the situation in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Because the RF is now before a crucial choice: to continue the stupid multi-vector policy or to take decisive steps to establish military-political axis Moscow — New Delhi.

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Yak-130 and its closest relatives

Yak-130 (NATO systematization: Mitten — mitten) — training and combat aircraft UBS made in OKB. Yakovlev, in collaboration with the Italian company Aermacchi. The aircraft is designed to substitute obsolete Russian Air Force training aircraft L-39. During the development of joint work with the Italians has been suspended because of disagreements with any of the companies realized their vision without the help of others. Yak-130 became the first aircraft, which was quite a recent development (rather than upgrading existing machines) made in Russia after the Soviet collapse. The tender for the supply of a new Air Force trainer aircraft

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