English source of Jane’s Intelligence Review published satellite imagery and said that Iran built a third on account of the landfill, which can be used for launches of ballistic missiles, reports August 8. Construction was carried out for 3 years, found a launching pad to pad and tower mounting missiles.   Iran has an ambitious program from of cosmic. In January this year, the country showed the possibility of placing in orbit of cosmic vehicles, including capsule launched with a monkey on board and brought her back to Earth.   Western countries are concerned that the ballistic technology used


How many planes did the Americans lost in Vietnam???

Upon request PELEGRIM gathered information about losses of Russian and American aircraft during the Vietnam War. Vouch for the accuracy of one hundred percent of all the data I can not, but many of their logic is absolutely justified. Necessary information found only in Wikipedia, which in turn refers to the South American almanac Vietnam War Almanac. I can say only one thing — how to not lie. But if I’m wrong, you can point to any specific inconsistencies in the figures. And to begin with I wish to quote from the journal «War in the Air,» in which

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Gidroaviasalon 2012

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Coup in Ukraine and confrontation with the West should be the impetus for cleaning power in Russia

Municipal revolution in Ukraine, the United States … perfect Accelerated formation of the «Ukrainian Reich» Bow neo-Nazis and criminal oligarchs … popular unrest in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk … Reunion Crimea with Russia … Rhetoric in the spirit of cool war with the West … The unexpected decision of Washington to strengthen its military presence in Europe and build the capacity of tactical nuclear weapons … All it says one thing — we are again on the verge of a major war. «Ukrainian Revolution» became a kind of last straw that fill up the cup of. The West has

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Our homeland brings to the first plan of some the most modern looking for faith own fighters at MAKS-2013, the agency UPI reported on August 23. On static and aerial demonstrations perceive role fighter fifth generation T-50 PAKFA and multipurpose combat aircraft Su-35S. Air show opens on Tuesday (August 27) in the regional capital town of Zhukovsky.   Su-35S is languishing far Single multipurpose combat aircraft, developed on the basis of superiority fighter advantages in the air Su-27. Russian Air Force ordered 48 aircraft of this type. OKB. Sukhoi claims that the aircraft can successfully resist the South American fighters


Army to lease, or Why the U.S. war with Syria

Rejecting both very much convincing idea that Barack Obama — bearded Islamist and latent, and because of that and seeks to assist affiliates «Al-Qaeda» in Syria, analysts wonder what the South American president is still necessary in Syria, which with such force he presses on Congress, allies and the international community? Wishes to restore its former prestige U.S. bombing another brilliant with the smell of democracy, similar to the natural? Aims to deliver the armed forces hire Saudi Arabia, which with delight South American «Tomahawks» pay, why in the U.S. and pripodnimut voenprom and budget? Maybe just going to spend

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West prepares for war with Russia

President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov commented re NATO tactical aviation for the introduction of nuclear weapons that, in his opinion, could be a sign of preparation for war with Russia. Crimea voted for joining the Russian Federation, despite the saturated pressure of a diplomatic and informational management of. The reaction of Western elites now proved to be very low-key, it is not such as could be expected, judging by the size and strength of the previous pressure. While no severe economic sanctions was taken. Tightening their adoption reduces the relevance and

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Offer to recall the stages of development programs fighter fifth generation — the South American YF-22A/F-22A and Russian T-50 PAKFA/Su-50 (?).   The first two models of the F-22 (first flight) YF-22A (PAV-1) — September 29, 1990 YF-22A (PAV-2) — October 30, 1990   Tests guns   First launch SD AIM-9 Sidewinder — November 28, 1990 First launch SD AIM-120 AMRAAM — December 20, 1990 (Missile launches began with the end of the second month flight test)   For the first three months (until December 28, 1990) both layout completed 74 flight   Modified F-22A (Visible differences from the YF-22A

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CHINA counteract U.S. intelligence activities from their shores

China urged the United States to end its intelligence activities in their own coastal waters, reports now In the past 10 years, China vigorously opposes U.S. intelligence activities of ships and aircraft. South American media report that the South American intelligence ships often become encounter on the high seas with the actions of Chinese fishing boats that are «deliberately stand in their way, especially in the evening.» From time to time engaged in persecution Chinese warships and aircraft. It is reported that this practice resembles cool times of war between the USSR and the United States, even when their

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Lightweight Assault ARBALEST

The design of this aircraft was designed by students in the competition in 2002 «Ikelos», conducted by NASA. The main feature of this aircraft is very small takeoff and landing. In addition, a small fuel consumption makes it possible to get a huge range and a long time loitering. The aircraft has a rather massive arms. While not specify what will arm the aircraft. But in the front of the fuselage designed space for installation 12.7 mm, 8.58 mm, 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm machine guns. It also can be set 40-mm setting for firing grenades. In the firing

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