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Podmoskovny 121st Aircraft Repair Plant in 2013 modernizes the order of 12 Su-25 Su-25SM variant, said a source in the military-industrial complex.   «In 2012, the company was upgraded to 12 attack aircraft Su-25SM modification. Preparatory plans for 2013 provides for modernization of approximately the same amount of stormtroopers, «- said the agency interlocutor.   Answering the question whether it planned to resume lately creating Su-25SM at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, the spokesman noted that the plant at the present time one hundred percent loaded works for manufacture of helicopters. » Read because the timing reopening stormtroopers is premature, «-

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War and Peace D. McCain

Republican Senator John McCain on Thursday published in Russian Internet publication «» Putin’s response to an appeal to the South American nation in the newspaper New York Times. Senator believes that the U.S. has the right to change the assist mode, which controls the Russian bad now. «I’m pro-Russian, pro-Russian more than the regime that bad driving you today.» «When I criticize your government, I’m not doing this because I am opposed to Russia. I do it because you deserve a government that would believe in you, respect you and it would be accountable to you. I hope to see

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From France to resume talks to supply the UAE FIGHTERS RAFALE

  The French Government wants to renew with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates negotiations on supplying party fighter Rafale, reports Defense News. As expected, January 15, 2013 in the UAE will visit French President Francois Hollande. During the preparatory negotiations for the supply of fighters signing any agreements or contracts are not expected. France expects to realize the UAE 60 fighter Rafale.   It must be emphasized that earlier governments of France and the UAE have been negotiating for the supply of fighter Rafale, while the French side at the end of 2010 — beginning of 2011 even

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U.S. preparing a nuclear attack on Russia

Moscow remains the only competitor Washington owning nuclear capability commensurate with the South American Misha Tsurkov Andrew Shushkov The U.S. nuclear triad will be given to the value of aircraft components. Such a conclusion can be made, including examining developed by the Obama administration on the strategy for the use of nuclear weapons by the United States. This document clearly identified that none of the holders of nuclear weapons now counterforce is immune from U.S. actions. According to South American legislation the U.S. administration in the case of the introduction of the latest strategies for using nuclear weapons (NW) should

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Will Sweden and Finland in NATO?

The question of joining NATO in Finland and Sweden for a couple of years is haunted politicians and military in many countries. Finnish cooperation with NATO is gradually becoming more and more closely. Finnish army not once took part in NATO exercises. Servicemen Finland were part of NATO troops located in Afghanistan. Virtually all Finnish political parties have supporters joining NATO. The main supporter of this idea is the President of Finland Saul Niinistö and past Managing Foreign Ministry Alexander Stubb. Information Service of the National Defence Finland constantly conducts sociological surveys to learn about the world population prospects of

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PAK FA, F-22 and F-35 combat ready for the future

Fighters in the history of aviation environment for generations to systematize accepted. Official definition of generations does not exist, there is only a concept, it’s stages of development in the approaches to the design of aircraft, their combat capabilities and the level of technology.

Fighters fifth generation represent a significant leap in the ability to handle both air combat and strike operations, an order of magnitude increase their combat effectiveness in comparison with the previous generation aircraft. These aircraft are designed from the start for use in network-centric combat environment, and have a very

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KRET arranged revolution

Breakthrough products of concern «Radio-electronic technology» One of the most popular videos of the Web in the near future become subject to weeping with happiness French pilot, just who observed the flight of Su-35s at Le Bourget. The pilot was in ecstasy, not just in Russian, but in general the world’s population have a unique machine with such indescribable abilities. «Planes do not fly, so can only fly a UFO» — pathetically said the Frenchman. Unparalleled flying characteristics of the new «drying» provided, of course, immediately several advanced technical solutions in the design of the aircraft and its engines. Embody

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«Trojan horse» in the nuclear suitcase

Information coming war: why then prepare RF Now when they say analysts about future wars, they mean no longer clash of nations and peoples, as in former times, and civilizations. Civilizations problem now so topical that their cooperation against the backdrop of increasing globalization can become a problem axial first half of the XXI century. And on the first plan are increasingly put forward the information component of the armed conflict. Inter-civilizational wars and armed conflicts considered to be those in which one civilization or representing its government (coalition) aim to forcibly kill the other means, to oust its historically

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United States successfully tested a surface robot project Anaconda

Company Swiftships Shipbuilders (USA) successfully tested layout bot project Anaconda, reports Developed surface bot will have to do a variety of tasks, in which a variety of surveillance, evacuation, as delivery of provisions and ammunition. It is expected that its development will end within the next year and a half. Currently, it is clear that this bot will be able to work in 3 modes. First mode provides for control person on board, the second mode — this is a remote control, and the third — one hundred percent autonomous operation on previously pledged programmke: laid source and destination

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Russia ranks first in the number supplied to export fighters in 2009-2012.

TSAMTO August 27. In Zhukovsky begins its work the 11th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013. The exhibition 850 companies are participating: 576 Russian and 274 zabugornyh from 42 countries. At the invitation of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation at the MAKS-2013 is expected to arrive official delegations from 79 foreign countries. At MAKS-2013 «Rosoboronexport» plans to hold talks with more than 60 delegations from 40 countries. According to the press service of the Russian special exporter, now aircraft and air defense systems account for 58% of total orders knapsack «Rosoboronexport». Assessment TSAMTO, Our homeland

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