Fighter development program KFX / IFX will be implemented

Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro Indonesia (Purnomo Yusgiantoro) expressed confidence in the implementation of joint development with South Korea fighter on programmke KFX / IFX («Korean» / Indonesian «) reports January 8. «I can tell a good news that the development of the fighter will continue. Development was delayed a couple of times, but then the South Korean parliament passed a decision to approve the project and take appropriate measures, «said Yusgiantoro. The agreement was signed in 2011, currently being carried out, «the first phase of technology development.» Indonesia to South Korea sent 37 engineers for roles in the

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Russian Arms Expo-2013: exhibits and statements

The main event of the week was the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment Russian Arms Expo-2013, launched on September 25 at the site «Prospector» Nizhniy Tagil. RAE-2013 earning it the title of the 1st of the world’s largest military-technical salons. This year, close to the landfill from Nizhny Tagil has become a platform to showcase the products of more than 400 companies and organizations from several countries. Level of international interest in the exhibition clearly indicated by the fact that RAE-2013 delegations from fifty zabugornyh countries. Russian defense industry showcased RAE-2013 several new developments, and modernization projects of

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Why the U.S. arming the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf?

The military doctrine of the Cooperation Council of the Arab countries of the Gulf (GCC), the only two countries on a number of possible aggressors today — Iran and Iraq. At the same time, Iraq, before its occupation, was in first place in terms of national security danger Arabian countries, first to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. At present the main danger for GCC is considered not Israel, as some collective enemy of Arab civilization, continue to detain Palestinian areas and Islamic shrines in Jerusalem, which has positioned itself patron Saudi ruler, namely the Islamic Republic of Iran, from which poses

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ADVANCED SUPER HORNET showed a significant increase STEALTH FEATURES AND combat radius

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Plane crash in 1961 and other incidents with nuclear weapon in the U.S. U.S. authorities to declassify information about the fall of the strategic bomber B-52G Stratofortress with 2 hydrogen bombs Mark 39 mod 2 on board in North Carolina in 1961. According to a report compiled in 1969, one of the bombs was actually ready to be undermined, and only helped out a huge part of the magic of the East Coast of the United States from radiation damage. In general, different emergency situations with a strategic weapon occurred in the United States many times, with very little in

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MAKS-2013. PROSPECTS T-50 to present serious challenges?

Demonstration fighter fifth generation T-50 (PAKFA) on Capital MAKS 2013 show that our homeland is experiencing prepyadstviya with adopting new frontline fighter air force, writes August 29.   At the exhibition opening day on August 27 with the role of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev planned to carry out the flight of all four instances of flight T-50, but the show took part only three cars. Analysts from the Russian aerospace industry and related structures have noted that there are several obstacles, which the T-50 must be overcome before it will be considered as resilience design, ready for serial production.

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Everything is relative, but …

Posted collage depicting the comparative 4 transport aircraft — a Chinese Y-20, C-17 South American, Russian Il-76MD (IAF) and the European A400M.   see more   Fuselage, vertical stabilizer and chassis circuit (exhibited far forward controlled nasal rack) Y-20 is more similar to the C-17 wing pylons engines D-30KP2 evokes more associations with IL-76. As you know, everything is known in comparison, but at least some lame comparison. World aviation community sits awaiting more details on the brand new disk imaging Chinese transporters.

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Arctic can make the Russian-Chinese

RF must decide which format to cooperate with China in the strategically fundamental region In the Arctic region in the Russian Federation has a legitimate and reasonable economic and geopolitical interests. But competitiveness for raw materials in the midst of ordinary evolving Arctic states, and the eighth session of the Arctic Council (AC) in Kiruna in May 2013 showed that claims to the Arctic and grow in the midst of new players, such as China, India, the land of the rising sun. That’s why you need to develop a strategy for the Russian Federation to protect their own national

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Crimean War FOR CHINA

United States and its Western allies are currently broken into your head over, like China to use in the campaign of pressure on Russia over Ukraine and Crimea. Decisive action in this area played out next week, when the President Xi Jinping will travel with his first visit to Western Europe. March 24-25, he’d take part in a summit on nuclear security, which will be held in The Hague. There have already agreed with him about the meeting of mandatory Barack Obama. Report that U.S. President very carefully preparing for this talk — a speech at her as if to

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With Islamists in Mali will fight BRITISH spy plane

  Britain sent a military spy plane Mali Sentinel R1 (pictured) to support the French military operation against Islamic militants, reports the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.   Sentinel reconnaissance aircraft is a modification of a business jet. He resettled radar capable of in a few areas to explore Minutka length of several thousand kilometers.   Earlier aircraft used in Libya in the fight against the troops of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Spy planes to date are also used in Afghanistan.   A total of five RAF spy plane Sentinel, but West Africa will be sent only some of

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