Problems of the F-35 Lightning II

  Almost a couple of days back the company Lockheed Martin released new photos of the factory shop where gather new fighters F-35 Lightning II. Imprinted on their units wing of another aircraft notable because it will be the hundredth fighter in the series. Overall, at this point in factories offices in various stages of readiness is almost 90 boards. So Makar, with 50 already built with redundant aircraft in the coming months, the total amount of new fighters will surpass the mark of fifteen hundredths. As we see, despite all the criticism and prepyadstviya, «Lockheed Martin» not only finished

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Defense exports

Enhanced funding is unlikely to release our long-standing problems of the MIC Our motherland wants to increase its presence on the international arms market, opening all the new markets of the Russian military-industrial complex. On the following week, is scheduled to visit Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to Latin America. According to the newspaper «Kommersant», the meetings scheduled to discuss the big contracts for Peru and Brazil total cost of 1.7 billion dollars. At the same time, there is reason to fear that our company will not be able to cope with all orders. During the first half of this year

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To Kill a Mockingbird

  U.S. upgrade «potential enemy aircraft» Aviation Combat Command U.S. Air Force wants to upgrade the fighter «aggressors» during exercise play a role combat aircraft possible opponent. In the short term goal of modernization is clearer imitation weapons and flight characteristics of Chinese or Russian fighters fourth generation, and in the long — warplanes fifth generation. Promising than simulate aircraft is not yet clear. As an interim measure, the South American military plans to use the virtual target. Squadron «Aggressor» U.S. began sformirovyvaetsya squadron of combat aircraft, during a training exercise designed to simulate a dogfight with enemy fighters possible,

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Intelligence items «Argus» start using artillery scouts JUVO

Modern mobile point of intelligence «Argus» provided a laser rangefinder and an infrared device. All this gives you the opportunity to do reconnaissance operations in the most difficult weather criteria. It became clear that at the present time it intensively study and master artillery reconnaissance units of the Southern Military Area. Part of the currently placed on the terrain of the Volgograd region. When conducting military exercises spetsam will need to identify and find about fifty different objects. Some of them will be always in motion changing its position in real mode. In this case, before the spices worth task

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Fog China’s demand for bombers

  China’s demand for bombers remain unclear, as «reading the tea leaves in a muddy pond,» writes Defense News on January 31.   In the media there were unconfirmed reports that China and the birthplace of our work to make a contract for the acquisition of Beijing renovated distant strategic bombers Tu-22M3 bombers and Su-34.   Western analysts know that China is modernizing its distant H-6 bombers (a licensed version of the Tu-16). Planes get D-30KP turbofan production Russian NPO «Saturn» that will improve the combat radius of 3,500 km and carry cruise missiles for attacks on ground targets and

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Minus Russia plus China America

Conflicting news on the current topic of China and Russia in the last days were filled with media. Some analysts, including the professorial ranks, convinced that after 20 years, China will become so massive that our motherland and the United States will create a strategic alliance against him. Other experts, including from the IMF are convinced that China and Our homeland has exhausted its model of economic growth. Still others believe that Chinese and Russian trend — just growth. Fourth convinced not America, and China and Russia are already doing an alliance whose purpose — to keep under control the

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  Presentable Russian delegation, which included representatives of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC RF), «Rosoboronexport» company «Sukhoi» discussed at the talks in Beijing, China, the question of procurement of new functional Russian Su-35 fighter.   «The negotiations resulted in the signing of a joint document authorizing virtually» green light «to promote the Su-35 in the Chinese market», — said on Wednesday the military-diplomatic source.   He noted that China has long been showing enthusiasm for the brand new Russian fighter Su-35, but the parties could not agree on the way the planned volumes of purchases. «China announced its

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Present and the future of U.S. nuclear forces

First, in October the U.S. Department of Municipal published quantitative information as a strategic nuclear forces and the United States. This information is published in accordance with the START-3 contract and are intended to inform the general public about the reduction of nuclear weapons and their carriers. A close examination of the South American nuclear potential in the light of available disk imaging can make some conclusions. Data in the public domain they say that at its number of nuclear weapons the United States ahead of Russian. With all this likely some prepyadstviya in high regard. Because Washington is special

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Check capacity SDB II aerial bombs on the F-35

  U.S. Air Force and Raytheon Company successfully finished checking the «narrow» bomb GBU-53 / B Small Diameter Bomb II (SDB II) Aircraft F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. During the test, four bombs SDB II were loaded into the gun compartment F-35 next to the rocket AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile). Were conducted opening and closing the valves to check compartment sufficient clearance between with 2 types of guns.   «Testing is needed, and this time proved comparability SDB II with F-35 and providing a smooth transition SDB II for mass production,» said Harry Schulte (Harry Schulte), vice president of

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Finland: part of Russia or a member of NATO?

In the past year, the Finnish public debate led that Finland would be good to join the Russian Federation on the rights, such as those in Hong Kong is China. Entry would be profitable as the north-western region of — untapped market for the Finns. Well, somewhere in Finland started to take rubles. Finns also decided en masse to teach the Russian language — starting right from schools. But now, after the «Crimean crisis» changed attitude to the Russian Federation. Shall be heard no voices in Helsinki lively public and jurist Hannah Krogerusa, hatched the idea to combine 2-States.

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